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For sale
Scale Dart 15 glider. 3000mm span
5 servo's 2xwing, elevator, rudder, aerotow
I bought it 2nd hand December 2005, I've flown it twice hence selling.
Overall condition is good it would benefit from a touch up of paint mainly on the wings.
The wing joiner is missing, I used 2 trimmed off hacksaw blades which worked fine as a temporary measure.
There is a piece missing from the canopy which is currently  taped over.
The fuselage appears to have never been repaired.
To fly you'll need a receiver and battery pack.
Michael Pearce
Tel 01452 380851
Mobile 07733 300830 
Thanks  Michael


 Next Club meeting 18th April 8.00PM
Puffin Models will be visiting the next club meeting on April 18th to show off his wares
Also the raffle prize has been purchased, it is a HVP Schandy of 1770mm span, aileron / elevator / rudder, can be built as pure glider or electric.

April - 21 or 22 at Siege Cross Farm. Aero tow contact Doug for help

18th-20th May 2007 G-VFWE 2007, now believed to be Europe's largest flying event for vintage & classic aircraft, will be held at Hullavington Airfield over . For details, please visit the new website at

May 19-20 BMFA Salisbury Plain Free Flight Trimming
All F/F Classes. Essential to Contact Bernard Aslett at 25, Honeyhill, Wooton Basset, Swindon, SN4 7DX to pay fees and get on Army security list, and Always Contact Peter Tribe on 01225 862748, Friday before travelling



Landing is one the hard parts of model flying.

I tried holding my hand flat and saying stop in a loud authoritative voice. It didn't work


Richard's Weasel at Frocester

Sunset at Selsley

After the long weekend it was back to reality and hard work, luckily this was soon over. The lift was good at Frocester in the afternoon and westerly enough for the bowl to be flown. which was free of paragliders.
In the evening at Selsley Gordon flew his Alan Head Rapport, the light lift just enough to keep it in the air. A perfect evening sat on the grass flying HLGs
Plenty of thermal lift on Minchinhampton Common, a little rough at times.

My Lazer 3D, a bit overpowered by a Hacker A20

Thursday at Rodborough, good lift for the bowl. The birds made lift spotting too easy. Andy's Calypso liked the conditions and avoided the difficult landing by using the football field.


Friday, Rodborough again, This was very good for a while with  regular thermals coming up from the valley, but spoilt when the wind went northeast. I went to Minchinhampton and got a few small thermal and one big one that took my Highlight to cloud base. Only three fliers perhaps many people suffer from paraskavedekatriaphobia

  1. Ken's Airbus
  2. John's Extra
  3. Ade's well trained highlight
Saturday, Summer has arrived early the warmest day this year and some great thermal lift at Rodborough. This got too easy so off to Minchinhampton for some flat field. Doug's Silent Dream went like a dream, fast climb, nice thermal turns, good glide, but tried to keep going when Doug landed.



John Caddick's Yak55

Brian's Extra

Mike's depron profile 3D

Bryan catching his Alula

Sunday, a good  power flying day on Minchinhampton common. Thermal lift built up mid morning and faded as a  light northeasterly breeze sprang up.
Selsley was good in the afternoon, a series of thermals until 4.00PM when the wind filled in from the west strong enough for Michael to fly his 1/4 scale Discus, that me throwing it

Stroud electric cooker repairs