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Please send photos in full resolution  as Jpegs with minimum compression and no adjustments, text is best with paragraphs but no carriage returns. 

last week I wrongly had Gordon down as the builder of the model. It was made by Tim the money

The club web site has a new host, if you find a broken link, please email me if it is not corrected within a couple of days.

Club News
The next meeting is Wednesday 21st 8.00PM, I will be running a club quiz, modelling questions and general knowledge. Teams of four - bottles of wine to the winning team.

Competition news
The club is to hold a Cross country competition 25th Feb 9.30 for a 10.00AM start 
Phil Tel 07966 175193

I’ve set up a discussion forum on my website,
I thought it might be a useful things for SCSA club members to use for communication on a group level.

 Indoor flying Video clip  pylon race
Video clip amazing aerobatics

Indoor Flying, details click here see map Gloucester Model flying club. Saturday 25th Feb 2007. 6.00pm until 8.00pm

Feb 18th  North Staffs MAC Swapmeet and Fly In
Swapmeet 10am to 1pm, Fly-In 1pm to 6pm.  Willfield Neighborhood College, Stoke-on-Trent, ST2 0NQ. Contact Jim Pattison on 01782 335182 or Graham Evans on 01782 397143

Mar 8 Malvern SA Auction
7.15 on. Colwall Village Hall, B4218, East of Ledbury. Contact Nick Neve on 01684 561160 or or see

Mar 16 Three Shires MFC Swapmeet
7 pm on. Dudley & Kingswinford Rugby Club, DY6 0AW. Contact 07963 777841 or

Mar 31-Apr 1      South Wales Model and Craft Show
Bridgend recreation Centre, Bridgend, CF1 4AH. Contact Barry King on 01656 661338 or or see

March 16th  Three Shires MFC Swapmeet 7 pm on. Dudley & Kingswinford Rugby Club, DY6 0AW. Contact 07963 777841 or
Telephone: +44 (0) 1903 765496 / 752866 or 07000 AMERANG Fax: +44 (0) 1903 765178 / 753643



For Sale 12.02/2006
PSS tough EPP foam kit of the F-20 Tigershark jet, from Canterbury Sailplanes in New Zealand.  
Some of the component parts have already been assembled to a very high standard with one standard servo installed within the fuselage for the elevator, as per the instructions and the kit is complete with its box, linkages, rolls of red and white vinyl tape tape, roll of reinforcing tape and decal set.  (I in fact already own a built example, which I would be willing to show anyone interested, although I am not prepared to sell because it flies superbly!). 
Although this very popular EPP kit now retails at $177NZ + $35NZ postage and packing to Europe, which works out at £74 at current exchange rates (see their website at:   I would be prepared to accept £45 for my kit, (which isn't that much more than a new Zagi kit - and you don't get a roll of reinforcing tape with a Zagi kit either!).
Club members are welcome to phone me at home in the evenings.  Otherwise you can  phone or text me on my mobile almost anytime on:  07980 998599.
V best wishes
Mark Durham  


DEPRON SHEETS white 3mm thick, 700mm wide, and 1000mm long. Very realistic price of £1.50 per sheet approximately halve model suppliers prices.

BLENDERM TAPE excellent for hinging ailerons, rudders and elevators. Size 1/2" wide by 5 yards long, £1 per roll.

Contact Tim Lund on 01453 827422 or e-mail at


Offensive web site
Please email the owner of this web site and ask for the offending article to be removed at 

from the site
The Photo-Journalist
- Bought a digital camera and wishes to use it for something beyond family snapshots. Harbors dreams of getting the greatest in-flight model shot ever recorded. Usually forgets a telephoto lens and will try to convince others to fly within three feet of the camera for a magazine cover. Overrates his own importance, but is tolerated by others because he occasionally gets a lucky shot.


I bought these drug dealer scales recently, very useful for mixing Araldite and making light weight depron models.
I paid £15 from ebay works in ounces so old people can use them. Or from 

Model LT500   
Weighing modes: g/oz/dwt/ct
Readability: 0.01g/0.001oz/0.01dwt/0.05ct
Accuracy: 0.1g
Tare range: Tare full capacity
Maximum overload: 1g
Overload indication: EEEE
Auto off (default): 30 seconds off
Optimum temperature range: 10-30/C
Display : LCD 5 1/2 digits
Power requirements: 2 x AAA
Low battery indicator: Yes
Platform material: Plastic
Standard accessories: batteries & manual
Net weight (approx): 140g

Wednesday at Selsley 

Clear blue skies, sunshine and a N/NW breeze produced widespread and smooth lift. Unfortunately it appealed to the paragliders too and as usual one drifted left, into ‘our agreed airspace’, from time to time.  I, like some others, find it difficult to watch both model and paraglider simultaneously. Phil had gone home to collect his Nyx wings and was not there to chase them away! 

The wind strengthened and moved towards the West, producing lumps and bumps, just in time for Andy to arrive with his ‘experimental plank’. He bagged the wing himself and the carbon fibre stiffening to wing and ailerons can be clearly seen. (A coat of paint Andy?).  

Den flew his ASW27 beautifully in the lift and even Alan’s Tuccanno stayed up well. Later his Xit was almost out of sight whilst my MiraJ enjoyed the conditions, managing just, to avoid the errant paraglider. 

 Photo Den's ASW29b

 My extended lunch hour was over but the plank seemed to be flying well as I left. Phil flew his ‘new’ Zagi and later the Nyx, by which time the paragliders had called it a day.

Photo Guy's MiriJ


 I missed the ‘catch’ landing with full crow but from the photo it looks impressive and the cameraman caught it just right – unless this was a set up for the camera? With the awful ‘something east’, forecast for the weekend, I was glad to have enjoyed a couple of hours in the early spring sunshine.

More images on the photo page  including a sunset. The lift went smooth once the wind finished backing

Sunday at Rodborough.
A relaxed morning of flying in the light breeze,  just enough lift to keep a Zagi in the air.  I flew my new all EPP 5C Zagi and I am very pleased with it, it thermals loops, bunts and flies inverted with ease. Michael looked happy with his SAL Highlight, the light thermal condition ideal for it.

Andy's light weight 60 inch

 Peter's 134 Eliminator