Hello SCSA members, 

I just received this email from a Frome model club member who has had all his models and equipment stolen from his van parked right outside of his house.
Please keep your eyes peeled and ears open in case you see any of the items around or offered for sale.

Kind regards
Bryan Tucker (SCSA Secretary)

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Subject: Theft of models and equipment from Frome Somerset
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2020 14:44:24 +0100


I'm a member of the Frome model club, and I've just discovered that at some point in between the evening of the 17th and the morning of the 22nd, someone has broken into my van which was parked on the street right outside my house and utterly cleaned it out of all the modelling stuff that was in it. Nothing else was touched, which leads me to believe that they weren't simply doing it on the off chance of tools, but knew what they were after. I've reported it to the police and have spent the last hour building up a list of everything I can remember was in there for both insurance purposes and to pass around anyone who might get offered some cheap stolen kit.

The single greatest loss is a DJI goggles RE headset, which with all the flight case and other bits and pieces was over 1 thousand pounds worth. The total value of batteries, models, and other stuff is more than 3 thousand. Luckily I'd taken out the TX and most of the batteries, but I'd left the remainder in there as I'd been flying on Saturday and was hoping to go out again this week. I should have emptied it out for security reasons but as I've had it with stuff in out the front for 10 years now without any trouble it didn't cross my mind that someone would go in after it.

They took even small parts that were on one of the shelves, and there's no trace of damaged foam so they must have spend some time on the job as the planes and suchlike were all strapped down. All the straps are still present, as are three bags of van related stuff like tiedowns and so on, it was only the modelling stuff that's been pinched.

I'm passing this around to anyone I can think of that might get offered this gear, or may otherwise run into it. I've attached a list of the main things I can think of that were in the van, so if you could circulate that around to your club members I'd be grateful. Note that all the aircraft had the CAA registration number OP-3DSBQVG on them in various places, so should be quite identifiable, leaving aside that the three drones were hand build and the aircraft are quite distinctive. I've also attached photos, unfortunately not the best but all I can quickly find, of two of the three drones and one of the aircraft. The remaining drone has a DJI ocusync transmitter and camera on, along with orange and green propellers, and bright red 3d printed parts. The multiplex twister is grey with orange and green tape on the top and bottom wing surfaces and yellow tape on the bottom of the fuselage. The multiplex extra 330s has a laser-cut ply battery hatch.

If any of your members happen to encounter this equipment, I can be reached on this email address or 07968 693575.

Thanks for your time.

Patrick Arnold

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