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half scale Fox 

Minchinhampton common

This is owned by the National Trust.  They have given permission for electric launched gliders to be flown there, they will allow small park flyers to be flown there.  Powered models are not allowed.

There have been complaints from residents about noise.  This has come from models with IC engines and electric Zagi-type models and concerns about safety. The warden will be making visits and, if needed, enforcement notices will be issued against those who do not follow the rules.  The local Environmental Protection Officer is also now involved, and this could end up with us losing the facility altogether.

The following is from the NT web site,

Use of National Trust properties for non-powered model flying is acceptable, largely due to the establishment of licences between the Trust and local clubs.

In 1998 two precedent agreements were established between the Trust and the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) for affiliated and non-affiliated clubs.

Guiding principles

1. The National Trust welcomes non-powered model flying on its land, recognising that the activity seldom causes significant disturbance, provided particular care is taken with regard to other visitors, livestock and birds.

2. Licences based upon the precedent agreements prepared jointly by the National Trust and the BMFA will regulate this activity.

Possible impacts

  • Danger and disturbance to other visitors.
  • Disturbance to livestock and wildlife, particularly birds.
  • Parking congestion at some sites.
  • Creation of new paths to launching and landing points.
  • Visual intrusion.
Legislation, codes and agreements
The overall body in charge of airspace rules is the Civil Aviation Authority. Article 51 of the Air Navigation Order (1985) states that:

'A person shall not recklessly or negligently cause or permit an aircraft to endanger any person or property.'


This law covers all model flying, whatever the size or weight of the aircraft. The codes of conduct contained in the BMFA Members' Handbook have been developed in response to Article 51. Wherever model flying takes place these codes must be used. Models that are over 7kg are subject to further regulations.

Under sections 58 and 59 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974, local authorities or magistrates' courts may restrict or prohibit flying if the noise caused by the activity amounts to a statutory nuisance.

So please, no noisy models, and respect the other users of the common.


Malvern SA News 



We tried today to hold limbo comp. Unfortunately, the wind gods were against us, no wind. Therefore the comp has been postponed until next Sunday. Hopefully we will be able to fly the E-Soaring comp which is the next event on the calendar.
 malvern4.jpg (91676 bytes)  malvern5.jpg (89176 bytes)

Fish meadow is very soggy and under the bridge was flooded on Friday

bridge.jpg (83579 bytes)

Indoor Newsletter follows:

Hi Everyone,

A couple of new local contacts below, I've put the full list at the end so as not to clog up the newsletter:-

Leicester MAC hold meetings in the tennis dome at Market Harborough, fly mainly RC fixed and Heli but would welcome (sturdy!) FF too, the site is big enough for all.
Contact Matt Chamberlain at   mob. 07711 956617,
meetings listed in the BMFA mag.

Malvern Soaring Association fly indoors at The Elms School, Colwall, Herefordshire in an indoor tennis court with a sub-8 metre ceiling, where 2 ratified National FF records have been set. Contact

Also this from Mike Woodhouse of Free Flight Supplies, always plenty of interesting things on his website:-

Thanks for the newsletter. You are certainly getting things organised. Take a look at the link that I've included below. I've been posting this schedule on my web site in an effort to keep those in the local area in touch with what is happening. The list gives both indoor and outdoor events as well as all the contacts. I keep things updated as best I can. 

I've been a bit ashamed of my torque meter recently, it's quite accuratebut looks scruffy and does bind a bit at low torque. I'm not an engineer so a low tech. solution was required. I looked at what everyone else has and the results are encouraging - hopefully I'll be able to publish more details next time when it's proved reliable.

My thanks to Rodney O'Neill from N. Ireland who has let me have several interesting articles that I can publish over the coming newsletters, nothing especially new - but there is always something to learn at this
game! I've attached three of them. If there are any subjects that you would like covering in short articles
then please let me know and I'll see what can be done - of course if you have any such articles of general interest that you don't mind sharing they would be welcome too!

Rodney also tells me that he has a spare, virtually new, Harlan rubber stripper that he is prepared to sell.
Contact him with your offers on  02891 872380.

BMFA NW Gala Report - from Dave Whitehouse.

