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Club News
Tim has received the first batch of BMFA membership cards, please collect your card on the slope or at the next club meeting

Indoor Flying, details click here see map Gloucester Model flying club. Saturday 11th Feb 2007. 6.00pm until 8.00pm

 Feb 4th Telford Swapmeet
10 am on. War Memorial Club, Shifnal, Shropshire. Contact Graham Thomas on 01952 583960 or 07967 695384 or 

Indoor flying Video clip, uses Flash 


This was last years frequency use for Sunday mornings, brown indicates heavy use. The full list is at If you are a regular flyer and not  listed please email me and I will add your channel number. We have a verbal agreement with the various power flyers that we will not use odd numbered channels. The nearest power club is 1.5 KM away from Haresfield

Please don't buy 76 or 70

The servo gear from my Nyx, this is from a Hi-Tec HS 5125 digital servo. The gear train looks very strong, I am surprised the plastic servo arm did not break.
Stan Yeo supplied a new set of gears, ordered Monday afternoon, arrived Tuesday morning.
Guy has sent servos back for repair to
Amerang Limited

Lancing Business Park, Commerce Way
Lancing, West Sussex BN15 8TA
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 1903 765496 / 752866 or 07000 AMERANG Fax: +44 (0) 1903 765178 / 753643
The week last week
Monday sunny but cold on Selsley.

Tues and Wednesday, the wind was blowing from the north east

 Thursday, at Selsley the wind was coming over the church, a series of light thermals with marginal slope lift, enough for my Calypso and Tim's Sting,  Alan flew his DG600 lunchtime. The paragliders had a few hops but gave up early in the afternoon.
The photographer's shadow is in the photo, you can't get the staff these days
A dull afternoon but good lift. Andy had a bad day when the Futaba receiver fitted to his Calypso  packed up, luckily while it was on the ground. The breeze was a little too strong for my Pegase 

Saturday at Selsley, good lift all morning on the north slope, going light at lunch time and then filling in from the west in the afternoon.

Photo Mike's Orion

Sunday at Selsley, a very cold westerly wind but a good turnout. The lift was a little lumpy the wind just clipping the Penn Wood  trees. Peter flew his Calypso and my Nyx after he damaged his Calypso stalling down wind. Bryan's ASW27 went well and Mike did aerobatics with his Hercules


  1. Mike the web's Hercules
  2. John Bennett receiving the Boxing day pylon race trophy (nice hat)

Them indoors Saturday evening

Tim's helicopter landing on Brian's hand, a twin rotor easier to fly helicopter.

Another successful evening at Chosen Hill school. 6 of our members turned up for the 5th session. Chris had some success with his helicopter a single rotor jobby.
 I have fitted a centre of gravity to my toilet seat model and upgraded it to a micro brushless motor, it now flies well for flat sheet depron. 

Paul's Holy Cow wing belted round the room again bouncing off the walls, this got stuck in one the roof heaters, removed with Clive's pole. Paul's  model of the star ship Enterprise looked good but failed to fly.
Brian failed to get his models to fly, the walls got to them before he got them trimmed out and under control.
Clive's  normal size IFO did not want to fly

My  mini IFO  flies well but I have to sort out the undercarriage, the little CD rom motor fitted has a thrust  of 14 oz, way overpowered for a 4 oz model and needing a delicate touch on the throttle. It has a minor problem and does not like turning left at high angles of attack due to prop torque. If I make another I will fit a rudder.