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APPLY FOR 2012 MEMBERSHIP FROM 1st DEC 2011 (membership will run from Dec 2011 to 31st Dec 2012)

The 2012 fees and application form will be on the web-site from 1st Dec 2011

Membership includes £10 million 3rd party liability insurance.

Click here to open the application form [pdf]

Membership type







Family Senior


Family Partner


Family Junior


Computer nerd bit

have used this for sometime and it has been no bother, last week I gave in to it nagging me to update it. this was disaster, it spread spware and adware throughout my computer 

The old version was OK but newer versions are a problem, We want software for nothing but someone has to pay, adding adverts is one way

I have installed VLC to replace Realplayer and play QuickTime movies 

VLC Media Player is 100% Free

VLC Media Player is a free Universal MultiMedia player that is released under the GNU General Public License, meaning its 100% free to download and use.

Andy G recommended this product

Before installing updates or new programs do a search with the name of the program and adware, spyware and bundled

Gloucester oven repairs

Cooker, hob and oven repairs in Wotton Stroud and Gloucester



You should check this out ... Quadcopters arenít new but I havenít seen anyone fly them like this!

 CRCS news

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Malvern SA News

News letter October 2011

Photos at  



Monday 5th  8pm A G M, prize giving and raffle doors open 7.30pm. Colwall Village Hall
Friday 16th Indoor Flying [7 - 9:30 pm], Elms School.
Thursday 5th Club meeting 8pm, doors open 7.30pm, Colwall Village Hall.
Friday 6th indoor Flying [7 - 9:30 pm] Elms School
Friday 27th  Indoor Flying [7 - 9:30 pm], Elms School

Cotswold slopers

new Photos  

Cotswold Slopers compass
 Click for larger image

Gloucester MFC News

Indoor flying at Bentham; every Saturday 6.00 - 8.00PM

1-ben1.jpg (60041 bytes) 1-ben2.jpg (50959 bytes) 1-ben3.jpg (45998 bytes) 1-ben4.jpg (69792 bytes)

There were 34 flyers at the indoor session, with the mini plane again the most popular

Meredith and Tim  had a couple of free flight models powered by super capacitors, these were made for low powered back up batteries

Annual General meeting. Thursday 8th December 2011

Bentham Country Club 7.30pm for 8.00pm start.
Agenda available soon.

17th Dec Christmas draw 

Prizes list includes:

E-flite Blade MCPx micro heli,
ST Models MX2 ARTF,
Vintage Kit donated by Colin Buckle,

Slope Flying  





I flew on Minchinhampton common in the afternoon and failed to find any lift

Haresfield f-f-f-freezing, we could old fly for short periods


A good breeze on Selsley, Richard's bird was very fast

bird-is-the-word2.jpg (81805 bytes) bird-is-the-word3.jpg (72101 bytes) bird-is-the-word4.jpg (56694 bytes) bird-is-the-word.jpg (77553 bytes)


A nice breeze at Frocester and a good turnout 


Photos: Mick's Fox and Mike's ASW27

fox-mick-sunday2.jpg (89538 bytes) fox-mick-sunday.jpg (97851 bytes) mike-asw27-sunday2.jpg (97105 bytes) mike-asw27-sunday.jpg (91137 bytes)


More photos at;O=D 

For sale, 

newly listed items


35meg receivers

Futaba 5 channel

Futaba 8 channel dual conversion

GWS 8 channel dual conversion

GWS  8  channel

Multiplex 8 channel

Corona 6 channel micro

£10 each tel 07966 175193



Radian Pro Electric Glider, RX-6-DR light M-LINK 2.4 GHz rreceivers. , CML RAPIER 250. JR PCM9X transmitter, Spektrum AR6100, 67" Scale Piper Cub , 68" sport model, Super GRONE   236  mcpx ,DSX9, , 40 size low wing trainer, Kyosho Calmato, , Twister Storm Hel, Top , AXI motor  AR6100e, Vibe50 heli, 2.4 TX,  35MHz receiver,  325mm heli blades,   Crystals

 For Sale Page 

Some Events

  more events click here

SCSA Club Meeting

14th December SCSA AGM 8.00PM at the Bear of Rodborough.  The AGM will be followed by a quiz organized by Doug Garland. Your 3rd party insurance expires on 31st December. Please attend, join the committee, pay up and enjoy the quiz.

Note this meeting is the 2nd Wednesday in December NOT the 3rd Wednesday.