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Sorry there was no letter last week I I received no items 
This week the weather has been great and plenty of  flying, 5 days on Selsley, 1 on Frocester and 1 on Minch

Last week I loaded two video clips to our club website, this caused a problem, the number of downloads exceeded our bandwidth allowance.
I have moved these to Utube but they are now very small.
If you have any spare web space with adequate bandwidth, please send me the logon details, we need about 10 Gig of bandwidth per month .
These clips were from the indoor session at Chosen hill school,   Click here  for compilation of clips,  and the outtakes, Comedy Of Errors see our chairman fly into the wall.
Last week the slope flying great 

One of our Members sent in these video clip links

Some indoor tricks for you to emulate.............

Wall-Halla Synchro Cup (just some plain and ordinary indoor flying )
Nr 1 (We will sing the 'Wilhelmus', Dutch national anthem  )
Nr 2
Nr 3 (lovely dragon at the beginning and some Dutch input at 1/3 of the video) (4D-flying by Martin Müller and some magnificent stuff for the children)




Indoor flying

Indoor flying will take in Gloucestershire.


Venue the main sports hall Chosen Hill School, Brookfield Road, Churchdown, Glos. GL3 2PL.  Saturdays 6.00pm until 8.00pm.


Dates for the autumn/winter 2007 are:

Saturday 3rd & 17th November,

Saturday 1st,15th & 29th December    


useful website with information on indoor flying 


Indoor video from  3D flying in a factory


SCSA club meeting 


Indoor Flying at Bristol  Grammar School  post code BS8 1SR map
 starts 21st September 8-30 to 10PM every week with one missing, please check

BMFA event list for November 


At the October club meeting Steve Holland talked about aero towing and some of his model flying experiences.
The raffle was drawn, Doug and Paul won the two Schandy gliders

next meeting in November the grand auction21st November 8.00PM, 

Selsley was good on Monday, Alan D, Alan and I.  

Two visiting flyers from Wiltshire arrived and were flying F3F style, very fast and low, with a Pike WR and the successor to the New Sting, the name of which I can’t recall!  

The full sized gliders were unusually using the Selsley West bowl / ridge, generally at a good height and flying slowly. It was a bit disconcerting in any case. They came from the direction of the club, not returning from some cross country endeavor or whatever, as they sometimes do. We were ‘spotting’ and made sure we kept out of their way. The two lads from Wiltshire were up along the North end of the ridge, nothing wrong with that and very suddenly a Discus flew in amongst them a high speed and low, from the direction of the club. 



Tuesday at Selsley, a very good afternoon warm sunshine and a steady breeze. 

No picture I was playing with my new toy a video camera, on the right a test of imbedded video linked to Youtube

Please let me  know if this Program Acquisition Resource Manager causes a problem with your fire wall

Wednesday at Frocester, fair lift and warm for the time of year.


photo Andy's AlliaJ against the low sun

Thursday a light breeze with good lift on the west facing slope of Selsley 
Friday at Selsley, a light breeze with good thermals that faded later in the afternoon leaving just smooth slope lift. 

Saturday at Selsley, a dull afternoon with very light slope lift, just enough to keep my Pegase in the air. 

A quiet session at Chosen Hill school's indoor meeting.
CB had a tough time, breaking 4 of his models and my Edge copy.
Ken's Cessna looked and flew well. Clive  finally got his jet like Delta to fly. Paul's Holy Cow towed some steamers round slowing it a bit.
I tried to video the flying but only got outtakes, these are posted at Look out for my near perfect torque roll and CB's Vertical take off and landing


Photo Chris Bishop flying my Edge


Sunday at Minchinhampton
Not good weather for soaring but fine for an electric session.

Mike flying a Depron home brew 

For more photos go to the pages have been added to since last week