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New indoor venue

Paul and myself tested new indoor flying venue. Tough job, somebody has to do it. Took a lot of test flights or would have if I had taken along a charged battery for my transmitter!


The floor area is 40 X 40 metres the flying space slightly larger with a clear roof space. For comparison Chosen Hill is approx 25 X 15 meters with allsorts of ceiling furniture


To rent this dome we need more people, 20 plus at £7.00 per head to break even on an evening. It has other attractions (bar) which should be open. Please spread the word of this possible venue itís only a few minutes drive from the centre of Gloucester with good access from Swindon direction.


We would like to use it and we need all your support. see for more





Much Marcle 2007 show report 

we left before the Spitefire fly bye here a very short video clip 




Free to good or bad home
Iím having a clear out!. I have a Bullet EPP slope soarer to give away. It needs radio gear (standard size servos) but otherwise is ready to fly.
 I can be contacted on 01452 740270 



Club Meeting

At Wednesday's meeting Doug announced the forthcoming events

October 17th a talk on aero towing by Steve Holland
November 21st the auction
December the AGM 12th (one week earlier)

It is hoped to draw the raffle for two 60 inch for Shandy glider/electric at the next meeting 


We will need to elect new club officers at the AGM, I have found the photos, newsletter and web site a little too much, but I am willing to continue with one of the jobs.


Indoor flying in Gloucestershire.


Venue the main sports hall Chosen Hill School, Brookfield Road, Churchdown, Glos. GL3 2PL.  

Opening evening Saturday 22nd September 2007 6.00pm until 8.00pm.


Dates for the autumn/winter 2007 are:

Saturday 6th & 20th October,

Saturday 3rd & 17th November,

Saturday 1st,15th & 29th December  


Indoor Flying at Bristol  Grammar School  post code BS8 1SR map
 starts 21st September 8-30 to 10PM

14th October  West Mendip Soaring  cross country WMSA  

BMFA event list for October 


My father and lots of others used to say "if a job's worth doing it's worth doing well". Well I made a good job of getting a model up a tree. My heaviest model high up the largest tree in the area.
While trying to land at Frocester I lost lift the other side of the Oaks and pushed back out to gain height only to find bad sink. I misjudged the the landing approach in one of the fields. thinking I was the far side of the tree and landed in the giant ash close to Peak lane just before the first House. 
Looking at it from the bottom the sensible thing to have done  was dump it in the deep bracken between the roads. 
The slope at Frocester can be very unpleasant when the wind goes to the south


Two of Geoff Marsh's tree surgeons, who removed my ASW20.
I was very pleased to have it back in one piece 

The week last week

Selsley - Sunny and a gentle breeze, shifting between NW and WNW, producing poor lift with a little thermal assistance. Five airborne paragliders, one completely ignoring the millennium stone division, seemed to be doing reasonably well for a change. The rest of the group promised to brief him when he landed  but he got well away in a thermal, thankfully. One landed out right in front of the tump as we were flying.

Andy Miller (accompanied by Bruce, the dog) was on holiday from Spain and flew his Prodij. It landed out a couple of times but also found some good thermal lift on one flight. I was surprised to see a tow hook on the Podij. Apparently, the thermals can be so strong in Spain, it could be successfully flown as a Ďthermallerí there!  

My Miraj stayed up quite happily but that was about all, as the lift was weak and unpredictable.  

Ade (or rather his model) was attracting the most interest. His Dragon and 9C were newly equipped with an XPS module and receiver on 2.4 ghz. First flight with the new gear! No radio issues but the Dragon was well out of trim after itís refit and repair in the poor air, so the flight was somewhat inconclusive and some serious trimming will be required to get things back to normal. Itís difficult to trim and check things, when you are struggling to remain airborne.

I flew in the evening, the wind was on the point producing very poor lift with nasty lumps. Barry flew his new Pibros very well made and flew well for a triangle of depron. Barry's Microflo did not like the conditions


link to pibros


Thursday afternoon at Frocester, 

Photo Guy's Phase5 enjoying the strong lift 

Saturday was the first of indoor sessions at Chosen Hill school Chuchdown . there were 11 fliers and a few spectators. Many people flew the cheap foam models seen on ebay and sold by Clive in his Barton street model shop Tel.01452 308007, these looked great fun. I flew CB's Cessna and it was a delight to fly, able to fly slowly and turn tightly. Paul flew his outdoor EPP Holy Cow, no real damage was caused to the hall, but it left many of us badly shaken. A report will follow on  

More photos at 
next indoor sessions Saturday 6th & 20th October


CB with his scaled down Pogo

Junior control line, or in this case supply lines as the battery is in a back pack

A good Sunday morning at Haresfield, a good breeze with plenty of lift and the rain missed us, just a few spots.  Peter  damaged his B2 during a forced landing in the bottom field, see photo. Also his VoltiJ fuselage broke while landing inverted near the point

Peter landing his B2 stealth bomber

Mike's Mustang

For more photos go to the pages have been added to since last week