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Throttle disable

To disable the throttle on a computer radio, mix minus 100% throttle to throttle and set the mix off-set to 0%
The throttle stick will be disabled and leave the throttle at zero.
On an electric glider you can have crow braking and throttle on the same stick, switched with the brake switch.
Launch position reflex could also go on the same switch

The Futaba 8FG, 10CG, 12FG etc all have a dedicated mix now called throttle cut 

The minus 100% throttle mix can be used to free up the throttle channel for use as a second aileron on 4 channel RXs

I find the lost model alarm fitted to my Wild Thing irritating, it goes off if I don't move the aileron or rudder stick.
I fitted a sounder to my weasel plugged into the throttle channel and operated by a switch, I have set the the failsafe to full throttle so it will go off if it looses signal or turn the tyranny off with the model left switched on 

Tomboy 3

George and Chris compete

From Sticks and Tissue No 57 Ė August 2011

After the poor year we have had weatherwise, the entries in the Tomboy Competitions in 2011 have been a little down on previous years [the meetings started by David Boddington are now in their 6th year]. So it was a pleasant surprise to have 16 models booked in for the Mills .75 powered Tomboy 3 event. A number it appears had been built from the kits produced by Derek Foxwell of the Old School Model Aeroplane Company. To date he has supplied over 350 of these kits [both 36" and 48"] worldwide and the demand shows little sign of falling off.

Two flights of 4 minutes or more were required to qualify for the mass launch flyoff. Unfortunately Derek Collin and Colin Shepherd had trimming problems and were unable to make the flyoff. The majority of the competitors were regulars although we welcomed Steven Roberts and Chris Bishop to their first event and Derek Etheridge back for his second attempt at Tomboy 3s.Derek flew at the last Cocklebarrow Farm meeting in June and lost his model downwind. His day started well as, on arriving at the meeting, he discovered the model had been returned undamaged that morning by a local farmer who had rescued it from the jaws of a Combined Harvester !

 At 14.00 hrs the 14 competitors lined up for the 90 second start up time plus the normal 15 seconds no fueling, hold time. The sound of 14 fast revving engines heightened the excitement of what was to come. 

Nick Skyrme was the starter and as the start board was lowered the sky was immediately full of Tomboys all successfully avoiding each other and all pushing into the breeze as they climbed away. Steven Roberts was soon down having, in the excitement of his first event, not topped his tank up in the allowed 90 secs. Most of the engines stopped around 2 minutes and Bob Young, George Ford, Derek Etheridge and Brian Brundell were all in sink and were down in under 5 minutes. James Collis landed at 5 mins 20 secs to be followed by Paul Netton, Chris Bishop and John Strutt all in the same minute.Of the remaining five, Brian Ball was next to land, followed by Stephen Powell, with Tom Airey claiming 3rd place at 5 seconds over 7 minutes,

  the three landing all within the same 20 seconds. Tony Tomlin had found some slope lift and after being Ďparkedí in the sky for most of the flight slowly descended, landing smoothly a little under half a minute after Tom. This left Jeff Fellows, who was still at an eye straining height, to glide in, a convincing winner. 40

He was down in 10 mins 39 secs to the applause of the other competitors and the many interested spectators.

Tomboy 3 results

1. Jeff Fellows 10 min 39 sec, 2. Tony Tomlin 7 min 32 sec, 3 Tom Airey 7 min 05 sec, 4 Stephen Powell 6 min 57 sec 5.Brian Ball 6 min 45 sec 6 John Strutt 6 min 27 sec 7 Chris Bishop 6 min 13 secs 8. Paul Netton 5 mins 45 sec, 9 James Collis 5 min 20 sec 10 Brian Brundell 4 min 51 sec 11 Derek Etheridge 4 min 04 sec 12 George Ford 4 min 00s 13. Bob Young 3 min 29 secs 14. Steven Roberts 0 min 38 secs.


 CRCS news

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Malvern SA News

The Slope Slalom has been cancelled. Weather at 10.30am wasn't suitable to fly the event. Conditions improved and those that stayed had a great day's flying. 

The Final event of this years competition will be the Pylon race next Sunday.


Like many others, who attended the first session of the winter season at the Elms, my Sumo returned battered and wounded.

