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Lots of cheap depron again, please excuse me, it's the way my interest has gone this month. I managed 5 days of slope soaring last week so I haven't completely changed to power flying. 

Indoor Flying, details click here see map Gloucester Model flying club. Saturday 11th Feb 2007. 6.00pm until 8.00pm
CB has done report for the last meeting at 

Indoor Video 12mins  file size 86 Megs in Widows Media Player 9 
The camera work is about as good as the piloting. You see Chris Bishop's Extra, my depron triangle (delta is too posh a word for this model) micro chopper, IFO, my depron Yak, and a couple of heli crashes. You will see that I am no good at flying a shockie, happy just to get in a few circuits. CB does the fancy stuff look out for his excellent Bi-plane near the end and the prop hanging Extra

Feb 18th  North Staffs MAC Swapmeet and Fly In
Swapmeet 10am to 1pm, Fly-In 1pm to 6pm.  Willfield Neighborhood College, Stoke-on-Trent, ST2 0NQ. Contact Jim Pattison on 01782 335182 or Graham Evans on 01782 397143

March 16th  Three Shires MFC Swapmeet 7 pm on. Dudley & Kingswinford Rugby Club, DY6 0AW. Contact 07963 777841 or

Telephone: +44 (0) 1903 765496 / 752866 or 07000 AMERANG Fax: +44 (0) 1903 765178 / 753643

 Indoor flying Video clip  

For sale
The following models are for sale I am having a clear out  some are new some are old they are all in good Nick  at the shop below is selling some for me                                            


£250 ONO




2 Europhia 2v brand new just come in at new year complete at with fixings ect £1330 each inc wingbags and ballast  they were surplus to requirements


01204792921 ASK FOR RYAN


My Toilet Seat model, just a sheet( CB uses a similar word) of Depron really
This was made in a hurry as a small robust indoor model to  fly at the Gloucester sessions.
The motor mount has been strengthened with 1/32 ply, the fin is glued on and elevons selotaped on under and over.  Two pieces of carbon fibre stick down from the front to keep the prop off the ground, it would look better with some tiny wheels. There are 2 skids below at the back to keep the elevons off the ground.
As with all  flying wings the C of G is critical, a rearward C of G  on the short blue marks stopped it flying, it's now on the transverse line and is very stable in pitch and roll.
It will loop and roll OK indoors and hang on the prop but for not for long as a rudder is needed for this. Rolls are very fast but the nose drops making successive rolls difficult, I am not brave enough to move the C of G back, It can be flown slowly with the tail dragging ( how do you drag the tail of a tailless model? )  or go too fast for indoors. Outdoors it copes well with a bit of breeze and turbulence If I made another the only thing I would change is the elevon width, increasing them to about 1.75 inches. 

Photo - tight turns are easy with this little wing

Material - 6mm Depron 
Length - 13 inches
Width - 16 inches
Fin - 6 x 4 inch 
Weight all up - 4 oz
Ailerons - 1.25 inches  ( a bit small )
C of G - 4.25 inches back
Motor - Robotbirds 22-14-25, 7amp 2500 kpv 15 grams
Prop -  5 x 3 
Battery - 2 cell 500ma Li-Poly
Servos - Chinese 4.3 gram
Receiver - Futaba R114F ( a bit heavy)
Speed controller -  10 amp from Bigdotuncle
 The week last week
Monday light lift at Selsley, Andy flew his Calypso, never  enough lift for it to make that distinctive hollow wing sound.
Tuesday Selsley again, more lift - John Godard flew his Nebula, this had the usual tip stall problem. The wind dropped at 3.00PM allowing me to fly HLG for while.

 Selsley - Wednesday Jan 31st – lunchtime.
Phil asked me to scribe a few words, if I had a midweek fly, so here we go.
10 mph forecast, Westerly. Met John Williams, leaving the slope as I arrived, struggling with two big scaly things in the 20 mph blast. Any sign of Phil, I said? Nah, too windy for him, no challenge, he doesn’t like it easy. How’s the lift, I said? ‘B’ freezing but great!
Struggled to the face of the slope to find Den with a splat disassembled Wannabee, Don screaming around with a Sid King V tailler. The poor old Wannabee had been giving Den a few problems. Never mind, help was on its way, unbeknown to Den.  

