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Is model flying expensive how about sailing?

Andersen 'Electric Winch - 52STE - Stainless Steel - Below Deck


The new ANDERSEN COMPACT Motor comes as a variable-speed or 2-speed unit in two versions: Below Deck, with smaller built-in dimensions than a standard motor, and Above Deck, which features the winch d




Andersen 'Electric Winch - 52STE - Stainless Steel - Below Deck Winches

Last weeks motor article has been saved to the GMFC web site on the members page under info, please send me any additions or corrections

I am confused by it and I'm an electrician 


 Model flying and noise
The three sites used to fly models near stroud are all noise sensitive, the Gloucester MFC have a farm house very near, only two fields away and horses in the next field

The Cotswold club at Aston down has houses very close and care is need to keep away from these and not to make excessive noise when flying near to them.

Minchinhampton has houses close by plus the leisure users

The volume of the sound is not the full story, consider how nice a Spitfire sounds and the awful noise made by an Me109. The same with cars a Morris Marina has a nice friendly rattle while the Mercedes has that quiet unpleasant light purr.
Two stoke, chain saws, motor bikes  and strimmers sound unpleasant  

With IC there are two main sources of noise, exhaust and prop noise.

Exhaust noise can be reduced by fitting one of the longer silencers and prop  noise reduced by the choice of props. One very unpleasant sound is when the air over the prop goes supersonic, this can occur when the tip speed is only 60% of the speed of sound.

Prop speed is very important, ducted fans sound very loud, and should only be flown where noise is not a problem

Pusher props can also cause problems, if the prop is fitted too near to back of a model, or the surface of the model has any thing that disturbs the air flow a nasty rasping sound will be produced

F5J has arrived !

After a lengthy and by some accounts a sometimes difficult consultation between representatives of the many interested countries via the web, a set of F.A.I.  rules were finally agreed a few weeks ago. This now internationally accepted set of rules is provisional for the next 12 months during which time it is expected some ‘fine tuning’ will be found necessary after a few comps are run.

As with our UK ‘height limited’ competitions, virtually any electric powered model glider is suitable, and all must be equipped with a micro ‘data logger’ which has to be fitted between the receiver and the esc., but that’s about the only similarity.

With UK ‘height limited’ rules (BARCS version or BMFA) the data logger cuts the motor after 30 seconds run time or when the model reaches 200 metres, whichever comes first. The data is available to download via a computer for checking after the event or if it is required by the competition CD. This has evolved into a popular event with several leagues now running and it is felt that the limit on height ‘levels the playing field’ for everyone.

The new international class is different in a number of respects, the most important being that there is no ‘limiter’ to cut the height you can launch too. But the rules have been written so that the 200 metre mark is still recognised as a launch limit for scoring purposes.

The aim of the class is to have a competition similar in most respects to F3J.  A slot is 10 minutes duration, but unlike F3J, flight time starts as soon as the model is launched.  No re launch is possible and apart from that it follows long established and similar rules for landing precision, overflying etc.

The data logger controls the motor run time, and it will allow you to run your motor for up to 30 seconds. You can use the full motor run time or cut off earlier, the choice is yours, but it will not stop the motor at any given height. It’s worth noting that you only get one chance of a scoring flight in each slot because once you start your motor and launch, the data logger will not allow the motor to be restarted until it has been reset, and this requires all power to be disconnected.

What the logger records is the height your model reaches 10seconds after you cut your motor run. Once your flight is finished, your time keeper will plug  a hand held ‘card reader’ into the logger which reads the stored  launch height data and this is recorded along with your flight time and landing bonus or penalty. The recorded launch height is vital to calculate your score and if you fail to record the figure you get a zero flight score.

Scoring works like this.
Half a point is deducted for every metre of height your model reaches on launch up to 200 metres. If you launch above 200 metres a penalty of 3 points per metre is deducted.
This all makes for a very challenging competition, which will be won by the pilot who launches low, has the longest flight time and has the highest landing bonus. Oh and just like F3J you don’t have a motor to get you back if you fly too far down wind.

Peter Mitchell.



The weather

have a look at!dashboard;ws=28771 very technical
From Ken 


Malvern SA News 




The limbo comp will be run 10th June

  Speed Comp
On arriving at the top of north hill the predicted wind was virtually non existent. We eventually started the comp at 10.45am.

4 rounds where flown during the morning and the wind speed increased from 5mph up to about 12mph which gave some quick times under the bright blue sky.

