South Cotswold Soaring Association: Frocester

 (Coaley Peak picnic park) A South Westerly facing ridge overlooking the river Severn. two slopes can be used, the SW ridge and the westerly facing bowl. There is a nice dip to shelter from the wind. Do not fly from the curved bowl go through the gate SW of the picnic area
Map link to gliding club which is half a mile east of the flying site Aerial video  Photos of Frocester


Nearest Post Code   GL11 5AU (below hill)
51.707479, -2.300240
Whats Three Words ///

It's on the B4066 between Stroud and Dursley, about 1/2 mile west of GL10 3TX

have a look at this video (wmv file)  and this landing  video shows you the best approach, also landing a 1/4 scale click here notice the landing approach; turn into wind in line with bend in the river, follow the line of trees up the slope. Do not try landing in the Picnic area.

 very close to the SW facing slope
Landing out:
   best avoided the fields are a long way down, the one to the west is the flattest

Paragliders  use the west facing bowl, check the lift in the bowl for them, do not fly in the bowl while they are airborne