South Cotswold Soaring Association: Phil's £8 Lidl chuck glider conversion


Photo: Lidl chuck glider at Haresfield

This is my Lidl chuck glider, I have fitted 2 x 3 gram servos at the rear, these are balanced by 4 x triple A batteries under the centre of the canopy
The canopy is glued on, front, back and one ether side half way down

Main wing span 860 mm x 160 mm at root x 102 mm at tip. Thickness 22 mm at root 10 mm at tip.

TE thickness at root 9 mm and 5 mm at tip.

Tail plane span 296 mm x 107 mm at root x 65 mm at tip. TE Thickness at root 9 mm and 5 mm at tip.

Fuzz 680 mm long by 92 mm high by 58.5 thick and at the shoulder 56.6 mm wide.

weight empty 163g ( with bolt )

I was impressed with the long stable flight when I threw it before fitting RC gear
The elevator is one half only, needs 17% elevator to rudder mix to cancel the induced roll
Alternative servo installation, wires inside, elevator full span, wires are fed up a hole I made in the fuz , I used USB cable as it's lighter than servo wire



Small brushless motor fitted, battery is in a slot in the bottom of the fuselage

Glider version flying at Haresfield
 handles wind up to 20 mph, on my first flight it was reluctant to turn, I bent the wing tips up a little and now  the handling is OK, it is not very responsive but with it's free flight roots it just needs steering, but if forced will loop and roll
I have really enjoyed flying this model, great fun and for only £8 plus 2 servos radio and battery

There are loads of Lidl Glider stuff on the web, tailless, ailerons, twin boomed, 6 x 1800 ma power packs for insane performance, swing wing

At well under 250 grams it will not need to be registered with the CAA