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Check the diary section and write the dates on your calendar, I want to go to Much Marcle and Brean 

For sale 

* *  * scale Multiplex DG300/17 ** *

* * *  Epoxy fibreglass fuselage, 2mm tk. veneer covered foam wings glassed and painted.*

* * *  Aileron servos Multiplex digital, Airbrakes Multiplex analogue, rudder & elevator servos JR digital.*

* * *  Receiver Multiplex 7 channel synthesised, battery pack 2000 mah nicad.*

* *  *  Wingspan 3750 mm in standard 15metre form and 4250mm in extended 17metre version, wing extension pieces included.*

* * *  Model flown once only and in excellent condition.*

* Price ready to go 320 or nearest sensible offer. * * *

*Contact Tim Lund on 01453 82 7422 or

photo in PDF file click here


Road Closed
The A46  between Pitchcombe and Stroud is closed for repairs, this will continue for several months. You may use the Old Painswick road via Wades lane this runs parallel or turn off at Edge and go through Whiteshill

F3J European Championship  19th - 26th August this can be followed at 

Thanks to long-term experience of organizing of the World Cup and serial competitions of the Slovakia Championship in F3J cat., we can guarantee nice weather in august. Temperature about 25C - 35C.

Editor again
 And I bet the beers cheaper

Uncle Sydney's Gossip column 


Aug 25-26-27      BMFA British National Championships Radio Control    Control Line     Scale
iggest Model Flying Event in the WORLD
Scale - F4B, F4C, R/C Clubman, R/C Open, F/F Power, Rubber, CO2/Electric.
Radio Control - Aerobatics, Pylon Racing, Helicopter (Team Trials Event), Fun Fly, ALL CLASSES
Control Line - Speed, Aerobatics, Team Racing, Combat, Carrier, Vintage, ALL CLASSES EXCEPT B TEAM RACE. Team Selection Event for F2 Classes.


  • SUNDAY ONLY - Giant Swapmeet 


Barkston Heath, Nr Grantham. Contact BMFA on 0116 2440028 or

Much Marcle 1st-2nd September
A great show with donations of the funds made given to local charities. A great way to end the show flying year. Sponsored by Herefordshire MAC at their flying field just off the A449. A map and accommodation details are available here. postcode HR8 2LX  Multimap 

Model Flying Week at Berrow. Models of jets,
helicopters and World War One planes.
Come along to Brean Leisure Park to experience the Model Flyers Special Week between Saturday 1st to the Saturday 8th September 2007.

More info at 

Once again in th includes:
Pilots Briefing, Pilots welcome (including punch), Bring & Buy Sale, and on Thursday 6th September a three course meal held at the Tavern for just 12.50 per head.

Spot the error
Once again in this annual event you will find both flying on the beach, on grass strips at Brean Leisure park, and slope souring on Brean Down, plus a whole host of things going on all week.


Indoor Flying at Bristol  Grammar School  post code BS8 1SR map
 starts 21st September 8-30 to 10PM


September 2nd- Long Mynd Scale Fun Fly- Website

September 8th & 9th - Severn Valley Aerotow send a personal message from the forum to Chris Morrison or call him on 07811826267

Oct - 6 or 7 at Siege Cross Farm. Aerotow link

Thornbury model engineer show time again!
I felt the need to go and see the fantastic models at the engineering show again this year (and to spend some more money on goodies!) Again I was blown away by the sheer engineering skill of the exhibitors. Highlights of the show for me were a 3 wheel Morgan (about 2ft long), numerous small traction engines, a huge 6ft high (1/3 rd scale?) traction engine outside, the Napier aero engine etc etc. Also some other oddities I spotted, were some Meccano airplanes, wooden steam engine models and some SCSA club members spending some of their own money!  I'll keep their names secret just in case their wives get to read the newsletter :-)

Bristol Model Engineering and Hobbies Exhibition 2007
(Thornbury Leisure Centre, 17th - 19th August)
The weather was not looking good for Woodspring, so I decided to go to the indoor do instead.  I had tried on the Saturday when the rain was persisting down, but the car park was full and the overflow was in a very muddy sloping field, so I waited 'til Sunday and walked (only a mile each way from home).
There's something here for every modeller: trains, boats, planes and automobiles, but unfortunately not a lot for model flying people.  I think there were more model aeroplanes made out of Meccano than out of balsa or foam.  There was one exhibition -  the Beaufort Model Flying Club - which had a good display of flyable models, and one person (John Stennard, I think) actually flying an electric contra-rotating helicopter, in a space around eight feet square.  The other models actually working were mainly railways, plus a large and very impressive merry-go-round, lots of Meccano contraptions like a transporter bridge, cranes and things, and quite a few heat engines silently rotating, some powered by butane, others apparently by nothing at all.
Several stands had very intricate multi-cylinder aero-engines, like the ones in the picture, and the Gas Turbine Builders Association had some - yes, you guessed it -gas turbines.  One (only) was installed in a model jet aircraft, and an unsuccessful attempt was made to run it in the outdoor enclosure (flat battery or something, I couldn't get close enough to find out).  There were quite a few trade stands but none you would recognize from the air shows - more the heavy stuff like Myford lathes, and the intriguing S & M Tools.  Don't try putting that into Google!
Other outdoor entertainments were the ubiquitous stationary engines, each one going chug, chug, chug, and being watched over by a fat bloke in a deck chair; there were some amazing model steam traction engines; a fairground organ; a boating pool; and the aforementioned enclosure for running up the engines. 
All in all, very interesting if you happen to be interested in that sort of modelling, but I would have preferred Woodspring.
John Bennett
Photos from John, click for larger images

thornbury-john-b.jpg (161837 bytes)

thornbury-john-b-traction.jpg (181661 bytes)

