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June Club meeting
At this meeting there were two people plus three committee members, there will be no meeting in July or august. Please pass this on to those not on this news list.


Dear Fellow RC soarer, 
Please find attached a copy of the new June 2007 BARCS F3K e-Newsletter. I hope you find it both relevant and informative
We are currently trying to raise the profile of F3K in UK, now that this class has received full FAI CIAM class status recognition (effective Jan '08) and to publicise that we will be holding UK team selection events next year, pending a possible F3K World Championships in 2009. Our goal being to attract more flyers (both new to F3K, from other 'F' classes and old hands alike) and progress F3K in general within UK.

Click here to download in pdf format

July 7-8th Woodspring Wings 2007 Airshow
The Woodspring Wings show is the south west's premier model and full size airshow. It is held at the Woodspring Wings Model Airfield in Yatton, near Bristol. (click here for map)

Yatton, Nr Clevedon, Bristol, J20 or 21, M5. Contact Cliff Evans on 0117 373 0614 or or see

Jul 8 Marlborough MFC Carrier and Scale Event

Control Line. Basic Carrier Deck, Club Scale, C/L Sport Flying. Rockley Road, North East Marlborough, Wilts. Contact Mike Welch on 01793 612629

Jul 14-15 LMA Cosford 2 Day Airshow

Signposted off M54, West Midlands. Contact Dave Johnson on 01925 811763 or or see

Jul 15 Wolves MAC Scale Glider Competition

Long Mynd, Nr Church Stretton, Shropshire. Contact Mark Richards on 01785 712445

Jul 22 BARCS F3J Thermal Soaring League

Round 5. Malvern SA, Upton0upon-Severn. Contact Adrian Lee via the BARCS Website at

Jul 28-29 Haverfordwest Model Show

Scolton Manor, Nr Haverfordwest, South West Wales, SA62. Contact Reg Strudley on 01437 767800 day or 01834 861836 eve or Derek Minchin on 07775 676811 or or see

Goodwood Festival of Speed
Not really glider flying related, but it might be interesting to some people....
Thought you might be interested to hear about my recent visit to the Goodwood festival of speed. For those of you that haven't heard of it, it's a yearly hillclimb/car event on the South coast near Chichester. There's a huge variety of cars (and bikes) on display e.g. 1920's MG's, pre-war F1, current F1, WRC, supercars, Ferrari, LeMans cars etc etc. You name it and it was there.
The really unusual thing is that you can get really, really close to the cars. How often can you lean on a Ferrari 250GTO or Bugatti Veyron and peer through their windows? Or how often do you get asked by marshalls to stand aside so a Astom Martin DBR9 Le Mans car can get through the crowd?  By the way, if you're standing 3ft from the rear of a DBR9, it's seriously LOUD if the driver decides to blip the throttle!
Most memorable things?
1. Fantastic atmosphere & organisation
2. Bugatti Veyron off the start line. It just goes Grrrrrrr, then disappears  like a rocket!
3. Wacky racers (yes!) . Have you ever seen the Dick Dastardly or the Bouldermobile wheelspinning away up a track?
4. Chris Pfeiffer doing motorcycle stunts. Wheelies, front wheel on haybales, rear wheel on the flint wall, etc, etc. Chris was "kindly" described by the commentators as a "lunatic on a bike"  and yes he was barking mad, but absolutely brilliant. And all this on a 800cc BMW!
5. The Red Bull F1 car trying to set fire to it's rear tyres, doing burnouts most of the way up the track. 
6. Bowler (very highly tuned Land Rovers) giving it some real stick whilst giving "joyrides" to passengers on an off road track.
I could go on and on, (Stirling Moss driving a Mercedes 300SLR, Lancia Stratos, Colin McCrae in an Impreza) but have a look at the photos.posted at
If you're into cars, I thoroughly recommend a trip to Goodwood one year, in case you haven't guessed, I thought it was great! 
Regards, Mike



The picture shows a DC clamp meter measuring the current drawn by my Protech Lazer. The motor is a Hacker A20-M rated at 14 amps maximum, with an 8 X 6 prop it draws 8 amps static on 3 X 1000ma li-polys rated at 10c
The recommended prop is 10 X 4.7 for this motor
Most brushless motors are at their best when drawing 75 to 80% of there full load current
I can not tell what the motor draws when it is in flight.
I originally fitted an A20-S a smaller motor but needed 1/2 oz of lead to get the C of G right
If you want to check you electric model with this meter give me a ring, I also have a tachometer for RPM.
This set up gives vertical performance with a long flight time, if I fitted a bigger prop I would need 15C li-polys

A DC clamp meter has a Hall effect device placed in the gap of the iron clamp. the output from this is converted into a digital readout, a zeroing button is needed to cancel out any residual  magnetic field
The anomalous Hall effect can be either an extrinsic (disorder-related) effect due to spin-dependent scattering of the charge carriers, or an intrinsic effect which can be described in terms of the Berry phase effect in the crystal momentum space (k-space).

 As June 21st was the longest day, so supposedly the latest sunset (although I'm not sure that's exactly right) Tim Chant and myself went to Cam for an evenings Zagi combat despite the showers. The approaching showers and low sun produced a permanent rainbow which varied in intensity as the showers moved around.
This was the first time I have been slope soaring for several months due to the arrival of my daughter; EPP still flies the same but I was shocked to discover corrosion on power leads on a couple of models - presumably from being idle for a while.

Phil W

Editor, latest sunset is about a week after the longest day

Tuesday at Selsley, sun, blue sky and plenty of lift.

 Photo my Pegase

Five pennyworth from Bryan

Thursday afternoon on Frocester Hill was exhilarating with a South Westerly wind varying from the low 20s to the high 30s MPH.
There were not many flyers out, Bob Steadman flew his own design flying wing which really worked well in the conditions. I flew a WingBat and a Mininch - it is always a pleasure to fly this model.
Allan King and  Pete were flying too.  Allan was showing Pete how to retrieve a model from down the front of Frocester hill when he almost vanished in a badgers set - lucky not to have hurt himself - just his pride. Also whilst showing Pete how to land Allan managed to get the Middle Phase entangled in a small tree on the other side of the Frocester wall. Pete then showed Allan how it should be done and performed a textbook landing near the top of the Westerly slope. Well done Pete.

Sunday at Haresfield, a strong breeze with plenty of lift. The photo shows a shower on the way