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Video from Chris Bishop  Depron Man The Movie, a collection of clips from the Indoor sessions at Chosen Hill school, this is loaded to Utube, we hope to see a higher resolution version later, Utube link Have a look, a lot of work has gone into this Skunk Works production

April 14th West Mendip SA Open Glider Cross Country Event
Crook Peak, Nr Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset. Contact Graham Tolhurst on 07973 163490 or or see

 Next Club meeting 18th April
Puffin Models will be visiting the next club meeting on April 18th to show off his wares
Also the raffle prize has been purchased, it is a HVP Schandy of 1770mm span, aileron / elevator / rudder, can be built as pure glider or electric.

April - 21 or 22 at Siege Cross Farm. Aero tow contact Doug for help

18th-20th May 2007 G-VFWE 2007, now believed to be Europe's largest flying event for vintage & classic aircraft, will be held at Hullavington Airfield over . For details, please visit the new website at

For sale
Two Gliders for sale one is a Salto and the other is a HP18 both are Scale and have flaps the HP18 has a wing span of 156 no servos fitted and the Salto has a wing span of 145 no servos fitted I am selling the Salto for 175 and the HP18 for 230 both are as new

John Williams 01452 714701

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 The slopes at Selsley 

 We fly from near the arrow for SE and by the red square for ENE & east

looking at the contour map it is clear that the slope near the arrow faces  a little north of northwest. To the west of the church is a small bowl that we use to get lift when the wind is north. If the wind is north you are better off at Cam Long Down. 
The west slope looks good for west but if it goes slightly to the south it clips Penn woods making it hard to fly, a piece of wool would still show that the direction is OK but you will notice your model drops suddenly as the wind rolls over the woods. If you look at wind turbine it will be turning anti clockwise and you should be at Frocester. The bowl to the left of the slope is good for thermals, I have only landed out once while searching for lift below the trees. 

This site can very smooth if the wind comes straight down the valley from Brimscombe (southeast) but any other direction can be very lumpy. I like this site when the wind is  light, the valley below releases a series of thermals, but it needs a  courage to fly out beyond the trees to search for it. If the wind is near to northeast the trees to right of the slope can be a source of lift. If the wind goes south of southeast it comes over the trees and is unflyable


Peter's Electric profile

Ken's Cessna climbing steeply from take off

Thursday at Minchinhampton common, a very warm day, lots of electric models flown, Guy's Reichard and Andy's Pike found plenty of lift

Nick's 4 metre Alpina

Alan's Condor

Good Friday at Selsley, The wind was a little too far north coming over the Church at times but there was enough lift to fly and some thermal lift

Michael's Wright flyer, Peter wanted to chuck this canard backwards

 Ken's E-flight airliner, powered by two ducted fans, the nose wheels does not like long grass Bigger photo
 Saturday  at Minchinhampton warm with smooth thermals, who could ask for more

Easter Sunday at Frocester
A good morning of light winds with some  smooth thermals. Enough lift for 1/4 scale and Brian's Wanabee , the wind not getting above 10 MPH allowing HLGs to be flown. Mike flew his wing shown in the photo, made from Doug's broken Highlight

Easter Monday
Steady slope lift in the morning on the west facing slope. The afternoon was not so good, we spent some time trying to fly on the west slope  when the wind had gone north with mixed success. After changing slopes we all got some time in the air, with a few walks down the hill when the lift failed. There were plenty of thermals but  very lumpy.

Stroud cooker repair