Position Name Points
1st John Freeman 100
2nd Mike Grantham  90
3rd Phil Hayward  80
4th Steve Pearse  70
5th Geoff Carter  65
6th Hugh Webber  60

June Sunday 10th Slope 3 − Limbo, start 10:30 am Malverns − Table Hill area
June Sunday 17th E Soaring 3 − BARCS Rules, 10:30 am Upton − Fish Meadow


Cotswold slopers

Links added to compass 

Picture viewer completed 

or slide show 

new photos at 

The flat field duration local record stands at 1 hour 9 minutes for this year.

This for hand launched, bungee or one short motor run on a flat field without the use of slope lift

The height record for this year is held by Barry's Albatross ay 1800 feet

Cotswold Slopers compass
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Gloucester MFC News

An historic day for the GMFC when at Upton St Leonards village hall the club put on a static display of model aircraft and later flew on the recreation ground as part of the villages Jubilee celebrations.

Pictures and report from the static show at upton st Lenoards 

stleonards.JPG (92999 bytes)


3rd June War bird theme day has been postponed to Sunday 10th due weather forecast

Some Photo from last Sunday, Stan's heli



See Blog later for more photos


An evening of full sized glider flying will be arranged with reduced rates, this will take place in May or June
Please let Bryan know if you wish to take part, 

Club Meeting 
The next Club meeting is on Wed 20thJune 7.00PM,  a club flying session and fun event, on the slope if  windy or Minchinhampton Common if the wind is light. This will be published On the SCSA web sight at 6.00PM on  Monday 18th Non Members welcome 

Slope Flying  

A pleasant afternoon at Frocester, the breeze did not give consistent slope lift catching us out at times and a walk down the slope to retrieve.
There were thermals but we both failed to speck out

guy-frocester-weasel frocester2.jpg (98549 bytes)  guy-frocester-weasel frocester.jpg (81513 bytes)

  A good afternoon at Minchinhampton.
Sqeela flew his electric Shadow for the first time and flew for one hour 9 minutes from a 30 second motor run, this could have been a lot longer, but he needed to take a work break
This beat my Supra flight last week by 7 minutes

EShadow29May2012.jpg (221516 bytes)  ade-shadow.jpg (94766 bytes)

Adam and Mick flew their Alulas finding some lift but failing to get away

adam=alula2.jpg (97464 bytes)   adam=alula.jpg (92286 bytes)


Frocester with wind increasing during the afternoon and staying strong in the evening

Barry's Cobra and Oz's model

barry-cobra5.jpg (98244 bytes)  oz2.jpg (81095 bytes)

A strong wind at Frocester


 A pleasant afternoon at Minch with lift all afternoon, my Ava flew for over 2 hours on one motor run, Mick, Pete and Andy were kind enough to help with the dethermalling, they had the knack of finding strong sink.

This started with a struggle, I hit sink from launch finding a tiny bit of lift overhead at 100 feet generated by us talking too much, it was three minutes before I managed to get away in it

The other photo is Pete's Mustang

ava-fright1-june.jpg (151014 bytes)    ava-fright1-june2.jpg (114659 bytes)

        pete-mustang.jpg (58369 bytes)
  A strong wind on Rodborough and very turbulent


  Light lift at Rodborough with a little drizzle in the morning, in the afternoon the wind was on Frocester giving good lift 

More photos at;O=D 

For sale 

Newly listed items 

 Schulze 35 MHz FM receivers. Ultimate bi-plane, blendern tape, Protech Megastar, MVVS Petrol 26cc, RCV 91 4 stroke , OS 72 4 stroke, TX 2.4ghz,    Laser 100 4 stroke. Laser 70 4 stroke, Irvine 61 (Red head) 2 stroke  SC 180 AR 2 stroke. servo plug crimp pliers, 35 meg Receivers,, ,  325mm heli blades,   Crystals

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Some Events 

Jun 16-17 Weston Park 2oth Anniversary Model Show
Weston Park, Weston under Lizard. West Midlands, TF7 8LE. Nr M54, J3 or M6 J12. Extensive Camping. Contact Steve Bishop on 01952 587298 or or see
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Sat-SAM35 Events. Sun – Norman Winter F2B Memorial, Profile, Beginner and Expert. At Modelair Mayfly Weekend. Contact Tony Goodger on 01689 822683 or Paul Winter on 0208 958 6731

Inc. SAM 35 Vintage Power Duration. Middle Wallop, Nr Andover. Contact Bill Longley on 01258 488833 or

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