Based on the experiences of those pilots and observers present last night, I thought that it might be of great benefit to those of you who are still battling with the build to share our experiences of the evening. I would invite anyone present last night to add comment, especially Barry and Tony and anyone else brave enough to take hold of the sticks. Here are some of my observations and tips for anyone attempting the build and yet to attempt a flight:-


  • It flies as beautifully as it looks !
  • It has hidden magnets which attract it to the wall !
  • Now onto the serious stuff. Weight appears to be all ; lighter the better.
  • Any weight that you do have to contend with ( servos, receiver, ESC ) is best placed as close to the C of G as possible.
  • The use of a programmable Tx is a distinct advantage especially with the tightness of our hall. It was felt by many, towards the end of the evening, that a rudder/aileron mix, with minimal aileron movement might well be worth a try.
  • The Sumoís flight characteristics are unique so to some extent you have to put convention out of your head before approaching initial flights.
  • There is a distinct area of weakness where the prop ring/shroud is closest to the edge of the fuselage. A bit of extra beef around this area is well worth sacrificing a tiny bit of weight. I believe all of us who flew last night tore this section out at some stage of the proceedings. Just an observation on my own Sumo was that I had 0.7 dia carbon bracing on top of the wing and I didnít have any tearing. However I didnít have any bracing on the underside of the wing and the section around the shroud tore out quite badly.
  • Whichever side of the fuselage you mount your ESC and Rx on, mount the battery on the opposite side ( it doesnít need any excuse to fall off the straight and narrow)
  • Hot wiring the components out using the Aluminium templates does give you a sealed skinned edge which does give you a slightly tougher, more rigid outer edge than chopping it out with a scalpel.
  • The UHU por glue gives a far more flexible joint than foam friendly cyno ( not subject to so much tearing)

All the usual apologies for teaching grandmothers to suck eggs but I just though that it would be worth sharing a few of our findings at this stage of the game to save others a load of grief.

The Sumo is VERY DIFFERENT, it was meant to be Ďa bit of funí, it was exactly that, and all those present would lay witness to the fact that we had a great laugh trying to get to grips with it. By the end of the evening a few of us even had something which loosely resembled sustained, controlled flight !

  Alan Alderwick


Photos at  



Thursday 3rd Club meeting - Sumo. 8pm, doors open 7.30pm, Colwall Village Hall.
Sunday 6th Slope 6 - Pylon race knock-out, start 10:30 am,  Malverns - Table Hill area.
Friday 25th  Indoor Flying [7 - 9:30 pm], Elms School.
Monday 5th  8pm A G M, prize giving and raffle doors open 7.30pm. Colwall Village Hall
Friday 16th Indoor Flying [7 - 9:30 pm], Elms School.
Thursday 5th Club meeting 8pm, doors open 7.30pm, Colwall Village Hall.
Friday 6th indoor Flying [7 - 9:30 pm] Elms School
Friday 27th  Indoor Flying [7 - 9:30 pm], Elms School

Cotswold slopers

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Cotswold Slopers compass
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Gloucester MFC News

The strip is OK but it was muddy on Friday crossing the track

I took this photo on Friday, it's a still from my movie camera that was attached to my AVA

strip.jpg (73574 bytes)  2-george.jpg (99840 bytes)

Them indoors  

Indoor flying at Bentham; every Saturday 6.00 - 8.00PM

Latest photos 

Slope Flying  



A light breeze at Haresfield, just me and Guy there with our Weazles 
A good afternoon on the small slope at Haresfield, we managed to get past the road closed signs

Paul brought matt a new flyer with a new Zagi and we managed to adjust it and get Matt flying
Matt got Paul's model stuck up the birch tree but it came out OK with a pole that has been left there

It looks like Oldbury has been doing some more venting producing a nice glow on the Severn

a bit wet

Best day of week, warm with only a light breeze, I flew my AVA at the GMFC

Photo: Nick's indoor model


A good session at Haresfield


Haresfield in the morning and Frocester in the afternoon 

More photos at;O=D 

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FrSky V8FR 2.4Ghz 8CH Receiver (HV), new - ordered by mistake, I wanted the telemetry type


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Image 0 of FrSky V8FR high voltage 2.4ghz receiver 8 channel


CML RAPIER 250. JR PCM9X transmitter, Spektrum AR6100, 67" Scale Piper Cub , 68" sport model, Super GRONE   236  mcpx ,DSX9, , 40 size low wing trainer, Kyosho Calmato, Spectrum DX7, Twister Storm Hel, Top model CZ Kulbutin aerobatic glider. 
Frecracker, 3 engines, DB Scout, JR vibe 50 kit ,Actro 24-6 out-runner motor, Easy Pigeon, STARTER,  trainer 60 , Governor GV-1 , OS 37 SZ-H ,   ACE RC SkyMaster, gyro, trainer, starter,  battery,  OS37, OS50, 450 heli, AXI motor  AR6100e, Vibe50 heli, 2.4 TX,  35MHz receiver,  325mm heli blades,   Crystals

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Nov 16th SCSA auction 8.00PM at the Bear, Rodborough 
Dec 3 - 4 indoor masters