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Malvern SA News 



Distance comp at Upton

The weather was very kind to us for our Electric Distance. Very light winds and thermals occurring at intermittent times. Sun shining with blue sky.

3 Rounds flown and the max number of legs flown in a 4min slot time was 18 and the lowest 5. This was all dependant upon thermal activity.

Results of today's comp as follows:-

Gloucester oven repairs

Cooker and oven repairs in Stroud and Gloucester

Position Name Points
1st Steve Hannon 100
2nd Phil Hayward  90


John Freeman  80
4th Mike Hurley  70
5th Mike Grantham  65
6th Barry O'Hara  60
7th Malcolm White  55
8th Hugh Webber  50
9th Brian Boucher  45


  1e-malvern4.jpg (99339 bytes)  1e-malvern5.jpg (58449 bytes)


Friday 6th Indoor Flying [7 − 9:30 pm] Elms School
Sunday 15th Thermal 3 − Progressive Times, 10:30 am Upton − Fish Meadow
Friday 20th Indoor Flying [7 − 9:30 pm] (last of the winter series) Elms School


Cotswold slopers
Photo page updated 07/04/2012 


Cotswold Slopers compass
 Click for larger image

Gloucester MFC News


See Blog 

Sunday April 29th. Spring BBQ all your usual favourites cooked fresh on the clubs state of the art half oil drum.
Also Control Line Carrier Flying and competition.
Normal flying as usual as the carrier will be well out of the normal flying area


Next Club Meeting
The next Club meeting is on Wed 18th April at the BGGC  

Slope Flying  


We flew on Selsley today, slope lift was poor and lumpy, but there were a few good thermals
Below is the flight we did with Guy's Windstar, it got 300 hundred feet higher than my Experienced Pro
If you look carefully you may be able to spot the point where Guy took over

guy-windstar-selsley.jpg (71296 bytes) windstar.jpg (98222 bytes)




steady slope lift with smooth thermals


Mostly light thermals in the morning with slope lift increasing during the day , the thermals faded as the cloud cover increased

barry2.jpg (135893 bytes)  
A flight log from Barry's Albatross, the thermals were fading and Barry could not speck it out

tony1.jpg (118620 bytes)  tony2.jpg (138526 bytes)

Tony's new model an immaculate glassed foam veneer thermal model, it flew very well but most of the lift had gone when we recorded the flight


Photos: Paul's bitza and Phil Wright's own brew fitted with slotted flaps. the air from under the wing flows through the slot and over the top of the flaps 

paul2.jpg (93767 bytes)  phil.jpg (55130 bytes)


A miserable day, the rain stopped in the afternoon, Selsley was very smooth, with very weak thermal activity

Selsley again with some early rain, when this stopped there was a gentle breeze with weak slope lift.

A Red Kite was spotted flying with the Buzzards and in the afternoon a hang glider flew along the ridge and landed 

The wind was stronger in the afternoon


Photos: My Experienced Pro, Pete's Charisma, John's Viking and a Hang glider

expereinced-pro.jpg (77432 bytes)  pete-charisma-selsley.jpg (99542 bytes)

john.jpg (39422 bytes)  hang-glider.jpg (28001 bytes) 
More photos at;O=D 

For sale 

Newly listed items 


don-dec.jpg (68585 bytes) I have for sale a 65"Decathlon,ready to fly,futaba
servos OS45 2stroke good condition.

Phone Don on 01452 531955.

36" Cap 232

Good Condition, Comes complete with Servos,

speed controller, motor, Spare Cowl.

2 x 1200 3s Flightpower Batteries

Just add receiver to fly. 75

Contact Jonathan on 07799006267



 servo plug crimp pliers, Futaba TC7 2.4Ghz , 35 meg Receivers,, ,  35MHz receiver,  325mm heli blades,   Crystals

 For Sale Page 

Some Events  

May 27 BMFA eSoaring League

Also BARCS League Event. Hawling, Nr Cheltenham, Glos. Contact Martin Bell on or Mike Proctor on or see


May 13th South Devon Glider Day

Dartmoor SS Club. On Site Winch, Bungee and Aerotow.  Little Haldon Airfield, Nr Teignmouth, South Devon, off B3192. Contact Joe Spires on 01626 834014 or Stan Yeo on 01626 332287 12th-13th 2012

Apr 8-9 SAM 35 Gala and SAM 1066 Vintage Meeting

Inc. SAM 35 Vintage Power Duration. Middle Wallop, Nr Andover. Contact Bill Longley on 01258 488833 or

May 19th          Blackbushe Model Air Show  Blackbushe

RCMF EVENT LIST,87486.0.html