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Club News
n spite of good flying conditions none  of our members responded to my email suggesting we meet on the slope and fly models. Wednesday evening was perfect, the wind was light enough for HLG to be flown and the lift strong enough to keep a scale model up. Duncan Stafford one of our old members arrived and flew my scale model and Mick's HLG for a while. Peter entertained us some some slow speed low level scale flying, the near zero air speed down wind turn is very unnerving. also hearing the wing tip touch the grass, see photo  photo2

Computer nerd bit
In reply to does size matter?

Phil: Yes, I received last weeks newsletter on broadband at a hotel in Penang, Malaysia & yes it took about 3secs to download. 
       I've just opened this weeks at home & it took about 3 mins @ 44mbs or kilo wotsits or something.

WMA files reply from Jonathon

Nothing wrong with WMA files - in fact their pretty handy for their ability to be edited and created using Windows' native software - Movie Maker.
Adware can come disguised as any file.  Get Windows Defender Installed (already there if you're on Vista) and that'll keep things in order.

I have given Windows defender a try, easy to down load and install , runs unobtrusively in the background

We have called this weekly effort the news letter, it is really half newsletter and half Blog; Blog is portmanteau of web log. Please also use it as forum for model flying

F3J European Championship  19th - 26th August this can be followed at http://www.trnavaf3j.sk/index_en.html 

Thanks to long-term experience of organizing of the World Cup and serial competitions of the Slovakia Championship in F3J cat., we can guarantee nice weather in august. Temperature about 25°C - 35°C.

Editor again
 And I bet the beers cheaper

Uncle Sydney's Gossip column http://mstr.f3b.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1115&Itemid=1 

Mail from the North

I haven't done too much flying since moving to Malvern, but here's a few photos of the AldiJ and hills from last night (after it stopped raining).
The lift up here is sooo smooth and even with the lightest of winds seems pretty consistent. Too easy really apart from landings which is just down to me and lack of practice.
We get the flying pillow cases up here but they tend to be a very long way off...
I haven't worked out yet what these guys up here do when the wind swings around to South yet, but the 2 hills on the North side cover wind directions from SSW to SSE.
Its about a 15-20 min walk from where you park the cars to the hills up a good path which gets the heart pumping, certainly not as easy as Frocester (we are spoilt in Stroud.)
See you all soon
Richard Hobson

Mark has ask to visit the Malvern Hills, The East facing slope is something special well worth the drive and walk.


malvern-north.jpg (106320 bytes)

malvern-north-hill.jpg (117836 bytes)

malvern-north-hill-sun.jpg (154038 bytes)

Click on small images for larger pictures


Turbine powered glider on UTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mf1qSfIutfM  The low inverted pass suggests it's Ali Mashinchy’s 6 metere ASK21
More videos at http://videos.alshobbies.com/jet_videos.html 

Updated, please read
Sunday 19th August  Woodspring E-Fly 2007 THE ALL ELECTRIC DAY 
The condition of the site gives concerns for the event.  If the ground does not dry up enough, the event will be cancelled.  Check the Woodspring site or here for the latest

Although we have every intention of proceeding with the Woodspring Wings E-fly on Sunday 19th August 2007, I must issue a warning to all those intending to attend.

The Woodspring Site was inspected on Saturday 21st of July and is completely waterlogged. It will not support foot traffic let alone vehicles. Unless we get the minimum of two weeks of dry warm weather prior to the 19th it will not be possible to proceed.

The following mobile numbers are available from the 15th August to the 19th August for flyers and spectators to check the status of the event before travelling.

Bob Everitt 07973 396190  www.woodspringwings.co.uk
Neil Dare 07816 327585

Aug 18-19 Greenacres MAC Electric Fun Fly

Camping by Arrangement. Walsall Airport, West Midlands. Contact Chris Moseley on 01922 726187 or chris@electricrc.co.uk or Sid Lines on 01922 448873 or sidelines@blueyonder.co.uk or see www.greenacresmac.com 

August 17,18 &19TH
Thornbury model Exhibition Post Code is BS35 3JB (recommended Phil & Mike)
If you've been before we hope to see you back again this year, if you haven't yet visited our show, then please come and see what "Model Engineer" magazine described as the "Superb Bristol Show"