The inaugural BMFA NW Free Flight Gala was held at the Velodrome in Manchester on the 18th February.
The gala was a combined indoor scale and duration competition which attracted 16 competitors in total.
The Gala  was a collaboration run by the ITC and Scale TC with the NW Area BMFA sponsoring the event.
Classes were flown for F1D, F1L, F1M, Penny Plane, Legal Eagle and No-Cal
for duration and Peanut, Pistachio and Open in scale. 
The results are shown in the attached spread sheet and the scale side of
the competition has recently been reported in AMI.
The prize for each of the  Class winners was a pack of indoor balsa from Mark and Derek's new "" venture,
With second place getting a small aircraft painting courtesy of the Scale TC.
The event was deemed a great success by all who attended and it is hope that it will be repeated next winter season.

World Champs preps.

Mark Benns has been able to arrange a few dates for flying at Werrington
so that the World Champs Snr and Junior teams can get together for some
practise, very useful as it has a large floor area.

Take a look at these YouTube videos he's made from a small camera mounted
on a steering pole.

Indoor Nationals.

The dates are now confirmed for the 15th,16th,17th June, the venue is
Boulby once more, thanks to Cleveland Potash.
I'm attaching the entry forms which need to be with the BMFA by 25th May.If you have not entered a Nationals event before I can assure you that it is not just for the experts, in fact most events have a relatively small
number of entries and there is plenty of space for all. It is a terrific opportunity not only to see the best fly but also to give your models some great air time under a 50' roof. You'll find that everyone is approachable (well, as long as they're not putting the last few turns on a motor!!) and again its a great opportunity to ask questions where people can actually
show you how things are done.

If you are attending we are making arrangements to have dinner together on the Saturday evening at a local golf club, it would be lovely to have as many as possible attend - obviously we'll circulate the details to the entrants we know of but if you do wish to attend then let me know as soon as possible please via e:mail.

Just in case you are thinking of building a Legal Eagle for the Challenge
event here's a reminder of the rules from Dave Whitehouse:-

This is an American formula the rules are set out below, but essentially the model, which can be any design, must fit on an American Legal sheet of paper which is half way between A4 and A3.  The rules are kept simple in
that the smallest piece of wood that can be use is 1/16 square; this effectively regulates the weight of the model.  As it's an indoor model there is no need to add weight with dope, just cover with good quality lightweight tissue which is as non porous as possible. This will help to improve the flight times.  A target weight is 4 to 6 grams which may seem
very light to an RC modeller, but with careful wood selection is quite possible.  Wooden or plastic props can be used; we have found that Ikara Butterfly props work well, if you're uneasy about making your own to start
with.  Keep tail end as light as possible to prevent need for nose ballast. Pre-shrink the tissue, or surfaces may warp badly.

Legal Eagle Rules
1. Drawing must fit on one side of one sheet of legal size (8-1/2" x 14")
2. No component parts drawing may be superimposed or overlap another and
must clear one another and the edge of the paper by at least 1/8 inch.
3. Wing(s) and stabilizer must be drawn full span, tip to tip and fuselage
drawn in its full length from nose through tail in one piece.
4. Fin(s) may be drawn where space allows and not necessarily attached to
the side view.
5. Landing gear must be drawn in its place on the side view showing its
full length.
6. No top or front view is required.
7. Drawing must be presented to C.D. on demand.
1. Smallest wood size to be 1/16 inch square except for propeller.
2. Fuselage measured to its outside surface must contain a space 1" x 1.5"
x 3".
3. Fuselage must have a cabin or open cockpit with a raised windshield of at least 30 degrees of clear or translucent material. Cockpit must be actually open, with a headrest or canopy.
4. Flight surfaces- leading and trailing edges must not be parallel to each other.
5. Tip outlines must have no straight lines except for stabilizer where a twin fin is used.
6. If twin fins, or two wings are used in the design, parts may be built in duplicate over the same drawing.
7. Jap tissue required on all non-sheeted, open framework surfaces except for fuselage surfaces covered by a flying surface directly attached to the fuselage and areas involved in an open cockpit or minimum access area to
the motor. No ultra light film covering to be used, unless used for windshield or windows. Flight surfaces may be single or double covered.
8. Landing gear must use at least one 1 inch diameter wood wheel.
9. Use of motor stick(s) or tube(s) O.K. and if used, must be shown on the side view in one continuous length in the proper position.
1. Models must R.O.G. from floor.
2. The results of the challenge competition shall be the combined best 2 flights over the season.

BMFA Indoor Website - I've been able to update the content of these web pages. Since the data is pretty static and not interactive I've aimed this at potential newcomers to the indoor scene but hope to be able to add
further items of interest from time to time. I shall be looking at creating a more dynamic web site when more time prevails in Autumn.

