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Please send photos in full resolution  as Jpegs with minimum compression and no adjustments, text is best with paragraphs but no carriage returns. 

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 I have received a lot of copies of the W32.Stration@mm worm sent as an attachment with a warning of abnormal mail activity from my address. Please remember to ignore all these email warnings and never open strange attachments. The high number of copies received suggests that it may be coming from people on my mail list. If you have opened the attachment sent with this warning follow the link above for removal.

 18th-20th May 2007 G-VFWE 2007, now believed to be Europe's largest flying event for vintage & classic aircraft, will be held at Hullavington Airfield over . For details, please visit the new website at

5th-6th-7th May - Sandhays (Lincolnshire) Scale Aerotow. Website

12th - May Severn Valley Aerotow send a personal message from the forum to Chris Morrison or call him on 07811826267. Right click to download these event notes and directions

13th - Shropshire Aerotow see forum thread. Further information from organiser Elliot Howells

I have a couple of tubes of Dow Corning 738 white silicone sealant that can be used for hinges, see spec  385 PSI strength, 500% stretch 
Also some 4mm x 25mm  plastic wing bolts


May 19-20 BMFA Salisbury Plain Free Flight Trimming
All F/F Classes. Essential to Contact Bernard Aslett at 25, Honeyhill, Wooton Basset, Swindon, SN4 7DX to pay fees and get on Army security list, and Always Contact Peter Tribe on 01225 862748, Friday before travelling


 Retro Track & Air seeks an investment partner to purchase a partially restored

Gloster Gladiator the wreckage of the aircraft (Serial No. N5719) was recovered from Northern Norway after crashing following a dogfight with an HE 111 in the defense of Narvick.




The fuselage of the Gladiator is already taking shape


         see, for more. Peter Watts runs Retro at Cam famous for restoring Merlin engines and racing cars


If we catch a thermal we need to take care not to get in the way of full sized aircraft. The tailplane on an ASW27b is 2.3 metres about the size of a slope soarer, if your wings are the same size as a gliders taiklplane,  you are nearly  the same height, but please allow a large amount for errors.
 I took the pictures on the right of Ade's Dragon, the RH picture is about 100meteres away, the smaller one in the air, by simple math's I make the model in the air  about 340 metres or 1110 feet
97 pixels

329 pixels at 100 metres

Thursday at Selsley, Andy's Calypso coped well with the northeasterly by following the birds, but it was hard going
Friday, some good lift at Rodborough with thermals at regular intervals
Saturday at Rodborough, Peter's 100s well suited to the conditions

A thermal morning at Rodborough on Sunday. Photo Mike launching his  Alula