The photos from Mike  have been posted at or larger images without thumbnails at  dated 18/08/07 or slide show


Michael's Thrush
A few notes on the Thrush for the news letter.
I'd been thinking about getting a brushless electric glider for quite some time but the thought of a 200+ cost put me off.
A couple of few back Q&EFI did an article on the Green Models 'Pretty' which was very favorable.
The Pretty is a 1500mm span ARTF and is priced at 79.99 including brushless motor and speed controller. When ordered it was out of stock so the shop offered me the Thrush (not the best of names) as an alternative. It is very similar, the main difference seems to be the span which is 1600mm and the wing plan shape. This link actually shows the Thrush not the Pretty.
The built quality is excellent and all that's required is to install the servo's, receiver, battery, and linkages. used a 1000 Ma Lipo as used in the Twister helicopter which fits in nicely. All the linkages are included and a draw string for your servo extensions in the wing.
The fuselage is GRP nicely finished but rather thin, but then for 80! The model is light so it should be fine assuming no heavy knocks.
A steel wing joiner is fitted as standard, I'm thinking of changing it for carbon to reduce weight. The wings come is 2 parts which makes for easy transport.  
The 1st flight went well, the climb was strong but I needed full up trim to keep the glide path normal. The brake being off on the motor probably doesn't help. The C of G could also be moved back a bit to liven things up a bit. The model seems to have no nasty tendencies and landing was uneventful.
Thanks to John Bennett who kindly launched it.
Michael Pearce 

Wingspan: 63 in (1600mm)           
Length: 38 in (960mm)
Motor: 380speed (included)
Radio: 4ch.4servos
ESC: 20A
Prop: 8 x 4.5 folding prop (included)
ARF Weight (with motor): 17 oz
Fiberglass fuselage

Larger image in flight from John Bennett

'Eest ce que la taille importe?...
A couple of photos of the new 6.75 meter DuoDiscus that has flown for the first time a couple of weeks ago
Look forward to flying with you guys again soon in September with my 6 meter ASW22...


Larger images one  two

 This is a recent purchase from Ebay, a cable that connects my transmitter to the computer  It was very easy to set up for FMS, I prefer the Esky dummy transmitter, but I have lent this out. Let me know if you wish to try it. It cost 5.88 from ebuy4all28 in Hong Kong  link 

Flight Simulator USB Cable For RC Helicopter Controller
You are buying a set of FMS USB interface for Turborix, Futaba and E-Sky transmitter
FMS is a FREEware which can be downloaded on internet for free
This set of interface is very easy to setup
It is much easier to setup than other type of interface such as serial and parallal port interface
Use this cable with your transmitter, you can enjoy the real world flying experiences from your PC
Connects it with the transmitter and your computer, you can practice your flying techniques
Suit for Walkera, JR, Futaba, Esky transmitter
Support: USB HID1.1
Support: FMS Software
Compatlble: Windows 98/2000 SE.NT.XP
Cable Length : 1.5m
Package included

1 x FMS simulator cable
1 x Round adapter
1 x Square adapter
1 x Flysky adapte
1 x Disk driver


Does size matter? Ade's new model. The All Carbon Thermic  XXXL
Wingspan 195"
Airfoil MH-32/SD-7037
Wing Area 1616 sq. in.
Wing Loading 16.5 oz/ft2
Length 75"
AUW 185 oz.

For those with wide screen  there are some larger photos one   two three four

It says on the box (a very big box)
The model is suitable for flying on slopes, aero towing, or winching with the appropriate winch and therefore is quite sturdy. Despite it's heavy all up weight, the wing loading is very low thanks to the enormous wing. With the MH-32 airfoil at the root, it penetrates and holds energy very well. The MH-32 then blends into the SD-7037 at the tips for high lift and solid control throughout the flight envelope.? This can be a very fast glider! It flies excellent in thermals, and makes distance goals and cross country flight a breeze. In spite of large wing span, the 3 piece wing can be broken down into easy to manage sections for easy transport and assembly.
click here for more

Wednesday, a good afternoon at Frocester until 4.00PM when a shower sent us home.

Wednesday evening, the wind had swung north, quite strong and felt like winter and very dark.

The photo shows Peter's Ash26 coming in for nice landing. I crashed my Nyx, digging a wing tip in the ground, but the double carbon survived

Sunday was Woodspring Electric day, cold, dark and windy but no rain. This was much as it said on the tin, a relaxed day of electric flying with plenty of time to talk to the pilots and look at the models. Only three trade stands, several traders were put off by the poor weather.
Bob Blackmoor's flying was impressive he did a hesitation rolling circle, but aborted the one roll rolling circle due to not getting enough rudder to hold the knife edge. The small pylon racers were seriously fast, too fast for most club fliers. Several models were launched by a bungee up the ramp in the picture. One EDF model slid along the damp grass to take off. many of light weight models did not fly because of the conditions, the large models coped Ok and the high speed stuff ignored the wind.
 I was not able to get decent inflight photos, it was so dark cars had their headlights on.

I have made an album at  taken by me and Brian, use the slide show button
There are some larger 985 x 550 pixel images at 

Sunday morning on the west slope of Selsley.
Peter's ASW28

Stroud cookers