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Slotted flaps

Here are a couple of detailed photos of the flap deployed and the actual geometry (from XL). You normally aim for a flap overlap and gap of around one to two percent of the wing chord, at the full deployment angle. 

The mechanism works quite well but probably wouldn't withstand a tow launch. For a glider, this type of flap is a bit impractical, but it does get the landing speed down.



P1030273.JPG (337432 bytes)

P1030276a.jpg (386235 bytes)

Malvern SA News 



 comp at Upton postponed, until 22nd April  

The lift was poor until 12.00 John got way up with his Shadow

Friday 6th Indoor Flying [7 − 9:30 pm] Elms School
Sunday 22nd Thermal 3 − Progressive Times, 10:30 am Upton − Fish Meadow
Friday 20th Indoor Flying [7 − 9:30 pm] (last of the winter series) Elms School
May Sunday 6th E Soaring 2 − Mass Launch, start 10:30 am Upton − Fish Meadow
May Sunday 20th Slope 2 − X− country, start 10:30 am Malverns − Table Hill area


Cotswold slopers
Photo page updated 14/04/2012 

the slide show is one short Slide show wait for images to load


Cotswold Slopers compass
 Click for larger image

Gloucester MFC News

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Sunday April 29th. Spring BBQ all your usual favourites cooked fresh on the clubs state of the art half oil drum.
Also Control Line Carrier Flying and competition.
Normal flying as usual as the carrier will be well out of the normal flying area


Next Club Meeting
The next Club meeting is on Wed 18th April at the BGGC  

Gloucester oven repairs

Cooker and oven repairs in Stroud and Gloucester


Slope Flying  




What a great day, sunny and windy,
My calypso was definitely worth waiting for, and my new axle showed an amazing turn of speed with its twist wings. The calypso just screamed around the sky, then the full crow saw it gently descend, damn its good. I cant wait to put it together again.
Great day out.


I failed to dot my Wild Thing
wild-thing-flight.jpg (163718 bytes)


 Selsley some very strong thermal lift


Nice photos Phil but you make the flying session sound like fun!!

Severe bumps/lift and then sink on the tump. Wind moved to the W bowl and I chucked off me little Weasel in a strong breeze. Huge lift, massive turbulence  and then a vacuum cleaner down draft that sucked it well down the hill. Flying control impossible. (Bermuda Triangle arrived in Glos?)

I was back in the car as the sleet and hail arrived, watching you and John get soaked as you derigged your more complicated toys.

Got home to 'you're back early on such a nice sunny, gentle breezy, Selsley at it's best sort of afternoon' as I brushed the hailstones off my jeans....Ah well, April showers I suppose....

Late afternoon the wind eased and we had gentle slope lift with smooth thermal lift

Guy's Windstar and John's FVK, 

guy-windstar-thursday_selsley2.jpg (101463 bytes)  john-fvk.jpg (95142 bytes)


There was a light breeze blowing on to Selsley with plenty of thermal lift, but about 3.00PM it   
disappeared just as Guy arrived


I went to CLD with Nick, the wind was a little east and lift was poor
It took 13 minutes to walk up the hill slowly, see graph below
CLD is good for North and NNE,  if it's NE go to Lecky

walk.jpg (121198 bytes)


  I flew on Selsley mid afternoon, the lift was very strong in spite of the wind being NNE, I had a go at getting to cloud base with an EPP Python, the owner was not happy

python.jpg (43908 bytes) 
More photos at;O=D 

For sale 

Newly listed items 

For Sale

Spectrum Dual input/output regulator
Step down linear voltage regulator.


Andy; 07511947773



For Sale various I/C motors

MVVS Petrol 26cc    150.00
RCV 91 4 stroke     80.00
OS 72 4 stroke    70.00
Laser 100 4 stroke    90.00
Laser 70 4 stroke     60.00
Irvine 61 (Red head) 2 stroke BNIB    50.00
SC 180 AR 2 stroke just run in    100.00

Phone Don: 01452 531955


 servo plug crimp pliers, Futaba TC7 2.4Ghz , 35 meg Receivers,, ,  35MHz receiver,  325mm heli blades,   Crystals

 For Sale Page 

Some Events  

Also BARCS League Event. Hawling, Nr Cheltenham, Glos. Contact Martin Bell on or Mike Proctor on or see


May 13th South Devon Glider Day

Dartmoor SS Club. On Site Winch, Bungee and Aerotow.  Little Haldon Airfield, Nr Teignmouth, South Devon, off B3192. Contact Joe Spires on 01626 834014 or Stan Yeo on 01626 332287 12th-13th 2012

Apr 8-9 SAM 35 Gala and SAM 1066 Vintage Meeting

Inc. SAM 35 Vintage Power Duration. Middle Wallop, Nr Andover. Contact Bill Longley on 01258 488833 or

May 19th          Blackbushe Model Air Show  Blackbushe

RCMF EVENT LIST,87486.0.html