BMFA Forum reports - indoor articles.

Thanks to Martin Dilly for creating an extract of indoor related articles from the wealth of material published annually in the BMFA Forum reports.
These are available from Tony Hebb at a cost of 10 plus postage, proceeds after production costs to the Indoor Technical Committee development fund.

The articles cover:-

The Pleasures of Indoor Model Flying by the late, great Laurie Barr

Design and Construction of Indoor Model Propellers - Bob Bailey

An Indoor Initiation by F1D - Mark Benns/Nick Aikman

Rubber Motor Testing for Indoor Duration Models - Clive King

Variable Pitch Propellers for Indoor Models - Bob Bailey

Construction and Flying of Indoor Duration Models - Clive King

Indoor Wood Selection - Bob Bailey

Balsa for Indoor Models - Mark Benns

........ so worth every penny and much more convenient than having to buy
each complete forum report.

Events Diary - see also event organisers at end of this newsletter.

5th May Sheffield, contact Neil Stewart at

5th May Potters Bar. FF and small electric. Contact Mike Quille 0208500

5th May and 19th North East. FF. Contact Allan Weighell on

26th May Tonbridge Gassers and Rubber Fanciers. Contact Stuart Taylor on
07956 066463

13th May Towcester Leisure Centre. 10:00 x 17:00. Lightweight FF. Contact
John Shaw 01993 881350

20th May Werrington. 10:00 x 17:00.Lightweight FF. Contact Mark Benns
01733 755733

2nd June Sheffield, contact Neil as above.

10th June Towcester Leisure Centre, contact John Shaw, details as above.

15th, 16th and 17th June Boulby, Cleveland, Indoor Nationals All Classes.
               Details published in the BMFA magazine and entry forms
attached. Contact Allan Weighell at

5th to 7th August  Belgrade, Serbia, DORCOL Cup events. Contact Tony Hebb
for further information.

8th to 12th August Belgrade.  F1D World Championships.

25th September and every month thereafter, Bournemouth MAS. Contact Roy
Tiller at roy.tiller@ntlworld

If you would like your event listed then let me have some brief details.

All for now,  enjoy summer and maybe see you at the Nationals where the air is going to be fantastic this year, trust me, even though I'm not a doctor!!

By the way I'm just about to build new wings and tails for my 35cm model here ultimate lightness is essential (John Tipper's old Tandem model weighed in at just 275mg!!), if anyone has a little YK2-2 film (is that  the correct designation?) out there that they might be pursuaded to part with I would be very grateful

New Zealand was absolutely fantastic, didn't manage to contact any indoor flyers but found a great new site, unfortunately it's Napier Cathedral!!

Best wishes,       Tony

We have currently identified the following list of local flying groups, a contact point, and hopefully what types of models are flown at their meetings. Please contact the organiser and pop along, have a chat and see what's happening.

North East - Allan Weighell - Legal Eagle, Gyminnie Cricket, scale, F1L

North West - Dave Whitehouse - Legal Eagle, Gyminnie Cricket, scale, F1L

Yorkshire, Sheffield - Neil Stewart - Sport flying

North Kent , Medway - Phil Fearn - Sport flying

Cambridge, Impington - Chris Strachan General sport flying

Stevenage - Bob Bailey - Light duration - only occasional meetings

North London - Potters Bar meetings - fun fly and small electric

Ipswich - Tony Merrit, general flying

South East, Crawley - general sport flying

Wallingford - OFMAC- heavier classes, general flying

Towcester - John Shaw - Light Duration - regular monthly meetings

South, Bournemouth  - Roy Tiller, general flying

South West, Okehampton - Andrew Bourne - FF and small RC

South West, Truro - Dave Powis, sport flying

Northern Ireland - Rodney O'Neill - mainly duration  - F1M, F1L, MS

May Sunday 13th E Soaring 2 − Mass Launch, start 10:30 am Upton − Fish Meadow
May Sunday 20th Slope 2 − X− country, start 10:30 am Malverns − Table Hill area

Cotswold slopers
Photo page updated 14/04/2012 

the slide show is one short Slide show wait for images to load

Cotswold Slopers compass
 Click for larger image


Gloucester MFC News

Sunday 3rd June the theme will be Warbirds any type from any era that has seen military service.

See Blog 


We are holding another foamy (ie soft leading edge and fuselage ) pylon race on Sunday 13th May, 9:30am for a 10 o'clock start, on the windward slope on the day.  We need flyers and helpers please to make the flagging more manageable. We had a great turn out in January so please turn up and support your club again.

