Phil's News Bits 12.07.2010 Gloucester oven spares

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 Gloucester MFC



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Multiplex Xeno (non-powered version)

It may seem odd, but the attraction of this particular model was that it folded in half! (see photos below) - useful for tucking in the boot of the car on trips away. This is achieved by having a hinged central plastic section, with the Elapor foam wings being glued into this central section.

The advertising blurb for the Xeno states that: "At many slopes and flat-field flying sites you will find dozens of flying wings. These models are usually cut from various grades of foam and stiffened with parcel tape. The Xeno is a superior version: more elegant, of higher technical quality ...". For once I agree with the advertising blurb, and the Xeno flew beautifully into a south-westerly breeze at Cleeve Hill.

The Xeno, however, may not be as robust as Zagis and X-its. Time and a few heavy landings will tell.

The quality of the components and instructions is generally good - e.g. a slot is provided in the wing for a 35MHz aerial - though "Wie Sie schon bemerkt haben, sind die Leitwerke sehr leicht fur den Transport demontierbar" was translated as "As you will already have noticed, the fins are very easily removed for transport" when it should have been "You will need to file down the fin retaining clips to allow the fins to be removed for transport".

I chose to add small wooden skids to the underside of the wings so that the model sits on the skids rather than on the control horns.

There is also a powered version available. I've seen someone with this version at Haresfield, and he may be able to comment on this.

Video clips

Funjet - very short flight, name with held 

2010 BMFA British National Championships
Bank Holiday weekend 28-30th August

Paul & Tracy Gurr are planning a GMFC camping trip to the Nats at Barkston Heath Nr Grantham Lincs

Camping is £18.50 /person if paid by the 23rd Aug. £20.00 on the day.
Note; A camping pass allows full access to all events for the weekend with no further charges. Book with BMFA online or by phone.

Paul & Tracy have some tents available on a first come first served basis.


Gloucester MFC

due to Auto grass race meetings.

 Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th July

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th September


Saturday 3rd & Saturday 10th July, no flying before 3.00 pm.

Please ensure that work has finished before you start flying.

No flying from Wednesday 14th until Monday 19th July.

There may be members of the Auto grass club carrying out various task outside these dates & times, please be vigilant and work together to ensure safety for all. It will be necessary to move all our bits and pieces to the container or elsewhere prior to both race meetings. 

Chris Bishop,  Chairman GMFC

The Autograss team have filled in the holes in the track, this will be a great help if we get a wet spell



Next comp is the electric glider comp in July, this will be handicapped so any model may compete, see  
I have an Easy  Pigeon I can lend out if you don't have a model, this has been up rated with liopo and Brushless

Summer thermal, Sunday 25th Minchinhampton 11.00AM start
we are having problems towing, we will  try using bungees if the wind is very light 
Please contact me if you want to practice, we can go down the power field at Standish 


A strong breeze at Selsley but the lift was variable, Alan flew his MU13, my Pegase went OK when it got into some clean air away from the slope.
We watched the finish of the comp at Nympsfield, the gliders diving at full speed for the line and dumping ballast .

The wind went more northerly in the evening and became smooth 

Photo: LS4 see 

Mostly good lift at Frocester

I captured the moment this pilot realised he would not make it to the gliding club, he popped out the pod but the engine failed to start and he landed by the Stroud bypass. He was about 100 feet too low after completing a 300KM coarse


Frocester, strong lift

Good slope lift on Frocester and Selsley during the day, the evening was just as the forecast, 2 MPH north westerly and gave good lift until about 8.00PM
Sqeela's Dragon went well, staying up well in the light lift 
The evening can be magical  when the wind drops on Selsley, warm air rises from the valley and gives lift with little or no turbulence.
My AVA loved the condition being a sort of oversized HLG, if fact even with its 3.2 metre wing span it can be hand launched and caught HLG style on the flat, see 

Strong lift at Frocester, Bill's 

Strong lift at Haresfield, Tony's Ferret went well, Pete's Exit perched at the top of a very tall tree, it took a long climb and a lot of poking to get it down

Mostly good lift at Frocester, but we should have gone to Selsley

Bryan's model at Frocester 

I went to the power field at Standish in the afternoon , the lift was very strong, whisking my heavy electric very high

more photos at  

Newly listed items
Logic RC Fusion charger/balancer for LIPO NImh etc,  

For details go to,c:40  

Purchased only 2-3 months ago and used just once!

