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Please send photos in full resolution  as Jpegs with minimum compression and no adjustments, text is best with paragraphs but no carriage returns. Chris Bishop has one with a Corex rudder, his flies better than mine

Gordon asked us to take care on Selsley common, it is very slippery, Gordon fell and broke his leg in two places. We wish him a speedy recovery. 
Sorry more Depron again this week, my garden is too small for flying models with my skill level but I have an area of grass at my front gate and flat field very close. The more adept can fly these models in small rooms or from windows in flats by catching them.
The television program about the aerobatic nationals showed these top flyers flying a variety of models indoors in the evening. 
Park or indoor flying is the opposite end of spectrum to the scale flyer who spends many hours building and rarely flies.
Please lets have some articles about normal slope models for next week

Indoor Flying, details click here see map Gloucester Model flying club. Saturday 25th Feb 2007. 6.00pm until 8.00pm

 Indoor flying Video clip pylon race 

Feb 18th  North Staffs MAC Swapmeet and Fly In
Swapmeet 10am to 1pm, Fly-In 1pm to 6pm.  Willfield Neighborhood College, Stoke-on-Trent, ST2 0NQ. Contact Jim Pattison on 01782 335182 or Graham Evans on 01782 397143

March 16th  Three Shires MFC Swapmeet 7 pm on. Dudley & Kingswinford Rugby Club, DY6 0AW. Contact 07963 777841 or

Telephone: +44 (0) 1903 765496 / 752866 or 07000 AMERANG Fax: +44 (0) 1903 765178 / 753643

WANTED  60 ish Pylon racer type slope model, preferably with radio etc installed, not Zagi type. Just looking for something tidy I can use occasionally when I have the time 
Adrian Nelmes
Please reply to me Phil and I will forward mail 

Wing (any condition considered) for a SAS (Soar Ahead Sailplanes) Ace model.
Complete airframe also acceptable once again any condition considered.
Please phone Gordon Fraser on 01453 764761.

A rather poor photo of my new lightweight model. It is called Tension and was the free plan in the latest magazine. I have used a Komodo motor running a 8 x 4" propeller. Total ready to fly weight is 8ozs giving a wing loading of 2.8ozs/sq.ft.
Should be alright for light conditions.


Mini IFO (Indoor flying Object)
This design is about 8 years old, I have altered it to make it quick to build. It took about an hour to build with another hour of fiddling. This model  flew well with a brushed motor and Ni-cads, Li-polys and a Brushless improves it.
 The frame is made from 3mm carbon, the curved part rod and the straight parts tube. The long piece is bent round and the rear spar tied on and super glued. Two pieces of tube run up the middle separated to support the motor tube and servos. the front cross piece is fitted after the motor and prop are temporally fitted to allow room for the prop.


I covered it in pro film, Ripstop nylon would be more durable, elevons and fin are made from depron, the elevons are hinged using Diamond tape, six short pieces are joined in pairs sticky to sticky for about 0.25", then attached under and over to form a slop free joint. Servos are taped in place and connected to the elevons with Z bent wires.

 The motor is a 1300rpm/v  D2730 CD ROM type which can provide 420 grams of thrust, way over the top for a 4oz model. This motor weighs 20grams and is fitted with an 8 X 4 prop drawing 6 amps on full load. The motor will turn a 9 X 4.7 at 5,600 RPM taking it to its full load of 9 amps. Great value at 6 from revolution shop in Hong Kong. The prop saver won't be needed when I make a proper undercarriage .

 Some weight could be saved, the motor, controller and receiver are all too big, It has worked out that the battery is on the C of G, this is useful for using a variety of batteries, I haven't tried 3 cells yet. If you make one to take on holiday, make the fin removable so it will it go in a suitcase.
Very easy to fly, the wing loading is a little over 2oz per square foot making slow flying a doddle. I left the covering loose so that it forms an aerofoil, I don't know how much difference this makes. Nothing is unbreakable apart from a black box flight recorder ( why don't they make the whole aircraft out of the same stuff?) but you can't get much stronger than carbon fibre. The prop protection is great idea. I have damaged the prop by heavy landings bending my crude undercarriage and allowing the prop to hit the floor. Prop hanging is not good without a rudder, I will have a go at fitting one

This model is very happy indoors, able to withstand the odd meeting with the walls

Outside my house, the telephone cables cause problems, but a  great place for making modifications and test flights

Wingspan 24 inches
Length 17 inches including elevons
Weight 4 oz no battery
Fin 6 x 5 triangle 3mm depron
Elevons 1.75 inches  3mm depron
C of G -  4 inches back from leading edge

Motor 20 gram 1300 rpm per volt CD ROM type
Battery 300 to 700 ma 2 cell
Speed Controller 25 amp melody
Receiver E-sky 6 channel
Servos 5 gram cheap ones
Prop 8 x 4 GWS with prop saver


 Monday, very little wind, I went for quick electric fly on Minch, Tuesday a fickle breeze but good thermal lift. Wednesday Poor lift - good park flying weather. Thursday and Friday I gave it a miss apart from a quick wiz round outside my house

Saturday at Chosen Hill school 
Not such a good turnout, only three members of our Club; Chris has made good progress with his helicopter flying and Steve hit the wall again. CB out flew me with his Extra, a better plane and better pilot. The controls on CB's Extra are very precise, on my Home Brews all the controls are sloppy and I used 3 servos.
 My IFO does not want to turn against the prop near the stall, looks like I will have to fit a rudder. The little toilet seat went well although the 6 x 3 prop has a little too much pitch for indoors 

My depron home brew in ghastly white 

 Paul's Holy Cow caused concern again, it is a bit heavy and fast for indoors, before flying with Paul you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? His Christian Eagle did not survive the heavy arrival and the boom on helicopter broke when it hit the wall. I had two midairs with Chris's Crash ( give a dog a bad name?), knocking a couple of chunks out of it, Chris used foam safe super glue making the mends invisible.  CB had put a lot of effort into frequency control and flying slots but nothing can be done about pilot error. It might seem silly flying indoors but it is great fun, come along in fortnights time you might enjoy it.


Peter's VoltiJ

Wendywindblows shows SW wind @ 18mph.
Arrive on Frocesters - wind SSW 10mph. rain/drizzle
Travel to Hairsfields small slope which is flyable for about half an hour then wind falls light & veers off to the west.
Back to Frocesters - light wind is WSW about 10 mph - trying to fly in the boule (spelling!) with fog coming up the slope.
Decide to clear up & go home about 11.30 - wind increasing, fog clears & turns into a sunny afternoon. Ah well, next week !?!