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Sorry there was no letter last week, I received no items 

Freestyle indoor from Carvin




SCSA club meeting 17th November 8.00PM at the Bear Rodborough. Club auction


Indoor Flying at Bristol  Grammar School  post code BS8 1SR map
 starts 21st September 8-30 to 10PM every week with one missing, please check

BMFA event list for November 

Saturday at Haresfield:  

We certainly picked the best of the weekend’s weather! The sun shone and the afternoon began with a steady breeze on the ridge. The lift was good though soon the direction began to drift towards the South West.  

Pete / Phil / Andy D / Guy from SCSA plus a couple of ‘visitors’, one none other than Steve - ‘RCFANUK’ from RCMF. Zagis, a Wanabee and my Prodij.(which really didn’t enjoy the shift in wind direction)
 We retreated to the bowl, which gave us smooth and consistent lift. Peter went ‘X Country’ with his Zagi and all was calm and serene, until Andy decided to land his Wanabee in a very tall tree, way down the hill. Being good buddies and so on, Phil and I ignored his plight for a while and eventually joined him with half of Phil’s pole (he’s lost the other half), two pieces of rope, some tape, a couple of long branches and a stone.  

After twenty minutes or so, struggling to release the plane from the top branches, Phil remembered his mountaineering training and assembled a sling, to hoist himself into the lower branches and release the model, with his half pole. We left him to get down from the tree and went back to the top of the hill for some more flying. Andy was so moved by the experience that he went public on RCMF about it! (I hope he doesn’t mind me quoting him – without permission)

Andy said……. We had a wonderful afternoon of Zagi fun at Haresfield today.      

The highlight was without doubt  Marcellus (that’s Guy), 'the fridge' and myself, trying to retrieve my Wanabee from the top of a very mobile tree.
It was like an episode of 'Last of the summer wine' and I quote.................
 "My leg used to be able to bend that far when I was younger. I'm not sure I like this old age much"  still, he went up the tree nevertheless.

Oh, the flying? Yeah.................. it was OK.................   actually it was very good the lift was excellent and silky smooth.

 Good lift - Guy

Saturday Morning

Tim's Thrush, a fine airplane, very well mannered

Saturday's indoor session at chosen Hill school was well attended. CB was Top Gun again with his Pogo and home brew bi-plane. CB managed several VTOLs.
My latest Yak style model was underpowered by a Hacker A10 9s but seems to have promise, flying slowly and rolling well, at 130 grams it flies slow enough for indoors. Mike's Home brew Crash style model looked OK, no extreme aerobatics yet, also the eyes don't follow you round the room. 
 Have a look at the YouTube clip, very little editing just stitched together good and bad 

Next indoor meeting 2nd December

For more photos go to the pages have been added to since last week