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Photo: Phoenix 1600 on Minch


  July 21st 2021
The 2nd Phoenix was held on a great evening, a very light breeze and warm but not much lift
1st Graham Lorimar,  joint 2nd Phil Hayward and Pete Wolf.
There are some more photos at
  The June Phoenix comp was held on pleasant evening, 8 entries, some lift but not a lot  with some very short flights.
Brian got a thermal in the first slot and was very high at the end.
1st Phil Hayward, joint 2nd Pete Wolf and Brian Boucher, 4th Graham Lorimer
  2nd of May on Minchinhampton Common Pete's Spitfire
Perfect weather.
We can now meet in groups of 6, great to be flying again
photo Richard's PSS Spitfire at Frocester
  Marrch 2021
Limited slope flying taking place, only able to meet one person, we may hold hands but not hug or kiss
Tuesday 9th was a good day not too cold and a good breeze on Frocester and Haresfield
Monday 17th Weasel or Lydl see YouTube
  December 2020
Sunday 6th, a morning on Minchinhampton common, first time out for a month for many.
A cold dull morning with no wind or lift, lots of foam flown see Frilkr

Due to the Covid-19 situation we have cancelled the AGM for this year. Hopefully by next December, we will have an answer for Covid-19 (cross fingers).
Your committee are all happy to continue during 2021 unless anybody has any objections, or wants to volunteer to take over one of the posts.

As usual we are still proposing to send the National Trust a donation of £150, in line with last year, again if anybody has any other proposals or objections, please let us know.
Annual fees for 2021 will not change and will be as follows, BMFA fees, which include 3rd party insurance:-
Senior £38, Junior £17, Family Partner £25, Family Junior £13

SCSA fees are £8 for Seniors, free for Juniors

If you joined the CAA Registration through the BMFA that will be £9.

If you joined the CAA Registration directly with CAA, then you need to pay them separately.

We suggest that everybody rejoins the BMFA using their on-line login at  and include the CAA fee if appropriate.

We would like you all to pay the SCSA fee by Bank transfer, if possible using SCSA bank account details sort code Email Mike:  for bank details, put your name as the payment reference when paying the £8 SCSA fee.

Unless there are new Government guidelines about meeting in groups there will be no Boxing Day pylon race this year.

Hope to see some of you out on the slopes later this week.
We hope you all have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Kind regards
Bryan Tucker (For SCSA Committee)
  October 2020
With the Covid restrictions we have had no club events, members are still flying, with a breeze blowing over us slope flyers should be safe. We are using Facebook and Whatsapp for communication.
It looks like we will not have our November auction, at present there are no plans for an AGM in December
  December 11th The Committee
Once again, there were no members volunteering to take a position on the Committee and so:-
Club Chairman, Brian Boucher agreed to continue.
Club Secretary, Bryan Tucker agreed to continue.
Club Treasurer, Mike Brinkworth agreed to continue.
Club fees £8

 November's SCSA auction - 11 items sold, raising £32 for club funds
  16th October
At our meeting Meredith and Tim gave a presentation of indoor rubber poered free flight
  Wednesday 9th October, a good breeze at Frocester, 3 EPP planks flown, Mike's VoltiJ, Pete's Sun Bird, the Weasels  liked the strong lift,
  Wednesday 1st Oct
a good turnout on Selsley 6 to 10 mph of windm most of the time there was not enough lift for the Paragliders

At the September meeting the results of the Phoenix thermal competition were announced, later quads were flown
  Sunday 1st Aug
a good turnout wind about 10mph
Photo Bryan's ASK18

Flickr photos
  Sunday 25th Phoenix Thermal comp
1st Brian Boucher, 2nd Steve Whitehead

photos on Flickr
  Sunday 18th Paul's maiden flight with his Canberra at Frocester

more photos at

YouTube video
  Thursday 14th, a large turnout on Selsley

Mass launch video photos
photo: fox glider lifted into the air
  Sunday 11th Aug at Frocester, rain showers early
Wednesday 6th t Frocester, strong lift but turbulent
Photos on Flickr  video1  video2
photo Pete's Orao
  August 4th Rodborough  going to Haresfield mid morning
Richard's Kiel Craft Invader

 more photos on Flickr
  Wednesday 31st July
!5 mph at Frocester

photo: Bryan's Jet Provost

More photos on Flickr

Friday 1st Minch video
  Paper Plane comp January 2019
1st Phil Hayward, 2nd Zeb, 3rd Bryan Tucker
  Phoenix Last year results
1st Pete Wolf
2nd Phil Hayward
3rd John Bennett
  Sunday 27 July, a good morning on Selsley, photo :John's Minmoa

see more photos on Flickr
  Wednesday 24th, Haresfield, lift was not strong  Photos on Flickr

Photo: pitcheron Lidl

The SCSA are using Whapsapp, download the app to your phone and send your mobile number to one of our committee.
You should receive a message of what slope our members using, other information will be on
You may turn off notifications by clicking the three cots top right.
Sunday 21st July: Limbo comp
This took place at Frocester, wind 5 to 10 mph
Joint 1st Paul Ashford and Pete Wolf, 3rd Phil Hayward Photo1 photo2

Photo Mike's twist wing lidl chuck glider
Wednesday 17th July Phoenix Thermal comp
A bit of breeze and few drops of rain but not a bad evening, 10 entries 1st Phil Hayward, 2nd Paul Ashford, 3rd Bryan Tucker.
Wednesday 19th at Frocester: a very good turnout, wind 12 mph, sunny and warm, 3 Lidl gliders flying at the same time. Peter's Sting enjoyed the strong lift conditions

Alan's Video  Phil's video   Lidl Glider page see Facebook for more
Sunday 7th July: Pete elderly Bananramma get on outing on Selsley

Video  Photos
1st July
John Bennett maidens his K8 on Selsley 30th July, flew really well in perfect conditions

More photos

Photo: Paul launching
June 23rd
Phoenix thermal comp
 had 10 entries in conditions a bit breeze and not much thermal lift we ran 6 rounds and the winner was
1st Pete Wolf
2nd. Brian Boucher
3rd. Steve Neal.

 Thanks to Richard for logging the landing order
May 16th Phoenix comp:
 this was held on a calm evening with only light lift
10 entries
1st Pete Wolfenden
2nd Phil Hayward
3rd Steve Neal
4th Paul Ashford
5th Mike Brinkworth

Photo by Mike Brinkworth
18th June XC comp

8 entries; light lift, the wind speed was lower than the forecast and we could have held the thermal comp.

Tasks were: 2 flags to reach, 2 lots of loops and a spot landing

Results: 1st Brian Boucher 46 points, 2nd Richard 44, 3rd Bryan Tucker 39, 4th Phil, 5th Mike B

Photo: Bryan spot landing