Thermal Soaring Competition with Malvern Soaring Association


We had a great time at Fish Meadow courtesy of Malvern Soaring Association. The Malvern Club invited SCSA to a challenge using 4 man teams, each team member was to fly against each of the 4 opponents, man on man, generating a total of 16, ten minute slots. 

The Malvern hosts were very well organised and provided a table with sun shade complete with timing apparatus and a tanoy system. They also provide a power winch for our team to use in launching the gliders and good advice on its use. 

The flying started about 10:30am in brilliant sunshine but almost no wind at all thank goodness we didn't have to use our hand-tow lines and run across the very wet and slippery grass. Unfortunately I opted to fly the 1st slot, never been up a power winch, but luckily the launch wasn't too bad. I fought for some time getting the model trimmed and didn't find much lift, needless to say I was beaten in this round. 

As the comp progressed there were some patches of excellent lift that made getting down after 10 minutes quite a challenge. 

At the lunch time way point we were lagging well behind mainly due to my second slot where I relaunched after 2 1/4 minutes and then only managed 2 minutes and 22 seconds from the relaunch which put me straight into mega sink! Still the rest of the team were there doing well and nearly every slot in the afternoon was very tightly contested. 

We didn't get trounced, but did get beaten on points we finished the comp with 8 slot wins on each side but with Malvern scoring 14,762 points and the SCSA scoring 13,960. Interestingly we managed 15 out of 16 landing boxes whilst Malvern managed 13 out of 16. 

The SCSA broke 3 models during the day. Pete's tailplane broke off during a practice launch, the model came down without too much more damage. Phil wrote off his Calypso on the power winch. He had not reset his launch pre-set switches before launching and did not have enough elevator control to get off the line and was pulled directly into the ground at high speed. I wrote my thermal model off on my final slot landing. With only 2 seconds of the slot to go and being 3 feet too high I had to tentpeg the landing to guarantee the landing bonus. 

Many thanks to the Malvern Club for organising the competition so well.

Also many thanks to the SCSA competitors for giving Malvern a good challenge. 

Chairman Bryan 


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