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14/01/2015 Paper plane comp and indoor demo
12/10/2014 Esoaring results
12/01/2014 Outruuner in a case
12/08/2013 Andy's Gidly Gull
10/09/2012 EMax GT 2826-06 motor
20/08/2012 Bird spotting 
02/06/2012 Deliberate Mid Air
25/06/2012 F3J glider setup
18/06/2012 RadioGlide report, Turnigy 9X transmitter
12/06/2012 Is your model a brick?
05/06/2012 F5J electric thermal soaring - model flying and noise - 1 hour flat field flight
21/05/2012 Noise at Minchinhampton - electric motors
21/05/2012 news
14/05/2012 news
07/05/2012 Noise at Minchinhampton
30/04/2012 Noise at Minchinhampton
23/04/2012 news
16/04/2012 Slotted flaps
09/04/2012 news  Barry's 1660 ft flight
03/04/2012 news
26/03/2012 news
20/03/2012 news
13/03/2012 news
6/03/2012 news
28/02/2012 news
21/02/2012 news
14/02/2012 news
7/02/2012 news
30/01/2012 news
23/01/2012 news, 1/3 scale Cicogna
16/01/2012 news
09/01/2012 news
19/12/2011 News and photos
11/12/2011 Malvern AGM, slope photos
4/12/2011 news
28/11/2011 news
21/11/2011 news
14/11/2011 news
7/11/2011 news
30/10/2011 news
30th  Aug 2010 news
23rd  Aug 2010 Malvern video and results
14th  Aug 2010 Len's dolly
3rd  Aug 2010 news
26th July 2010 News RIAT photos
19th July 2010 news
11th July 2010 Multiplex Xeno review 
4th July 2010 Pete Wolf plays the piano, hovering Buzzard
28th June 2010 Middle Wallop - FunJet video
21st June 2010 FRsky module 2.4Ghz
13th June 2010 Red Kite photo
6th June 2010 full size visitor
31st May 2010 news
24nd May 2010 news
15th May 2010 Blackbushe Air Show
8th May 2010 news
1st May 2010 news
24th April 2010 news
17th April 2010 news
12th April 2010 news
5th April 2010 news
29th March 2010 Winter thermal results
22nd March 2010 news
15th March 2010 news
8th March 2010 news
29th February 2010 Park zone SU-26M
22nd February 2010 news
15th February 2010 event list for 2010
8th February 2010 news
1st February 2010 news
25th January 2010 news
18th January 2010 Learning heli flying, colour coded compass
11th January 2010 New compass with corrected wind directions
4th January 2009 Spitfire photo, Fox review
28th December 2009 news
21st December 2009 news
7th December 2009 news
29th November 2009 MSR heli setup
21st November 2009  news
21st September 2009 Fauvel glider
14th September 2009 Black mountain trip
7th September 2009 news
31st August 2009 news
24th August 2009 Bristol engineering exhibition, comp news
18th August 2009 news
11th August 2009 more on lipos
4th August 2009 F3J , Lipos
26th July 2009 news
19th July 2009 CRCS wacky races day
12th July 2009 Garway hill Visit
5th July 2009 Woodspring photos
29th June 2009 news
22nd June 2009 news
15th June 2009 F5B? Fox motor, Cicogna vintage, Chedworth aerotow
8th June 2009 Credit crunch HLG
1st June 2009 Hawk 1500 is a 1.5m span ARTF electric glider
25th May 2009 all spare parts self launching glider
18th May 2009 Blackbushe airshow photos
11th May 2009 Scottish Aviation Bulldog build
5th May 2009 Aerotow report
25th April 2009 Scottish Aviation Bulldog Part 1
19th April 2009 news
13th April 2009 news bits
6th April 2009 news bits
28th March 2009 Visit to Hendon RAF Museum, 392MPH with a glider
21st March 2009 news 
14th March 2009 news 
9th March 2009 Ian's Super Cub - Gyro for fixed wing - help wanted 
28th February 2009 fly a heli in  3 days, new Spektrum receiver
21st February 2009 Spektrum problems
14th February 2009 Micro Blade, heli part 6
7th February 2009  Heli part 5, slopping in the snow 
31st January 2009 Helicopters part 4, the weeks slope flying

26th January 2009

Helicopters part 3, slope flying
19th January 2009 helicopters, learning to hover
12th January 2009 helicopters a biased view
5th January 2009 12ft thermal model at Rodborough
29th December 2008 indoor and pylon report
22nd December 2008 Aerotow event list, indoor Avro free flight, membership fees
15th December 2008 indoor report and raffle membership fees
8th December 2008 Membership and AGM report
10th December 2007 Indoor flying report, Li-poly voltage checker, FMS Flight sim
3rd December 2007 Hacker mini A10 15s, indoor photos
25th November 2007 Indoor flying, club auction, on board video at Selsley
18th November 2007 Gloucester indoor, tree problems
11th November 2007 No items received
4th November 2007 Video clips and Gloucester indoor report
29th October 2007 No items received
22nd October 2007 Futaba 2.4 Ghz module, Depron edge, Gloucester indoor event with video clip
14th October 2007 Aerotow at Redmarley D'Abitot, small home brew power model
7th October 2007 Andy's trip to Mull, Gloucester indoor, C of G
1st October 2007 Indoor flying - economy brushless motor - FMS flight Sim
21st September 2007 New indoor venue - ASW20 rescue - indoor flying from Gloucester
17th September 2007 F3K news, Foker triplane and the weeks flying news with photos
10th September 2007 Brean model flying week, 7 days of slope flying - Maiden Flight SE5a 
3rd September 2007 Glitching, E-Flite Ascent review, Much Marcle
27th August 2007 GRAUPNER IFS 2.4 Ghz, Thermal flying
21st August 2007 Thrush review, 6.75 metre DuoDiscus, FMS lead, 5 metre themic XXXL, DG300/17 for sale, Thornbury engineering report, Woodspring Electric airshow photos
15th August 2007 mail from the Malverns
8th August 2007 Mail from the north, models for sale.
