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Recent Videos

The SCSA at Selsley 

Phil's Experience Pro at Selsley 

The SCSA flying indoors at Chosen Hill school Aerotow from Brian

Fish Meadow Upton on Severn, taken after our thermal comp with them 22.09.08 

Minchinhampton common from the air  
A video taken by Phil from a Highlight using a Flycam
Mike the Web's Alula on Minchinhampton common 3 megs

Scale at Frocester

Clip by Ian Matterson

My Pegase flying at Frocester, this includes a landing please take note of the landing approach at 1.30 min. The clip is 12 minutes 
 I reformatted the clip in WMP V9 this played OK for me in Windows media Player  sufferers a small percentage of the, then plays as if it was streaming
Pegase8,wmv  1076K bps  840 X 480 in WM V9, file size 96 megs.
These clips will use half the band width of 2 meg broadband

Phil's Calypso Contest V by Ian Matterson - loops, crow chase rolling circles.
This is 16megs in Apple QuickTime, right click link and "save as"
click here


Going to the dogs.

 How to use models to exercise dogs, by John Bennett
Phil's 1/4 scale Pegase and Ian's Zagi  10megs in QuickTime
or for Windows media player 4 megs

landing-frocester.jpg (21223 bytes) Landing at Frocester click here  two videos one a 2.8 meter Nyx F3f using crow braking, the second is a Zaggi, both ends of the spectrum, but the same technique. 

Video by Ian Matterson, pilot  Phil the Fridge

Ade's Highlight on Minchinhampton Common
2.2 megs Windows media player

A short clip recorded by Dave Payne with a video camera attached to his Purbeck Graffiti  at Haresfield,
 the pattern is from water drops on the lens

haresfield.avi  2.2 meg you may need the codecs click here


short clip from Frocester by Dave Payne, watch out for the camera falling of at the end

frocester.avi  2.7 meg

you may need the codecs click here


Mark landing his Fox at Selsley, well light crash might be a better term

foxbagged.avi  500k

you may need the codecs click here


How to land safely at Frocester Take 22   take22.avi   250k A short film clip by Ian Matterson

How to land safely at Frocester......not! one of the other takes. take12.avi  500k the sound is out of sync

you may need the codecs click here

 Peter's Bananarama captured in Quick time by John Fairbairn

1.3 megs Quick time


This is not funny, my Wild Thing has been hit into a flat spin at Haresfield by John Bennett's Zagi
wildspin.avi  800K By Ian Matterson
markk8.jpg (13859 bytes)

Mark flying his K8 at Selsley

k8 .avi  2.7 meg

Andy Freeman's Banshee DS'ing at Cam Long Down
The wind is 10MPH from the South  3megs in Quick Time


Highlight Discus Style launch  251K half power

right click "save as" then open


See Ian's new floater being assassinated assassin3.avi

160K avi  


my Pink flamingo see the wings fall off, the model hit some very bad sink, excuse mode engaged



Limbo  video with PSS model, right click, save and open 1.7 meg In Quick Time. 
aandyskylark1.jpeg (32473 bytes)  Andy Westgate's 1/3 scale  Skylark maiden flight
rolling circle with an F3J model, by Ian matterson
Andy Freeman DSing at Cam Long Down, 2.8 megs in Quick Time
Wind 7 MPH north 

right click, save, then open if you have Quick time installed

NEW Ade's on board 11 mintue of video of Selsley from his Discos 2,  50megs   down load in 3.5 minutes with 2 meg broad band, 3 weeks with dialup
links to other video clips 
a selection by Ian Matterson of local flying mostly SCSA members 

These are worth a look

Tree-mendous effort with a 3D video 1, Yak55 video 2, Manuel Nübel page click here,  Crazy stuff  video 3. . Zak West with a  Foamtana indoors Video 4  Manuel Dierickx indoors  video 5 NEW  Ade's on board video 13/08/06