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From Alan. Hitler has lost his model and is not pleased 

Movie quote 

Max Bialystock: That's exactly why we want to produce this play. To show the world the true Hitler, the Hitler you loved, the Hitler you knew, the Hitler with a song in his heart.

Spektrum charging sockets have the negative in the centre, I kept blowing the fuse on mine, I have now changed the positive and negative over and added a diode.
I can charge it from the fag lighter in my van, the lead has a torch bulb fitted to limit the current to 700Ma 

Radio Glide

Radioglide was again affected by the weather, although we did enjoy 3 full days flying out of the four offered by the extended bank holiday. This was slightly frustrating because the normal time for the event, end of May weekend enjoyed beautiful weather. However this year the bank holiday moved back a week so we, along with much of the rest of the Nation, suffered a very wet Sunday, forcing the cancellation of the Multi-launch event. This was unfortunate as it removed an opportunity to see how the electric launched gliders (now with a 150 meter height limiter cut off) performed relative to the winch launched pure gliders.
After the delayed start for ELG, good air was to be found and most slots flew out the ten minutes. Indeed almost uniquely for an ELG competition there were no re-launches whatever during the event. The entry was very low for a national status competition however the standard of flying was high – the winner Cliff Hannam returning a perfect score of 6000 closely followed by Peter Allen who might also have achieved a 6000 score if he had not, by mistake, touched his motor control on final approach so turning that flight into a zero score. 

All “Open Class” ELG entrants flew moulded models, Pike Perfects being much in evidence, used by the many of the competitors, including Cliff Hannam, with Storks, Supras and Pulsars in evidence. 
The shared field (with F3K) worked without any problems.”

Turnigy 9X
A sophisticated computer radio with telemetry for $53 - too good to be true!  -  well it is a little, a bit like a budget airline where they where they charge for use of the boarding staircase and toilets.
Futaba do a 14mz that has the about same functions at about $2000 and has a much better screen 
and Multiplex Royal Pro 9 2.4GHz M-LINK at about £400

I had a FRSky telemetry module fitted, back light, and open9x software installed, it also comes without a battery and a rubbish battery holder

There is no instruction manual in English but I eventually got my elderly analogue brain round the programming, it's all done with short or long pushes on the buttons.

The telemetry configuration is big improvement over the FrSky software, very easy to set up the alarms.
If you multiply the vario voltage and off set it, it should read out climb or decent rate in either feet per second or   m/s
Software developers will be writing better programs for this TX with the addition of a socket soldered to the board  new software or bug fixes can be installed the next stage may be a talking board

The telemetry info can be used to control the mixes, so the height reading could be used to reduce throttle, using the GPS coordinates to control outputs would be too much for me, but the Quadro copter guys may be able to use it

There are many functions that are not normally  available, like the ability to calibrated the TX battery and set the low voltage alarm 

This is a video of me setting up one aileron for a glider I can not push the keys and talk at the same time, remember to 'err' is human and I do a lot of that.
Differential is needed for glider ailerons and offset for moulded wings, 5 flight modes are used for f3J gliders.
When I do the next model I will try the flight modes adding or subtracting from the default flight mode

This would need a mirror image for the other aileron and duplicated with less throw for the flaps. Crow would need another 5 mixes, or another set of mixes in  a different flight mode

turnigy.jpg (113936 bytes)

turnigy-screen.jpg (198514 bytes)

More on this TX when I have used it a few times, I will also get price for the mods needed, 

Malvern SA News 

MSA magazine June 



This event was brought forward a week to 10th June. This was a good decision as the predicted the wind speed on the day was less than 5mph.

The E-Soaring comp was to BARCS rules and the 10 competitors, a record for this event, were split into 2 groups.

Two rounds were flown by each group and the top two of each group went through to the fly off plus the next highest placing. A further two rounds in each group were flown to sort out the final order.

Thermal activity was to be had throughout the comp and all rounds flown had at least one flyer recording 9mins 50+ secs in the 10min slot plus the spot landing.

