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What a week! 7 days of flying for some and all on Selsley, I missed Thursday because of my trip to the Brean model flying week, next year we should make a day of it perhaps the bring 'n' buy day .  The first half of October  is expected to bring rather unsettled conditions with rain or showers interspersed, so make the most of September.
The forecast for Wednesday is for light winds, how about an electric session on Minch?


Club meeting 19th September, details later



Indoor flying in Gloucestershire.


Venue the main sports hall Chosen Hill School, Brookfield Road, Churchdown, Glos. GL3 2PL.


Opening evening Saturday 22nd September 2007

6.00pm until 8.00pm.


Following the success of these evenings during the winter and spring of 2007 we are getting underway with the 2007/2008 indoor season. Indoor sessions will take place fortnightly, but these may become weekly depending on demand.


Dates for the autumn/winter 2007 are:

Saturday 22nd September,

Saturday 6th & 20th October,

Saturday 3rd & 17th November,

Saturday 1st,15th & 29th December


For all past indoor sessions see reports plus of course our own highly and critically acclaimed “documentary” 



Indoor Flying at Bristol  Grammar School  post code BS8 1SR map
 starts 21st September 8-30 to 10PM

14th October  West Mendip Soaring  cross country WMSA  

Advice Appreciated
Some while ago I purchased 2 rather tatty Pat Teakle gliders, an ASW20 and HP18. 
They turned out to be more work than anticipated and have suffered from enthusiasm loss until recently, thanks to Phil letting me have ago on his new ASW20. 
I've done a fair amount of work and am getting to the point of thinking about refinishing. 
The wings are glassed but aren't that smooth and on as of the fuselage the gel coat is cracked. 
Can anyone recommend a finish or paint, that is a high build primer with good leveling properties, assist with the gel coat issues and is not too heavy. 
On such a large airframe car spray paint is going to get costly. 
As these are old models I have no intention of spending vast amounts of money. 
Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Pearce

For Sale
Electric helicopter Twister version 2 with collective pitch.
All there and fly's but the skids are now broken and tail boom rod is split but work OK.
Includes , Tx, 1 x Lipo battery and charger and a new pair of carbon blades.
£50 or might consider a swap or something.
Michael Pearce


Maiden Flight SE5a 
Today (Sunday) I flew my Great Planes SE5 on Minchinhampton (see pictures). 
I ordered it from Tower Hobbies in the USA along with a Fokker DR1 which is about ready to fly as well. 
In the UK the SE5 kit is £65, the DR1 isn't available yet in the UK, we ordered the SE5, DR1, 8 x Futaba servos, propellers and extension cables for under £200, plus customs charged about the same as VAT. 
The SE5a spans 864mm and is driven by an AXI brushless motor powered by a 1300 Lipo. 
Assembly is very straight forward and the build quality is superb.
It flew straight from a hand launch and required no adjustments to trim. The performance is excellent but it also looks convincing when throttled back. Aerobatics were performed with ease. 
Despite my apprehension the landing was really easy, just kill the power and control it on elevator. The second flight was ROG from the road and it looked very realistic apart from the short run.
If you like more details please email me. 

Monday at Selsley, a moderate north wind, the lift was mostly OK, when it faded a little courage needed to stay out there until it returned. I failed to throw Len's Discus2 hard enough for it get to flying speed and it landed heavily in front of the bump. My ASW20 is heavier but floats away with half a throw if there is bit of a breeze. Joe's Nebula went OK flying well once it had cleared the trees into the good air.


Photo Richard's Phase 6

Tuesday at Selsley, light winds and  a good mixture of thermals. The lift was a little too light for the Parsgliders so we had the whole slope to search for lift. A variety of techniques were used to  dethermal, pop up brakes, flying inverted, spinning and spoilerons. I had two walks down the slope to retrieve my Pegase, a light 1/4 scale was just right for the conditions


Photo Guy's  Highlight 


Wednesday at Selsley, Richard's little HLG in some serious lift, spot the model, click image where you think the model is, if you get the right spot a larger image will appear. To make it easy  it is finished in clear wing covering Alan's DG600 did not fly too well till we took out 1/2 a pound of lead, it now goes really well. The secret is to keep taking it out until it won't fly and crashes then put a bit back in
Thursday, ideal conditions for Brean model flying week.

Photo, a Mustang  low and fast for the camera
Click here for larger photo. The rudder does not have a crinkled trailing edge, I missed it with the camera and have crudely air brushed it in.

more phtos at 

Friday at Selsley,  a north wind with little slope lift, a couple of really good thermals and lots of lumpy small ones

Photo Phil Wright's Skylark , this flew really well, themalling back behind the slope after finding a small area of lift

Saturday at Selsley, A good afternoon John's ASW20 made one of its rare appearances photo , strong smell of naphthalene 

Andy launching Steve's new moulded Twin, Steve was a little nervous of it, being used to power flying

Sunday morning at Selsley, a dull morning with some light slope lift to start with, this faded, later some light thermals built up. Peter's Charisma flew well early on and Mike had the best of the later thermals flying my light weight HLG.
The afternoon was better, stronger and more frequent thermals with steady slope lift late afternoon on the west facing slope

For more photos go t the pages have been added to since last week