Phil's news letter 19/03/2012

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Oven and cooker repairs Gloucester

White sheet Scale meeting new date 5th. March.     or   

Paper airplane comp the BGGC 8.00PM

Malvern SA News 

Thermal comp
A cold day with a bit of a breeze and some drizzle

1st Steve Hannon
2nd John Freeman
3rd Mike Grantham
4th Phil Hayward

below one of practice flights, I got a good launch from my winch in spite of a duff battery

upton-flight.jpg (106386 bytes)

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Friday 9th Indoor Flying Elms School
Sunday 18th Thermal 2 − BARCS Rules, 10:30 am Upton − Fish Meadow
Friday 23rd Indoor Flying [7 − 9:30 pm] Elms School
Sunday 1st E Soaring 1 − Distance, start 10:30 am Upton − Fish Meadow
Friday 6th Indoor Flying [7 − 9:30 pm] Elms School


Cotswold slopers
Photo page updated 


Cotswold Slopers compass
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Gloucester MFC News


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Membership application form

Indoor flying at Bentham; every Saturday 6.00 - 8.00PM
 Indoor flying will continue every Saturday until the 24th March  

more photos at 

Sunday April 1st will be the first of the themed days and as it's All Fools Day we will be starting with anything silly, daft, unusual, weird or just total insane . I'm sure the weird imagination of our members will come up with something unusual.

Slope Flying  


Another day of light winds on Lesley.
There was enough slope lift to stay in the air with a steady series of light thermals, by following them back to the car park  I was just in time to pick up the next one when I got back to the slope
I have had about 10 hours with the Supra and hope  to use it in a thermal contest on Sunday

phil-supra-monday.jpg (38615 bytes)


Light lift at Haresfield


The mist failed to clear today, I flew in the morning there was plenty lift but I was limited to about 300 feet 


Good lift at Haresfield

This vintage model belonged to a Visitor from Birmingham

       friday-haresfield2.jpg (54448 bytes)  friday-haresfield3.jpg (143763 bytes)


  Lift was good about 2.00PM then faded at Haresfield


More photos at;O=D 


For sale 

Crimping pliers with crimps

The specially designed Crimping Tool securely crimps the pins to servo leads creating a permanent, reliable connection. The pins are then inserted into the plastic housing. Wire leads from 28 through 20 swg can be used. Just cut the leads to length, strip off the insulation, crimp the pins on and install the appropriate plastic housing. It takes about five minutes per connector and can even be done in the field


tel: Phil 07966 175193

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Orange Max Thrust MX2

Has been flown some marks and scrapes.

80.00 or with Spektrum installed 110.00

Contact Andy 07511947773


Blade 3DX

Flown only a few times with battery and Spektrum installed.


Contact Andy 07511947773



 ic starter, Thunder Tigre 42, Futaba Dual Conversion Receiver, Multiplex Gemini, Spektrum DX7 EU,35 meg Receivers, Radian Pro Electric Glider, ,  35MHz receiver,  325mm heli blades,   Crystals

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Some Events  

Mar 3 BMFA 60 Foamie Slope Racing League 1

South Wales. Contact Ronnie Lampe on 07977 501195 or

Apr 8-9 SAM 35 Gala and SAM 1066 Vintage Meeting

Inc. SAM 35 Vintage Power Duration. Middle Wallop, Nr Andover. Contact Bill Longley on 01258 488833 or

May 19th          Blackbushe Model Air Show  Blackbushe


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