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I have changed the address and will find out why my club address is not working

It has been a good week for those not flooded or had their water cut off. Reports so far suggest all our members have escaped flooding. I  have a domestic sized dehumidifier if you have had a mild problem. The bowser link is on the club Web site for those needing water.

This week looks good, weather wise, lighter winds and some sun. If you live near Stonehouse and are going flying in the afternoon  give Richard a ring 01453 828148; his car is not well after ingesting water.

Like many I kept making excuses for flying my latest model see below. I wanted 15MPH on Selsley and it was either 14 or 16 MPH, or the direction was slightly out, the light was bad and so on. I now get some idea of the courage Andy needs to test fly his large models that have taken so long to build. I was very nervous, hands shaking and a tight chest while launching my ASW20, that's after 100s hours of flying. 
I am thinking that anything larger than 1/4 scale may be too big to fly from our slopes, what do you think?



Aug 11-12 North Cotswold MAC Fly In
Camping on Site. Far Heath Farm, Moreton in Marsh, Glos. GL56. Contact Harold Herbert on 01608 651335 or

Sunday 19th August  Woodspring E-Fly 2007 THE ALL ELECTRIC DAY

The condition of the site gives concerns for the event.  If the ground does not dry up enough, the event will be cancelled.  Check the Woodspring site or here for the latest. 

August 17,18 &19TH
Thornbury model Exhibition Post Code is BS35 3JB (recommended Phil & Mike)
If you've been before we hope to see you back again this year, if you haven't yet visited our show, then please come and see what "Model Engineer" magazine described as the "Superb Bristol Show"

Aug 25-26-27      BMFA British National Championships Radio Control    Control Line     Scale
iggest Model Flying Event in the WORLD
Scale - F4B, F4C, R/C Clubman, R/C Open, F/F Power, Rubber, CO2/Electric.
Radio Control - Aerobatics, Pylon Racing, Helicopter (Team Trials Event), Fun Fly, ALL CLASSES
Control Line - Speed, Aerobatics, Team Racing, Combat, Carrier, Vintage, ALL CLASSES EXCEPT ‘B’ TEAM RACE. Team Selection Event for F2 Classes.


  • SUNDAY ONLY - Giant Swapmeet 


Barkston Heath, Nr Grantham. Contact BMFA on 0116 2440028 or

Much Marcle 1st-2nd September
A great show with donations of the funds made given to local charities. A great way to end the show flying year. Sponsored by Herefordshire MAC at their flying field just off the A449. A map and accommodation details are available here. postcode HR8 2LX  Multimap

Barry from AMARC has put last years Woodspring video on their  website, it is 350megs but should stream for broadband users  please visit the site for lots more



New from Steve Drake
the G-V-60 @  $100

  • Wing span 60
  • Fuse length ~35
  • Wing root cord 9
  • Intermediate chord 7.75
  • Tip chord 4.5
  • Wing area ~415 square inches
  • Airfoil RG-14
  • All high density EPP foam parts
  • Clean fuse design completely pre-shaped with wing mount cut in
  • Max Fuse dia. 2.5" 
  • Plans for low profile wing controls
  • New! EPP Elliptical pre-shaped V tails with basswood spar and balsa elevators with
    low drag NACA  airfoil
  • Plug on Wing, removable V tails, removable nose 
  • Build it for 3, 4, 5, 6 servos 
  • Ballast bay with receiver access for quick crystal changes.
  • 4 EPP wing cores
    double tapered wing for semi-elliptical plan-form
  • Pre-shaped V tails
  • EPP fully shaped fuse
  • Complete linkage for elevators
  • multiple carbon rods and carbon fiber materials for very
    strong construction
  • Basswood 3/8x trailing edge stock for EPP cores
  • Balsa stock for flaps and ailerons or flapperons
  • 1/16 ply for elevon end caps
  • New composite carbon V brace for solid plug on tails, Pre-cut Balsa blocks to contour the V brace for a clean releasing tail group
  • Ballast bay cover, nylon mounting screw and mounting hardware.
  • Many other parts and materials can be seen in the photo of the kit contents on the left.
  • View the packing list

Email from Steve
I'm still having fun expanding my Gulp line of sailplanes. I wish I had more time to build. In January I plan to quit my day job and then I hope to get time to explore building some of my designs for less capable builders. Visit  to see my latest offering. As a hobbyist I do this strictly for fun. I do manage to break when I factor all my expenses in. You were the first person I showed my Gulp SR too in the UK. I remember you told me the SR was just too expensive and would not make it in the UK. I wish I could sell them for less but I would be putting money in each box if I did. I do enjoy flying at your sites when I am in Gloucester area.

I am told the SR has been the most winning slope racer in the UK. I have sure met a lot of great hobbyists there. You being the first.
Cheers, Steve


My ASW20 has been sitting at home for months waiting for the right conditions for a maiden flight. Tuesday's forecast for Wednesday was 12MPH northwesterly, so I had no excuse. Knowing John likes a safe centre of Gravity so I fitted the ni-cads well back, there is a large quantity of lead in the nose as is usual with scale models. As a rough guide it would be the weight of  a pilot divided by twice 4 cubed for a 1/4 scale model, the ni-cads make up 6oz of this.
I arrived at the slope in the morning and I was the only one there, I guess John and Don are occupied watching the river Severn and collecting water.
The model weighs around 13lb and needed two hands to hold it in the 15MPH breeze, I managed to hold the wing and transmitter in my left hand and held the model on the C of G with my right, as I ran down the slope it floated away, helped by a little flap.
There were no surprises in the flying, it handled like most heavy RG15 profiled models. Rolls loops, stall turns and outside looping were all OK, The bunt does look a bit odd as the heavy fuselage bends the wings the wrong way. Next the brakes, I had over estimated the elevator compensation, and it dived when they were applied, easily adjusted in flight with a FF9. Finally  test the stall, this was very late in normal or flapped mode and even later with the crow breaking deployed.
The model is the updated and strengthened Pat Teakle 1/3.5 scale, wing span 4.5 metres; unfortunately this model is not in production

Friday at Frocester, A good afternoon with plenty of lift. 

Photos Bryan's EPP and my Nyx


Saturday Frocester. The lift built up during the day, ideal conditions for Guy's ballasted MiriJ and My Nyx. Laurie managed to land his Blade with no air brakes and get the ASW down without knocking the tips off. My Pegase will flop gently into the dense bracken and my Nyx will hover before touching down, see the club video pages if you are worried about landing.; it is a different technique  from normal needing a crablike approach

Photo Laurie's ASW28, look at the tips on that!!  


Sunday morning at Selsley. 
The day started a little late, by the time I got there It was nearly time for Paul to go home. Both our early birds Bryan and Peter were away and two fliers tried Frocester first The wind was light and on the point till 10.30AM then went NNW and got a bit stronger.

The wind went westerly in the afternoon with strong thermals and a bit of sink. Andy flew his new AlliaJ -  link looks a great model.

Photo Brian's 134 Eliminator, this had a reversed rudder and a very short flight, second photo Guy launching Andy's AlliaJ , most of the photo by John Bennett, the rest air brushed in with Paint shop Pro

Allia is the name of a stream running into the Tiber, a place where the French invaded Italy