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You should check this out ... Quadcopters arenít new but I havenít seen anyone fly them like this!

Two years after the Airbus 330 plunged into the Atlantic Ocean, Air France 447's flight-data recorders finally turned up. The revelations from the pilot transcript paint a surprising picture of chaos in the cockpit, and confusion between the pilots that led to the crash.

A very sobering account:



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 CRCS news

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Malvern SA News

Fees for 2012   £12 for seniors

News letter October 2011  



The Malvern AGM

Nick retired as chairman after a long term, 
Steve is the new

Gloucester oven repairs

Hob, Cooker and oven repairs in Stroud, Dursley and Gloucester


Nick was awarded an Honorary life membership of the MSA at lthe AGM

Photos: Nick hands the out the trophies: Mike the E soaring cup, me the slope trophy and Steve thermal and overhaul Champion

Questions were again asked about the raffle draw , next year a team of international adjudicators will be used to oversee it

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Friday 16th Indoor Flying [7 - 9:30 pm], Elms School.
Thursday 5th Club meeting 8pm, doors open 7.30pm, Colwall Village Hall.
Friday 6th indoor Flying [7 - 9:30 pm] Elms School
Friday 27th  Indoor Flying [7 - 9:30 pm], Elms School

Cotswold slopers

new Photos  added 7/12/2011

Cotswold Slopers compass
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Gloucester MFC News

Fees for 2012 a £10 increase to £60

Indoor flying at Bentham; every Saturday 6.00 - 8.00PM

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There were 29 flyers at the indoor session, 

heli video 


17th Dec Christmas draw 

Prizes list includes:

E-flite Blade MCPx micro heli,
ST Models MX2 ARTF,
Vintage Kit donated by Colin Buckle,

Slope Flying  


A Cold afternoon at Frocester

I had good and bad luck with my own landings with the Acacia at Frocester today. A few decent crow landings on the normal LZ, then I dared to experiment... since it was reasonably smooth lift (although it went up and down quite a bit through the afternoon) and also well off to the West (right) I tried a completely new approach.

I came round well to the left, quite high but in front of the back trees where it gets very turbulent. Then using crow braking I dropped in round the back of the small tree on the front of the slope and slid to a stop at the slope edge near the normal launch position. You couldn't use it if any walkers were about, but it wasn't half as tricky as I thought it would be.

Only me and Pete were there then and he was busy flying. I was gutted that nobody had seen my spectacular new landing technique.. but luckily a minute later Phil and Guy turned up and Phil had seen it all  :af

I did it again later on, hopefully Phil will post the video of it later on. It was a nice gentle landing and yet the nose fell off...again!! I really thought

Pete had his M60 there shooting about, Guy seems to be in love with his Weasel at the moment and Phil was flying a camera. Oh, and somehow getting a wing up to incredible heights when everybody else was struggling to stay up at all. Just for a change.  


peter-m60-2.jpg (42543 bytes) peter-m60.jpg (70203 bytes) youyou-frocester-weasel.jpg (66733 bytes) National-Front-at-Frocester.jpg (54287 bytes)



A cold afternoon on Selsley, 

Photo: Bryan's Magister

  bryan-magester2.jpg  bryan-magester.jpg  bryan-magester3.jpg  wed-M60.jpg


I flew on Minchinhampton common in the afternoon and failed to find any lift

Haresfield f-f-f-freezing, we could old fly for short periods


Since nobody else has piped up... it turned out nice again!

Barry was there when I arrived. Lift was OK, occasionally good, but it was cold and overcast. As the day went on, the clouds cleared and the lift improved steadily - we had some good flights, especially once the paragliders cleared off and when there weren't any low full-size gliders crossing overhead.

Roger/Richard(?) came along with his super-fast Bird and showed us all up with his flying, then finally Phil and Eyeboy strolled up. Phil wasn't sure what the blowy air thing was all about but decided to fly anyway - I think he quite liked it. Eyeboy dithered about which planes to fly and flew his Hawk, as usual ;)

I left then as I'd run out of batteries in the Acacia (2300mAh) and the Weasel (900mAh) - without breaking either of them!

The Acacia eats batteries with it's six digi servos - I'm tempted to put a LiFe pack in instead which should cope with the current needs better - anyone tried it? All my servos and the rx can cope with the <6.8V it puts out (similar to a 5 cell '6V' NiMH pack).

On the way out me and Guy who had just arrived noticed that Phils van seemed to be leaving a substantial trail of (possibly) diesel behind it - hope that got sorted out alright.

All-in-all, a good day. Except maybe for Phil. And for me who went Christmas shopping in Stroud, which turned out to be a bit hopeless.


A nice breeze at Frocester and a poor turnout 


Photos: Mick's Fox and Mike's ASW27

More photos at;O=D 

For sale, 

newly listed items


35meg receivers

Futaba 5 channel

Futaba 8 channel dual conversion

GWS 8 channel dual conversion

GWS  8  channel

Multiplex 8 channel

Corona 6 channel micro

£10 each tel 07966 175193



Radian Pro Electric Glider, RX-6-DR light M-LINK 2.4 GHz rreceivers. , CML RAPIER 250. JR PCM9X transmitter, Spektrum AR6100, 67" Scale Piper Cub , 68" sport model, Super GRONE   236  mcpx ,DSX9, , 40 size low wing trainer, Kyosho Calmato, , Twister Storm Hel, Top , AXI motor  AR6100e, Vibe50 heli, 2.4 TX,  35MHz receiver,  325mm heli blades,   Crystals

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Some Events

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SCSA Club Meeting

14th December SCSA AGM 8.00PM at the Bear of Rodborough.  The AGM will be followed by a quiz organized by Doug Garland. Your 3rd party insurance expires on 31st December. Please attend, join the committee, pay up and enjoy the quiz.

Note this meeting is the 2nd Wednesday in December NOT the 3rd Wednesday.