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Solarfilm Trim from John Bennett

Until I discovered this trick, I never had much success with sticking Solarfilm trim onto Solarfilm base. I always end up trying to get the bubbles out by pricking them with the point of a scalpel blade and ironing them out - quite a laborious process. I have used Solartrim with mixed results - it tends to peel at the corners after a while, and you can never find the right colour, can you?

Here is the `solution'.

The method works well on sheeted and foam wings, and on adhesive tape on Zagis, etc. I have not yet tried it on open structures, and it certainly would not be any use for double curvature surfaces.

Getting the Backing Off - Ever had a piece of Solarfilm from the middle of the sheet, so you can't peel the backing off? Picking at the edge with a scalpel blade works eventually, but you run the risk of poking it right through the film. Just stick a bit of masking tape or sellotape to the backing, and stretch it. Works a treat!

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