The West bowl at Selsley was at its very best. Strong, smooth lift to die for. Only trouble was frozen digits and streaming eyes. The good old MiraJ didn’t care a damn. ‘I don’t get cold’, it said as I yanked another pylon turn and a couple of rolls. 

Nice landing for my MJ  and help for Den arrived. You guessed, good old Bob Steadman. Big rubber bands and lots of sticky tape and Den’s Wannabee was, repaired and ready for Bob’s clinic. Off it went – splat. Again splat. Put some lead on its nose Bob said. More tape, lead and several more splats and it eventually became reasonably well behaved and flyable.  

Indignant Den insisted the CoG was as per plan and there was no way you could get all this lead up the nose in company of a receiver. I’m sure he will find a way because it was flying rather well when I left to ‘get back to work’. Apologies for taking the Michael a little Den (and Bob). 

Any rate, amongst all that excitement Bob flew his almost new Talon mk2. Wow it rolls in a twinkle. Loops bunts and turns on a sixpence. I was corrected when I commented that it looked a bit ‘twitchy’ by the explanation that it wasn’t but it was ‘responsive’. I guess he was right.  

Anyway, the wind was dropping off very quickly and moving more to the South and the lift deteriorating. Therefore there was a real danger that Phil might show up with more indoor flying stories, his PeggySue and his camera, so I went back to work. (Sorry Phil). 

A final plea. Where have all the summer softies gone on these winter days, midweek and weekends. I wouldn’t dream of mentioning Bill or Ade or Ian and I’ve given up on Andy F. 

OK Phil, I won’t ever scribe again……See you on Saturday, if I’m allowed back on the slope.

Editor, arrived 3.00PM when the wind went SW, the wind came back to west. Andy flew his blue foam vacuum bagged Zagi. I flew Bob's larger Tallon -  went well. There is now  enough light to fly until 5.00PM 

Light Lift at Frocester, I flew My Hyper HLG, Andy continued trying to get a receiver to work  in his Calypso, the usual carbon problem

 Friday at Selsley, this was the best day this week, steady lift dropping  later in the afternoon. Every thing went flew well until about 4.00PM when the Zagis started coming down


 Joe's Zagi, barley enough lift to keep it in the air by sunset

The lesser spotted Andy Freeman, brought out of hibernation early by the mild weather and strong sunshine. 

Saturday, not a lot of thermal lift on Minchinhampton Common, but a very nice day. My light weight  Highlight found a few small patches of marginal lift. . I wized my bits of of depron about for a while joined by Tim C with a very aerobatic Depron bi-plane made for knife edge maneuvers.  The South facing slope at Rodborough was working well in the light breeze

photo Guy's electric model

Sunday started cold enough to freeze the bits off a brass monkey, quickly warming up as the sun climbed. The thermal lift was poor, most of the electric thermal gliders failing to find lift. Lots of shockies flown. Paul flew his electric pylon racer, very scary, Paul has to build the speed slowly, I get nervous just watching.

photo Andy Miller with a home brew shockie

Brian's home brew depron model

Chris  Boosey's Fun Jet - seriously fast, fitted with brushless pusher motor and li-polys

 Found, if yours please contact the club

 Pete's Bi-plane


 Close encounters of the balloon kind.  Tim landed his model to watch the balloon come down, but accidentally knocked the throttle open on his transmitter, his Yak took off without him noticing. It took us a long time to locate it, I found it on the driving range, it had nosed in with only minor damage



Pictured is one of Phil's fleet of depron electric models. The Depron, carbon, brushless motor and LiPoly battery combination is a wonderful way to quickly test unusual shapes.

Sunday at Aust
The start of the years flying on the salt marsh between the two Severn bridges. We were pleased to find the ground soggy underfoot and not underwater as we feared. Phil Wright successfully tested his new electric canard. This features the motor and battery mounted on the wing leading edge to get the model to balance. Once he modified the ailerons to act
as elevons, assisting the the foreplane elevator, it flew aerobatics with ease.

Tim Chant