South Cotswold Soaring Association: Site Info

Flying Sites:
our flying sites are all located within a few miles of Stroud in Gloucestershire (South West England)
We are extremely lucky in that we have 6 main flying sites, all of which are beauty spots and most are SSSI 5 of them are on the Cotswold Way, all within a 20 minutes drive of each other. Also, all of the sites have easy access, with car parks within a couple of hundred yards of the actual flying area.
We have no slope for NE winds and sometimes go to Leckhampton near Cheltenham
The sites are mostly on National Trust land who welcome non powered models, however they are open to one and all including cows, horses and paragliders (not necessarily listed in order of importance).
Please note combat flying is not allowed
Because we share the flying sites with everyone else, we feel that it is vital to have suitable insurance. Hence our club is affiliated with the British Model Flying Association which provides the club members with the necessary insurance.
Flying Sites:
  our club logo on the homepage gives details of the 5 main sites; click the compass for slope info. We also have some detailed Maps

Frocester Hill: 
(Coaley Peak picnic park) a South Westerly facing ridge overlooking the river Severn. For SW to West winds. It might seem a bit intimidating to land at Frocester, but this video (wmv file) shows you the best approach to landing, also landing a 1/4 scale click here notice the landing approach at 1.45 min.
Satnav 1 mile west of GL10 3TX on the B4066. Slope details
Photos of Frocester Hill 

Selsley Common:
a NNW facing plateau type slope overlooking Stroud and Stonehouse, with views as far as the Malverns (on a clear day). Has a reasonable slope, with a huge flat open landing area just behind the slope. Also inhabited by cows and paragliders during summer. However these do not usually cause any problems, apart from the occasional cowpat encountered when landing! For West to North winds..
Safety Note - We have an agreement with the paragliders that when they are flying on Selsley, they keep to the right of the Millennium stone and we keep to the left. This helps to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Satnav 0.3 miles east of GL5 5PL
Slope details   Photos of Selsley Common
Rodborough Common:
 two sites: a SE facing ridge at one end and easterly facing bowl, the bowl can be bumpy when the wind is getting a bit North of East. For ENE - SE winds 
Satnav GL5 5BP is very close, just 100 metres south Slope details 
Photos of Rodborough Common

Haresfield Beacon:
 a lovely South facing ridge with a landing area just behind the slope and a smaller slope next to the car park used for SW. Not recommended for large models as the landing can be very turbulent in strong winds. For SSE - SW winds satnav GL10 3ES is 1 mile north slope details   
Photos of Haresfield Beacon
Cam Long Down:
 a nice North facing ridge, spoilt only by the fact that you have to park at the bottom of the hill and walk up. DSing is possible, best in a SSW wind. Very smooth lift but not easy to land. Wind directions N NE, S & SW 
Satnav GL11 5EW is near, travel 600 yards south to the car park. Slope details
Photos of Cam Long Down

Minchinhampton Common:
 nearly flat, so not great for slope soaring! however it is good for flat field or thermal flying. We also fly quiet electric models here every now and then. NOTE: If you fly here, it's best to fly alongside the access road to the Old Lodge GL6 9AQ, as that's the "standard" place to fly.
TThis is a noise sensitive area, quiet models only please.
Details   Photos of Minchinhampton Common