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Dialup, please let me know if you are using dialup, also the largest size of mail you are happy to receive 

Lipo batteries
If you have not used yours for a while check the voltage, if it is less than about 3.8 volts per cell give them a charge.
see for information

Monday 27th Close Encounters, Mars will be only 56 million miles away. Hoax emails suggest it will be are bright as the moon, you should be able to see it at midnight by looking south, red in colour and brighter than the stars


Intelligent Frequency Select: (IFS)


An international development team consisting of specialists in software and hardware has invested several years of development time in creating

this new system, and has subjected it to a comprehensive test programme. The examinations included resistance to shock, fall and vibration as well as extensive dust and temperature tests. The investigations confirmed the superiority of the concept, and the result is the superb new Graupner IFS system 


Or a new supplier of 2.4 GHz modules at 5 mile range for those with super sight


I should have mentioned Puffin models in the Woodspring bit last week, John supplied many of the models flown and lent his models to air-aces for aerobatics, he also gave details and explained the power train setups on many of the models. 


Avro Anson
Septembers RCMW takes a look at this classic RAF trainer/ reconnaissance aircraft in model form built by Sid King


last week I had a link to Etienne's Duodiscus wrong, the in flight photo is at 


F3J European Championship  19th - 26th August this can be followed at 

Thanks to long-term experience of organizing of the World Cup and serial competitions of the Slovakia Championship in F3J cat., we can guarantee nice weather in august. Temperature about 25C - 35C.

Editor again
 And I bet the beers cheaper

Uncle Sydney's Gossip column 

Much Marcle 1st-2nd September
A great show with donations of the funds made given to local charities. A great way to end the show flying year. Sponsored by Herefordshire MAC at their flying field just off the A449. A map and accommodation details are available here. postcode HR8 2LX  Multimap 

Model Flying Week at Berrow. Models of jets,
helicopters and World War One planes.
Come along to Brean Leisure Park to experience the Model Flyers Special Week between Saturday 1st to the Saturday 8th September 2007.

More info at 

Once again in th includes:
Pilots Briefing, Pilots welcome (including punch), Bring & Buy Sale, and on Thursday 6th September a three course meal held at the Tavern for just 12.50 per head.

Spot the error
Once again in this annual event you will find both flying on the beach, on grass strips at Brean Leisure park, and slope souring on Brean Down, plus a whole host of things going on all week.


Indoor Flying at Bristol  Grammar School  post code BS8 1SR map
 starts 21st September 8-30 to 10PM

September  8th -9th BMFA Slope Racing League 5

Saturday 60 EPP. Sunday F3F. Whitesheet, Wiltshire. Pre Entry by Wed pm. Contact (60) Paul Wright on 01344 457793 or or (F3F) Andy Ellison on 07968 817656 or or see


14th October  West Mendip Soaring  cross country WMSA  




Thermal flying still takes place , though most of our club members have lost interest, A group of fliers former members of our club formed CATS and rent a field for flat field flying. I had an enjoyable afternoon there winching up my Charisma. The models used are lighter than slope models about 2KG wuth a wingspan just over 3 meteres, they are  very strong to handle the winch launch  putting loads of 150lb on the models

f3j-mike-lunching.jpg (118339 bytes)

Dave East launches his F3J model,

As of 30th July Dave is placed 5th in the 2007 F3J League


adrians-wench.jpg (222803 bytes)

The 2nd built by Adrian, F3J/B tested & proved compliant with no modifications.
Simple design, Alloy drum running in plummer blocks, own design (all metal) flexible coupling onto Bosch starter motor shaft. Heavy duty cycle freewheel to prevent line being given out during launch. Mounted on welded, square section tubular frame.
Will soon to be replaced/supported by my next generation (third) winch with drum directly coupled to starter motor, no plummer blocks, sprag type clutch. Photos to follow together with
details of Turn Round pulley arrangement.

Dave-East-landing.jpg (183976 bytes)

Dave heads for a spot landing worth 100 points in a competition. 


Mike-Raybone-lunching.jpg (189329 bytes)

Mike Raybone launches his F3J model on one of its trimming flights,

As of 30th July Mike is placed 3rd  in the 2007 F3J League

Click on thumbnails for larger images

BMFA F3J League 2007
BMFA  F3J League 2007
Pos Pilot Interglide Ashurst Retford Twywell 4 Round Total
1 Simon Jackson 94.0 104.0 101.6 88.9 388.5
2 Adrian Lee 91.7 99.8 99.2 94.7 385.4
3 Mike Raybone 87.4 93.7 95.6 94.4 371.1
4 Ian Duff 97.9 93.4 88.8 82.9 363.0
5 Dave East 98.5 86.0 84.4 62.0 330.9
6 Graham Wicks 97.6 67.9 78.1 86.3 329.9
7 Sydney Lenssen 94.5 67.9 73.0 87.6 323.0
8 Ozzy Osbourne 96.4 63.1 72.8 88.5 320.8


Thursday at Selsley, every thing flew well in the strong lift, the two zagis flew nearly to  dots. 15MPH on the north facing slope and no one scale flying, where have all the scale fliers gone?


Photo Ralf's Middle Phase

Wednesday ASW28 at Uffington 
The wind was gusting to 30 mph on the top & the model was really belting along. I think it would make a good pylon racer.       I got one of the flyers up there to take a pic but the weather was fairly dull.
Uffington is half way between Swindon & Wantage and you can drive nearly to the top of the hill. It takes a NW, N & NE wind.
I landed it on the NE face which is a gentle 15 degree down slope for about 300 metres before dropping away. 

The ASW come down here in a very controllable way on full brakes with some up elevator coupled in. The only hazard is the sheep but absolutely no 
trees for a long way. Haven't tried the retract to land yet - grass not short enough.

full image

Friday at Selsley, a great afternoon the breeze decreased during the afternoon but the lift stayed much the same, never getting strong enough for the paragliders . Nick flew his Alpina the 4.4 metre version a classic design going back to 1980. Bill flew his Calypso, Ade Dragon, Guy MiriJ.
Phil's Highlight did not look happy flying into the breeze. My Calypso spent too much time scratching for lift to be enjoyable. My Pegase seemed to out fly everything big enough to cruise a good distance to find and then follow the lift, nothing to do with me as I hardly needed to touch the sticks see picture
Saturday at Frocester, steady slope lift increasing during the afternoon eventually getting strong enough for the paragliders to fly.

photo shows Richard's Gulp, it looked a little heavy for the conditions as it's made for DSing but it performed well

The link to the designer did not work on an earlier newsletter it should have been

A great morning at Selsley on Sunday, the weather was better than the forecast, early morning it looked like there was a little east in the northerly wind, but as the morning progressed the lift got stronger. Me and Bryan needed to dethermal a couple of times, I seemed to be flying for ages with the brakes out. Bryan's ASK18 engaged in some extreme aerobatics. 
Photos Bryan's ASK18 and Andy's ASW17. There are a few more photos at  from me and John Bennett, Sunday's photos are dated 20th-Aug-2007
For more photos go to ,   & the pages have been added to since last week