South Cotswold Soaring Association: For Sale


Photo: Phoenix 1600 on Minch

For Sale

Models, model related items for sale, wanted or appeals for help and information

Please send a large photo 1960 pixels, telephone number and price,
it is better if you not use email as your address may be used for spam
you can also use our Facebook pages .

Adverts will be removed after 6 months, please ask for an extension if not sold

For use by club members and others in Gloucestershire, send to

No live stock, fire arms or Cynthia Payne style personal services, well not too many.

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ASW 20  



01453 542534 for pictures & details.

Algebra 1000 2.5 m £195,
Graupner Cirrus 3m brakes & ailerons £195,
Art Hobby Skua 1.5 m £ 90,
Art Hobby Boar 2 m £45,
RES Resolution 2 m £40,



DC 600 motor with speed controller

Free Phil 07966175193