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NW and North Easterly facing ridges that overlook Cheltenham, the steep slope gives excellent lift Map link

Parking: use the second car park   +51° 51' 35.23", -2° 4' 7.38"    51.859995,-2.073755    51.859995n, 2.073755w

For NE wind fly here 51.864995,-2.066755  51.864995n 2.066755w  Bing 

Directions Hartley Lane, Leckhampton Hill, Cheltenham, GL53 9QN (this is the nearby farm)
From the car park up the track to the farmhouse. turn right, follow the track through the first gate until you reach the T by the trees. For N-NE turn right after 20 yards go through the gate on the left but keep going to the right. There is a new dry stone wall on your right, stay on the track until you see a gap in the tree line on your left. On your right is the tallest tree on Leckhampton Hill. There is a grassy area approx 200 x90 feet as a landing zone. At the edge of the slope in the gap when you look down you should see the 'Banjo' house.
When you reach the T by the trees, if the wind is N-NW then turn left, follow the track through the gate, keep on going till you reach the tourists information stone, not the green one you pass on the way.

Flying: The slope there is not really a slope at all as it is vertical. This is where I have experienced the smoothest lift of any of the slopes I have flown in Gloucester. There is a huge green area behind with some small easily missed shrubby type trees. Behind that are the fields all the way back to the car park. If you go too far out to the left you will be in an area of sink. I head back to the slope front as soon as I notice the lift falling off

Landing: Not good on the NE slope, but you could walk back to a flat part
This video shows the landing area on the NE facing slope and Ben's landing Landing Out: It's a long way down and very steep

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