1st August 2007 Decals, simple charger 
30th July 2007 G-V-60 EPP Pylon racer, 1:3.5 ASW20, Woodspring video 
23rd July 2007 More Cosford photos
16th July 2007 Cosford photos, Red Bull racing video
9th July 2007 model wanted, Dale Vince, weekend photos
2nd July 2007 DC clamp meter, Goodwood festival of speed, longest day rainbow photos, Wednesday at Frocester, F3K (HLG)
25th June 2007 No items received 
18th June 2007 Micro helicopter, flora, fauna  and the week's photos
11th June 2007 photos from the week's flying
4th June 2007 Sunday's photos, Brian's holiday photos
28thMay 2007 Flying photos
raffle prize
21st MAY 2007 Thames valley air show
Sunday's photos
14th May 2007 Etienne's Tug
radar rain image
7th may 2007 K8 for sale
Google earth
weather movie
30th April 2007 Gloster Gladiator
The week's flying
23rd April 2007 Eindecker and Nieuport, 
Phantom building. 
Common Flowers,
 Dragon GPS,
16th April 2007 photos of the weeks flying
9th April 2007 Easter Flying
Salto & HP18 for sale
Selsley & Rodborough slopes
2nd April 2007 Which slope for northeast?
Digital servo wiring diagram
slope photos
26th March 2007 Analogue to digital servo conversion 
Visit to Leckhampton
My first glider
19th March Spektrum 2.4 GHz module
Fanta Ducted fan delta
Club Compass
12th March F3F report
Mike's Depron model indoors
4 Servo wing mixing
MSA auction
Frocester landings
5th March Tachometer 
Saturday photos
25th February ASW20 for sale
FMS free flight simulator
Indoor report and slope photos
19th February Small scales
Slope trash site
slope photos and reports
12th February Mini IFO
depron tension
Indoor report
5th February Gloucester video clip
Sunday's electric session
Depron toilet seat model
29th January Frequency use
Hi-tec servo gears
Gloucester indoor photos
22nd January  Indoor flying object
Paper plane contest
Sunday photos
15th January Indoor flying Gloucester
Sunday's photos
Caerphilly trip
Brushlees Bell motor
2.4 GHZ transmitters
7th January 2007 Indoor flying
Sunday's flying
31st December 2006 AGM
Slope news
Indoor photos
24th December Minchinhampton photos
Rocket powered free flight
Slope news
18th December Gloucester indoor report
Sunday's slope flying
Minchinhampton Common photos
11 December 2006 Club AGM
Photos from the slopes
Newsletter in 2007
Excuse No. 101 for not flying a new model
27 November 2006 Club AGM
Results of Club Auction
Flying 4 Dummies
13 November 2006 Club Auction
Photos from the Slopes
Ever had a glider that flies like a dog?
30 October 2006 Club Auction
Photos from the Slopes
16 October 2006 Photos from the Slopes
Next Club Meeting
EasyJet Middle Phase
2 October 2006 Review of Highlight Unlimited E
Anyone got a TX nicad for a Challenger spare?
Next Club Meeting
18 September 2006 Severn Bridges from the air
Glider Found
First online 1000 km flight
September Meeting
Photos from the Slopes
29 August 2006 Selsey from the air
For Sale / Wanted
Model Enginerring Show at Thornbury
Bank Holiday photos
And Finally ...
14 August 2006 Frocester from the air
Interference from mobile phones
English as she is spoke
Discus 2a onboard video link
25 July 2006 Rhosili from the air
Pictures from Sunday 9 July
WMSA Open PSS Competition
Phil's Photos
Proof reading
Electric Zagi Upgrade
11 July 2006 Strange happenings at Selsley
Frocester from the air
Photos from the slopes
Max Model 2006 - 22/23 July
28 June 2006 Photos from the slopes
Electric Thermal competition results and photos
13 June 2006 Photos from above the slopes
Photos from the slopes
Model graphics
1 June 2006 Summer BBQ on Wednesday 21st June
MSA High Summer Soaring Weekend 1&2 July
Photos from the slopes
Peter's holiday snaps
9 May 2006 Photos from the slopes
More safety tips for Li-Poly batteries
25 April 2006 Message and Photos from Stuart Naylor
Message from John Fairbairn
Glider Simulator
Safety Instructions for Li-Poly batteries
11 April 2006 Photos from above the slopes
Next Competition
28 March 2006 Photos from above the slopes
14 March 2006 Leafields MAC Spring Swapmeet
Photos from the slopes
Next Competition
Work in progress - Chris Foss Middle Phase
28 February 2006 Does size matter?
Photos from the above the slopes
Photos from the slopes
Results of Cross-Country Competition
Wanted - 1/4 scale K8
14 February 2006 Photos from the slopes
Next Competition
Malvern Soaring Association Auction
Wanted - aerobatic slope soarer
31 January 2006 More Photos from the AGM
Report & Pictures from recent Thermal Competition
Maiden Flight of West Wings Orion
15 January 2006 Photos from the AGM
An Ode to an (ex) Competition Secretary