Position Name Points
1st Steve Hannon 100
2nd Phil Hayward  90
3rd Mike Grantham  80
4th Geoff Carter  70
5th John Freeman  65
6th Malcolm White  60
7th Mike Hurley  55
8th Barry O'Hara  50
9th Paul Stubley  45
10th Steve Pearse  40

  photos: not the expensive plastic

  _e3-malverb3.jpg (97572 bytes)  _e3-malverb9.jpg (101705 bytes)

More photos at  starts with '_e';O=D 

June Sunday 24th Slope 3 − Limbo, start 10:30 am Malverns − Table Hill area
July Sunday 8th Thermal 4 − Regressive Times, start 10:30 am Upton − Fish Meadow

Mega lift was reported from the field yesterday

Cotswold slopers

Links added to compass 

Picture viewer completed 

or slide show 

new photos at 

The flat field duration local record stands at 1 hour 9 minutes for this year by Sqeela with his Electric Shadow. on Minchinhampton common from 150 metre launch.
My AVA did a longer flight but was flown by 4 people 

This is for hand launched, bungee or one short motor run on a flat field without the use of slope lift

The local height record for this year is held by Chris Bishop 1800 feet attained at Gloucester  MFC 03/06/12

Cotswold Slopers compass
 Click for larger image


Gloucester MFC News

Saturday 23rd - Sunday 24th June Midsummer BBQ and Fly in.
Overnight camping and night flying (quiet models only please).
Saturday evening fun fly competitions.

Members page updated 

Radio glide HLG Report from Tony Hickson, 

See Blog later for more photos


An evening of full sized glider flying will be arranged with reduced rates, this will take place in May or June
Please let Bryan know if you wish to take part, 

Club Meeting 
The next Club meeting is on Wed 20thJune 7.00PM,  a club flying session and fun event, limbo on the slope if  windy or glider golf on Minchinhampton Common if the wind is light. A decision on the venue will be made 6.00PM 18th June and  published On the SCSA web sight at 6.00PM on  Monday 18th  

Non Members welcome 

Slope Flying  


  A day without rain, but not a lot of lift. I flew on Minchinhampton and failed to get much height and no long flights

John's home brew park flyer, the mirror finish was not a good idea it disappears

john-minch.jpg (83273 bytes)


My Ava flight in the morning on Minch, not very good as the lift was huge, i should have dotted it

ava-minch-13-06-12.jpg (144972 bytes)

Wednesday afternoon at Haresfield....

Guy, Phil, Pete, Tim, Mick and Tom visiting,,,

We started off on the small bowl which worked fine but it was evident that the lift was stronger along the ridge, so we moved there. The lift was smooth and great in a nice 10mph breeze. Haresfield at it's best!

Even the famous rotor was tucked behind the brow of the hill.

It's always nice to welcome visitors and Tom had a big grin by the end of the day. We hope to see him again soon!


mick-weasel.jpg (85478 bytes)   tom-haresfield.jpg (130765 bytes)


A strong breeze coming down the valley, this usually give smooth lift but today it very rough

 A strong breeze at Haresfield, I tried launching an untrimmed wild thing and ended up a tree
Photos: Peter's m60

        pete-m60-haresfield.jpg (164011 bytes)  pete-m60-haresfield4.jpg (96488 bytes)
  A very strong wind on Haresfield, my Wild Thing was livid when I threw it into a gale, it's a bit light but did cope  


10 MPH on Frocester, perfect, good turnout 

 Frocester was good this morning (Sunday).  the wind was varying between SW and W  so landings were sometimes awkward.  One attempt and the lift is on the  W  slope, second attempt the same, so you dive down to lose some height and the third time the lift has gone and you end up half way down the hill.
I took the ½lb of ballast out of the Bluto after the first flight, but it went OK after that.  Phil was distracting everyone by skimming the foliage and making crashing noises then resuming flying - practising for the limbo comp.


air-macci.jpg (99169 bytes)   fast-back-froster2.jpg (103051 bytes)

pete-ash2.jpg (83114 bytes)   pete-ash.jpg (83984 bytes)

More photos at;O=D 

For sale 

Newly listed items 

2.4GHz 4CH Micro Receiver( V8R4)
new in Box

FrSky lightweight receiver is. Weighing in at a scant 2.6 grams, FrSky V8R4 with 2.4GHz ACCST technology.
Receiver specifications:

Operating Voltage Range: 4.8V-6V
Operating Current: ≤30mA
Specified Range: ≥500m
Weight: 2.6 g
Latency: 22ms
Number of Channels: 4CH
High-precision: 3072, error: ±1
Easy operation: Easy to bind, intuitive status
ACCST Technology

