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Many of you may think indoor flying is not for you, I thought the same way, The first time I flew indoors I had a struggle, but I returned a fortnight later with another model determined to do better. Now into my second season I still can't fly an aerobatic pattern, a  loop, roll, stall turn and bit of a prop hang is all I can manage.
What to fly? The depron flying wing, is very quick to make or the Carbon fibre mini IFO, the Icuras type Edge/Yak takes a bit longer to make, all are easy to fly, but challenging in the small sports hall at the school. The Kyosho Cessna would be a good way to start, it flies slowly turns tightly and is very easy to handle indoors due to its small size
There is a video on Youtube of our last session at Video clip compilation  I have not edited out the crashes this time, some unkind person has zoomed in on my crashed Yak after I tried to go from inverted to prop hang.
Scale, free flight and control line are also flown, please come as a spectator if you are unsure about flying, see the models and talk to the pilots.

Next indoor Flying
Venue the main sports hall Chosen Hill School, Brookfield Road, Churchdown, Glos. GL3 2PL.   Saturdays 6.00pm until 8.00pm.  

Next meeting Saturday 1st December.6.00 till 8.00 PM
Also 15th and 29th December 

Notice of Annual General meeting. Gloucester MFC



The Annual General meeting of the Gloucester Model Flying Club, will be held at The Brunswick, 7 Park Road, Gloucester GL1 1LH on Tuesday the 11th of December at 8.00 pm.


Agenda and other info will be posted on the club website  over the next couple of weeks. I will be sending an agenda out as a mail shot to all members first week of December.


If you have any items you wish to be on the agenda please let me have them by the end of November. Preferably by e.mail as I will out of the country until the end of the month but will have internet access, texts or phone calls to mobile donít bother me but can be expensive for you.


Items not on the agenda will be discussed at the AGM but probably not voted on.


Chris Bishop



Mike Womersley's dog chasing a free flight model on Minchinhampton common  added17/11/07 In QuickTime video format 
or Google video 





SCSA club meeting 12th December 8.00PM at the Bear Rodborough. AGM and Quiz,  we will need to elect a new chairman and secretary . 
Please note this will be the second Wednesday, not the third


Indoor Flying at Bristol  Grammar School  post code BS8 1SR map
 starts 21st September 8-30 to 10PM every week with one missing, please check

BMFA event list for November 

Radio repairs 

Services offered:

  • Servicing and repair of all radio makes
  • Service/repair of ancillary equipment such as servos, speed controllers, etc.
  • Mode changing (can be carried out on radios not intended for conversion by the end user, Futaba Skysport and many earlier radios)
  • Tri stick conversions for those with disabilities
  • Buddy box conversions (can be fitted to those radios not normally equipped with this facility eg. JR max and Futaba Challenger)


The club auction took place Wed 21st Nov. Sales were well down on previous years, £293  against £800 last year. This added £30 to the club funds.

Our auctioneer Doug  did a fist class job, seen here selling Mike's 3 metre slope model; the only thing not sold was the painting of the fallen Madonna on the wall, which did not reach it's reserve

The week last week
Thursday Frocester, steady lift, only three fliers 
Friday at Selsley, a clear blue sky, 4 flier

We need a more verbose reporter

Sunday at Selsley, a good session with moderate lift on the west facing slope. Bryan's ASW27 went well.
I flew my Pegase with a video camera on the wing, it did not fly well like flying with one brake out, see video clip, sorry about the quality, I forgot to use manual focus and exposure, also two lots of compression and conversion have not helped. I hope to be able to load videos to our web site when we find some bandwidth

For more photos go to the pages have been added to since last week