Non Members welcome
On 13th May my mobile will be switched on from about 8:15am ie. when I get out to the windward slope if anybody wants to know which slope we are going to be on. 07790679940.

Bryan Tucker
(For and on behalf of SCSA)

An evening of full sized glider flying will be arranged with reduced rates, this will take place in May or June
Please let Bryan know if you wish to take part, 

Next Club Meeting
The next Club meeting is on Wed 16th May 7.00PM,  a club flying session and fun comp, on the slope if  windy or Minchinhampton Common if the wind is light. This will be published here at 6.00PM on   Monday 14th

Slope Flying  


I flew my AVA on Minch in the evening, the lift was very weak, no SDH problems

Smooth slope lift on Selsley, Pete flew his charisma, Mick a Weasel and me my Old Pro



I took my chances at Leckhampton today. The furthest right side slope, I parked at the bottom of the hill on the Cotswolds Way. It was quite a long muddy walk and I met two of the Cheltenham regulars flying their 'Things'.
The lift was middling to amazing, made a lot of height with my Blaze and converted into some fun time.
I also flew my mini-ferret and the Hilla. I found the safest landing was to approach from low in front of the slope and at the top turn into wind over a gorse bush and just push down. ;D
Same again tomorrow? I think I'll use the regular car park though, and the longer but easier walk.


Rodborough was disappointing.  I had a lonely hour's Alula chucking fun this afternoon on the SE slope, although the wind was all over the place, what there was of it.  Every third chuck I hit a stonking thermal, then the inevitable Monty Python foot and a walk down the hill and back.  Shoulder and legs ache now.  Those that did non-flying things probably made the right choice.


I flew at Malvern there was some some strong thermal lift

I timed the climb from Westminster bank to north hill, A fitter younger person may be able to do it in 10 minutes

mal-climb1.jpg (131101 bytes)

More photos at;O=D 


For sale 

Newly listed items 

 Schulze 35 MHz FM receivers. Ultimate bi-plane, blendern tape, MVVS Petrol 26cc, RCV 91 4 stroke , OS 72 4 stroke, TX 2.4ghz,    Laser 100 4 stroke. Laser 70 4 stroke, Irvine 61 (Red head) 2 stroke  SC 180 AR 2 stroke. servo plug crimp pliers, 35 meg Receivers,, ,  325mm heli blades,   Crystals

 For Sale Page 

Some Events 

Join us on May 12th-13th 2012

Welcome to Warwickshire's premier aeromodeller show!

Long Marston Model Air Show 2012 will take place on the weekend of May 12th - 13th and will be bigger and better than ever before.

With reduced tickets prices, free camping and family attractions, the show will be an event for all of the family. We will of course have our favourite show pilots and traders supporting us (thank you to you all) and the usual entertaining and informative commentary from Dave Bishop.


12 & 13th May   Long Marsdon airshow

Saturday May 19th  Blackbushe model Airshow

Also BARCS League Event. Hawling, Nr Cheltenham, Glos. Contact Martin Bell on or Mike Proctor on or see

May 12-13 Model Air Mayfly  Weekend at Old Warden.

All Models Welcome, Especially Vintage and Electric. Ebenezer Mass Launch. Dave Boddington Memorial Trophy. R/C under 10 kg. Camping and Trade. Old Warden, Nr Biggleswade. Contact Mike Reynolds on 07775 662955 or see

May 12-13 Old Warden C/L Aerobatics Events

Sat-SAM35 Events. Sun Norman Winter F2B Memorial, Profile, Beginner and Expert. At Modelair Mayfly Weekend. Contact Tony Goodger on 01689 822683 or Paul Winter on 0208 958 6731

May 12-13 Old Warden C/L Carrier Deck

Basic Carrier Deck Plus Training. At Model Air Mayfly  Weekend. Old Warden, Nr Biggleswade. Contact Andy Housden on 0208 541 0186 or Carrier UK at 


May 13th South Devon Glider Day

Dartmoor SS Club. On Site Winch, Bungee and Aerotow.  Little Haldon Airfield, Nr Teignmouth, South Devon, off B3192. Contact Joe Spires on 01626 834014 or Stan Yeo on 01626 332287

Inc. SAM 35 Vintage Power Duration. Middle Wallop, Nr Andover. Contact Bill Longley on 01258 488833 or

May 19th          Blackbushe Model Air Show  Blackbushe

RCMF EVENT LIST,87486.0.html