This RX is OK for small gliders at 500 metres a small models is just a dot
V8R41.jpg (14640 bytes)


Dual conversion:
4 quantity, 8−channel receivers, £8 each
2 quantity, 6−channel mini receivers, £8 each
5 quantity, dual conversion channel, 79 Rx crystals £1 each
1 quantity, dual conversion channel, 79 Tx crystal £1

Single conversion:
1 quantity, 4−channel receiver, £5
2 quantity, 6−channel mini receivers, £8 each
4 quantity, single conversion channel, 79 RX crysals £1 each

All in good condition. All the Hitec Rx's work on Futaba 35 Mhz systems, at least that what it states on the boxes.

Barry O'Hara, tel: 01905 421264, mobile: 07789355816, email:

Superb 1/3 Scale Cessna L19 Birdog model (AS NEW!!!!) Rosenthal Kit, WingSpan 3.60m length 2.70m, weight 25.7Kg ( has a valid exemption certificate for 2.4gHz)
Equipped with all top of the range HS Metal gear & Digital servos, Dual Futaba RX in 2.4, SM services BuddyBox redundancy system, 3 Nicad Sanyo 3000 mH + 2 Nicad Sanyo 3000mH.
Engine: 3W 150 PM with Krumschied K80 mufflers, 32x10 carbon prop, landing light and loads of scale details such as true scale dashboard etc..
Wings and stab are in 2 parts and have separate wing and stab-insulating covers.

Has only flown less than a dozen of times and reason for selling is to get cash ASAP for the 1/2 scale project ASAP

More Pictures and information upon request

SEND OFFERS To or CALL Etienne 07766652508  (the kit only was over £1400!!). If you are on FUTABA, bring your TX and I will download the program for you, if you are on something else I will help you to set it up anyway and will take the RX's out with a discount accordingly.
Should you like to have the plane without radio all together, we can negotiate, although I do not believe that that taking the servos out is a sensible option at ALL, therefore I can remove the Redundancy system+Receivers+Batteries to get to a lowers package if needed.

 SEND OFFERS To or CALL Etienne 07766652508  (the kit only was over £1400!!). If you are on FUTABA, bring your TX and I will download the program for you, if you are on something else I will help you to set it up anyway and will take the RX's out with a discount accordingly.
Should you like to have the plane without radio all together, we can negotiate, although I do not believe that that taking the servos out is a sensible option at ALL, therefore I can remove the Redundancy system+Receivers+Batteries to get to a lowers package if needed.  

Futaba CGY750 Flybarless Control Gyro

Brand new in the box, never used. £160
Contact Tony 07825 264729

Align 600 Carbon Fibre Blades 3G/Flybarless

Brand new in the box, never used. £35
Contact Tony 07825 264729

Align 550/600 Flybarless Head

Brand new in the box, never used. £55
Contact Tony 07825 264729

Align T-Rex 250SE

Align motor, ESC, servos and gyro all as per original Align combo.
Plastic main blades fitted, spare set of unused carbon blades. A few other spares.
4 Align 850mAh lipo batteries. Tired but still useable.
Canopy a bit scratched and a few splits.
Align aluminium carry case.
Note, receiver shown in photo not included.
Contact Tony 07825 264729

 Schulze 35 MHz FM receivers. Ultimate bi-plane, blendern tape, Protech Megastar, MVVS Petrol 26cc, RCV 91 4 stroke , OS 72 4 stroke, TX 2.4ghz,    Laser 100 4 stroke. Laser 70 4 stroke, Irvine 61 (Red head) 2 stroke  SC 180 AR 2 stroke. servo plug crimp pliers, 35 meg Receivers,, ,  325mm heli blades,   Crystals

 For Sale Page 

Some Events 


Sat-SAM35 Events. Sun – Norman Winter F2B Memorial, Profile, Beginner and Expert. At Modelair Mayfly Weekend. Contact Tony Goodger on 01689 822683 or Paul Winter on 0208 958 6731

Inc. SAM 35 Vintage Power Duration. Middle Wallop, Nr Andover. Contact Bill Longley on 01258 488833 or

RCMF EVENT LIST,87486.0.html