August 18th & 19th  AMRC Bristol 
An open weekend, with visitors invited to watch flying, try their hand a flying a Trainer and enjoy the hospitality of the club. Food and drink available


Aug 25-26-27      BMFA British National Championships Radio Control    Control Line     Scale
iggest Model Flying Event in the WORLD
Scale - F4B, F4C, R/C Clubman, R/C Open, F/F Power, Rubber, CO2/Electric.
Radio Control - Aerobatics, Pylon Racing, Helicopter (Team Trials Event), Fun Fly, ALL CLASSES
Control Line - Speed, Aerobatics, Team Racing, Combat, Carrier, Vintage, ALL CLASSES EXCEPT ‘B’ TEAM RACE. Team Selection Event for F2 Classes.


  • SUNDAY ONLY - Giant Swapmeet 


Barkston Heath, Nr Grantham. Contact BMFA on 0116 2440028 or admin@bmfa.org

Much Marcle 1st-2nd September
A great show with donations of the funds made given to local charities. A great way to end the show flying year. Sponsored by Herefordshire MAC at their flying field just off the A449. A map and accommodation details are available here. postcode HR8 2LX  Multimap


Model Flying Week at Berrow. Models of jets,
helicopters and World War One planes.
Come along to Brean Leisure Park to experience the Model Flyers Special Week between Saturday 1st to the Saturday 8th September 2007.

More info at http://www.brean.com/modelflyers.asp   http://www.breanmodelfestival.com/wikka.php?wakka=HomePage 

Once again in th includes:
Pilots Briefing, Pilots welcome (including punch), Bring & Buy Sale, and on Thursday 6th September a three course meal held at the Tavern for just £12.50 per head.

Spot the error
Once again in this annual event you will find both flying on the beach, on grass strips at Brean Leisure park, and slope souring on Brean Down, plus a whole host of things going on all week.


Indoor Flying at Bristol  Grammar School  post code BS8 1SR map
 starts 21st September 8-30 to 10PM

Calypso Contest T tail moulded model complete with all servos , Futaba Rx & Battery  & carry bags - £250 ono  

Phoenix Rico-SHE foamie 60” pylon racer complete with servos, Mini Rx, Xtal & Battery  £65 ono  

Thank you   Adrian

Tel Adrian 01453 823115  Email          olympus@uwclub.net

strong slope lift with some strong thermals at Frocester
Wednesday at Selsley, a great day for scale flying average slope lift with some powerful thermals. Bryan's ASK18 and Alan's K8 needed dethermalling several times. Many of of the paragliders got away for some cross-country. The lift went very smooth and lighter in the evening , by 9.00PM there was just enough lift for my Pegase. Mick's Highlight unlimited flew well late evening, a very nice model for light lift.
Thursday at Selsley , a more relaxed day with weaker thermals and smoother slope lift 

Photos Alan's K8 and Richard's Scale model more photos at http://www.ebley.plus.com/limbo/?M=D  dated  08 - Aug


Friday at Frocester
A day of light lift with some smooth thermals. I flew 1/4 scale, this was challenging as I needed to cruise round looking for lift. Andy flew his Salome HLG (seen in the photos) and Calypso

Saturday afternoon on Minch
It seemed like a good prospect - lots of thermals, light breeze, so where was everyone?   Mike Pearce and I were there enjoying the sunshine.  Mike has a new electric glider, called a Thrush, which seems like a bargain.  £80 ARTF, including the motor (brushless) and speed controller: I paid that for an Axi motor and Jeti s/c on their own last year. 
Attached photo is of the Thrush on its first flight, which was uneventful enough apart from running out of down trim and Mike not having programmed the s/c to activate the brake, which meant the prop windmilled rather than folding.  He didn't have the instructions with him (and you really need the instructions).  No irritation or itches in the nether regions as far as I'm aware.
John B

Larger photo

Bill's Highlander at Frocester on Saturday afternoon

Mike's Fantic with the fan removed, in colours too loud for Sunday morning Peter after landing gently on top of the Bracken. Landing at Frocester is very safe at this time of year if you can miss the trees during the approach 
Sunday morning started at Haresfield then on to Frocester as the wind went westerly. Ade's Dragon went very fast in the strong lift late morning.
Only one scale models and no PSS,