Mains or battery.  

Brand new this cost £50. Get a bargain for £35.  

Nick Brotherton 01453 767670 or 07812 492690  

Regards Nick


1st July 2010

35 MHz receivers for sale.


 JR NER-326.  3 available, price £7.50 each.


MS Composit 5 Channel (helicopter receiver).  1 available price £12.50


Jeti 4Ch MPD micro.  1 available, price £10.00.

New Cyclon 2 Volt 5.00 Amp/hr sealed-lead rechargeable battery.


Just about the best glow you will ever get, bought in error (yes even the chairman gets it wrong).

1 available, price £9.00 Collection only

If you need any further details on the spec or condition of any of these items e.mail/contact me for details.

Will post if required, postage (1st Class) & packing £2.50 for any number of items.

I accept most forms of payment, Paypal or Cheque and cash if you wish to collect.

Contact by e.mail or phone 07799 338517.

Chris B.


For Sale

Logic RC Fusion charger/balancer for LIPO NImh etc,


For details go to,c:40


Purchased only 2-3 months ago and used just once!

Mains or battery.


Brand new this cost £50. Get a bargain for £35.


Nick Brotherton 01453 767670 or 07812 492690







Zippy battery 20C 3S 2200ma £16

Phil 07966 175193


40 sized trainer for Stephen

For sale

R NER-326.  3 available, price £10.00 each. JR R700. 1 available, price £12.50.Jeti 4Ch MPD micro.  1 available, price £15.00.Jeti Rex 4 micro. 2 still available, price £10.00 each.Jeti Rex 5 plus. 2 still available, price £12.50 each.Jeti Rex 7 mini. 3 available price £15.00 each.MS Composit 5 Channel (helicopter receiver).  1 available price £15.00KYOSHO CALIBER I.C HELICOPTER 

Thunder tiger 70
CMPro Cessna Skylane 182 83ins SOLD
2 no hl 400 gyros for sale £15.00 each
 1 no hl 800 gyro for sale £20.00 new 
Turnigy sentry 60amp speed esc £20.00 new
 please ring Andy  07511947773
 Phase 3 Edge; Don’t Panic . Eindecker Foam, Nieuport 28, Thrush Glider, Great Planes,  Fokker DR1 and  SE5A 
ASP 0.61 FS engine.  
Puppeteer Mk2 FL1001.
Plane Sailings Infinity, Flair Heron, Flair Volture, Phase 6, Unbreakable flying wing (cannot remember the name). Also for sale JR X388-S transmitter, and Sanwa Vanguard transmitter
10 off  8” x 4” E-PRO props’  
 325mm 400/450 fibreglass heli blades £5 per pair
8.4 volt 650 ma Ni-mh pack  for Twister £5
Sanwa TX, starter, gyro,   91 4 stroke,   Battery, 35 meg Crystals


July 2nd/ 4th Withernsea
July 17-18th Winterton Autogiros Fly-in
JULY 24/25th Hastings Show
31st july /1st august  rolls royce hucknall all scale weekend
August 6th-17th Manx Model Meet
August 8th Bickley Scale fly-in
AUGUST 7/8th Euroflugtag
August 22nd Langar Warbirds
August 26-30th Winterton LMA Fly-in
AUGUST  28/30th Nationals
SEPTEMBER 11/12th Castle Howard  (Provisional date)
September 11th-12th British Freestyle Aerobatic Championships Cancelled
SEPTEMBER 18/19th The Hop Farm
September 26th  The (in)famous Osbournby Fly-in.
Sept 30th – Oct 3rd Winterton Autumn Fly-in
November 6-7th Langar Bonfire - Watch out for the chilli though!!
November 5-7th Winterton Bonfire Night Fly-in


Some forthcoming events for 2010

3rd & 4th July Woodspring 
17-18 July Cosford 
July 25th, Aerotow siege cross 
28-30th Aug   2010 BMFA British National Championships
20,21,22nd Aug Engineering exhibition   Thornbury
Sep 4-5  LMA Much Marcle Show HR8 2LX.
Sept 11/12th Aerotow Middle Wallop

Siege Cross dates are;

Oct 17th

cooker Spares Stroud