South Cotswold Soaring Association: Phil's £8 Lidl chuck glider conversion


Photo: Lidl chuck glider at Haresfield

This is my Lidl chuck glider, I have fitted 2 x 3 gram servos at the rear, these are balanced by 4 x triple A batteries under the centre of the canopy
The canopy is glued on, front, back and one ether side half way down

Main wing span 860 mm x 160 mm at root x 102 mm at tip. Thickness 22 mm at root 10 mm at tip.

TE thickness at root 9 mm and 5 mm at tip.

Tail plane span 296 mm x 107 mm at root x 65 mm at tip. TE Thickness at root 9 mm and 5 mm at tip.

Fuzz 680 mm long by 92 mm high by 58.5 thick and at the shoulder 56.6 mm wide.

weight empty 163g ( with bolt )

I was impressed with the long stable flight when I threw it before fitting RC gear
The elevator is one half only, needs 17% elevator to rudder mix to cancel the induced roll
Alternative servo installation, wires inside, elevator full span, wires are fed up a hole I made in the fuz , I used USB cable as it's lighter than servo wire

Lidl glider tip

Shamelessly ripped off from somewhere else, but a tip for getting the canopy off easily.
Pour some isopropyl alcohol in the gap between fuz and canopy (you might need the flex the canopy a bit to open the joint up). Wrap the whole nose in clingfilm and leave for 15 mins. Then remove clingfilm and you should be able to flex the canopy a few times to break the hot melt glue joints. The alcohol seems to weaken the glue bond, without doing any damage to the foam. Once the canopy is off, you can peel off the hot melt glue easily.
Now, what shall I make with the other Lidl glider I got when they were on offer 🤔


Mike's Pitcheron


Small brushless motor fitted, battery is in a slot in the bottom of the fuselage

Paul's tailless version flying at Frocester, from this plan,; flies great, performs much belter than the normal version, tapered elevons and no tail plane reduces the drag

Glider version flying at Haresfield
 handles wind up to 20 mph, on my first flight it was reluctant to turn, I bent the wing tips up a little and now  the handling is OK, it is not very responsive but with it's free flight roots it just needs steering, but if forced will loop and roll
I have really enjoyed flying this model, great fun and for only £8 plus 2 servos radio and battery

There are loads of Lidl Glider stuff on the web, tailless, ailerons, twin boomed, 6 x 1800 ma power packs for insane performance, swing wing

At well under 250 grams it will not need to be registered with the CAA