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Ebley school

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Boxing day pylon race

December 26th Boxing Day pylon race
On the appropriate local slope - 9,30 for a 10.00AM start
Phone Pete 0776 1199123 or Phil 07966 175193
Open to all and any model

We hope to hold this on one of the local slopes near Stroud. start will be 10.00AM please arrive by 9.30
This open to anyone and any model.

We will use the Cotswold slopers forum to give details.,54720.msg1017668.html#new 


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Allen & Rutan reunite for new space mission

Thursday, 15 Dec 2011

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Paul G. Allen announced today that he and aerospace pioneer Burt Rutan have reunited to develop the next generation of space travel. Allen and Rutan, whose SpaceShipOne was the first privately-funded, manned rocket ship to fly beyond earth’s atmosphere, are developing a revolutionary approach to space transportation: an air-launch system to provide orbital access to space with greater safety, cost-effectiveness and flexibility.



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Boxing day Pylon race 9.30 for 10.00AM start, on the appropriate local slope

18th January SCSA Paper Airplane Contest 8.00PM at the Bear of Rodborough.

Bryan Tucker is the new club sec

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Malvern SA News

MSA held an indoor F3B contest with Dave Laycock and Malcolm making 18 identical models

Well I have to say the only thing wrong with last evenings indoor flying was it had to end.
I have never seen so many old" boys" enjoying themselves so much and on several occasion being shown how to achieve a score by the skills of our up and coming junior club members .
Dave you are to be congratulated on yet another thoroughly enjoyable event, and as you can tell it is much appreciated. Thanks for all the hard work you put into the preparation and organisation, also add our thanks to your assistant, (the naughty "ELF") that unfortunately was unable to attend last night. 

Winners    Hugh Weber  followed by (who else but)  the two Steves  - Hannon and Pierce.


Fees for 2012   £12 for seniors 

News letter October 2011  



Thursday 5th Club meeting 8pm, doors open 7.30pm, Colwall Village Hall.
Friday 6th indoor Flying [7 - 9:30 pm] Elms School
Friday 27th  Indoor Flying [7 - 9:30 pm], Elms School

Cotswold slopers

new Photos  added 7/12/2011

Cotswold Slopers compass
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Gloucester MFC News


Indoor flying at Bentham; every Saturday 6.00 - 8.00PM

Bob's vertical landing

3-betham-pogo.jpg (69350 bytes) 3-betham-steve.jpg (96963 bytes) 3-betham-mike.jpg (49680 bytes) 3-betham-quadrocopter.jpg (63043 bytes)

There were 35 flyers at the indoor session, 

17th Dec Christmas draw, Paul Williams won the E-flite Blade MCPx micro heli and
ST Models MX2 ARTF,


Slope Flying  

We have been finding the cold this week, I bought a Thinsolate hat and  gloves from the 99p stores in Stroud and thin leather gloves(£6) from the Factory shop in Cainscross, the leather was soft enough for me to feel the sticks










A cold day At Selsley  

Still thawing out after a good four hour session,  flying.  I didn't see Phil's new glove equipment but at 6 quid, that's less than a pound per finger! I don't think my hands can take much more of today's type of bitter weather, yet wearing gloves will result in a bad arrival. So my missions next week must include finding a thin windproof set of gloves, to replace my woolly items.
Nice to get home without the need for any workshop repairs. It was good to see a good turnout today. Andy's Salto was superb.

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Pete-ash26-frocester-sunday2.jpg (97863 bytes) Pete-ash26-frocester-sunday3.jpg (60376 bytes) phil-sunday-frocester-star2.jpg (75362 bytes) phil-sunday-frocester-star.jpg (99882 bytes)

A nice breeze at Frocester but very cold 

Selsley in the afternoon

What a great session, really smooth lift and plenty of it all afternoon.  Finally I've had a good fly.  Been getting majorly PSSed off with the lack of time on the slopes, but today was great.  Both the DG and the middle phase flew perfectly and only one duff landing - no damage!  Can't wait to watch back Andy's launches! 

Hope the repair goes ok for you Guy, I think you can be very grateful that your mishap didn't turn out much worse, could very easily have been lost or smashed all together.

All in all a great day.  T'was a touch chilly though! :o :af

Sunday's flying video 

More photos at;O=D 

For sale, 

newly listed items

Skylark £350 Wiltshire tel 07966 175193



35 meg Receivers, Radian Pro Electric Glider, RX-6-DR light M-LINK 2.4 GHz rreceivers. , CML RAPIER 250. JR PCM9X transmitter, Spektrum AR6100, 67" Scale Piper Cub , 68" sport model, Super GRONE   236  mcpx ,DSX9, , 40 size low wing trainer, Kyosho Calmato, , Twister Storm Hel, Top , AXI motor  AR6100e, Vibe50 heli, 2.4 TX,  35MHz receiver,  325mm heli blades,   Crystals

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Some Events

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SCSA Club Meeting

14th December SCSA AGM 8.00PM at the Bear of Rodborough.  The AGM will be followed by a quiz organized by Doug Garland. Your 3rd party insurance expires on 31st December. Please attend, join the committee, pay up and enjoy the quiz.

Note this meeting is the 2nd Wednesday in December NOT the 3rd Wednesday.