Phil's News Bits 24.05.2010 Gloucester oven spares

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 Gloucester MFC



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Gloucester MFC

Sunday 20th June.  GMFC Midsummer's Great Pork Roast & BBQ.

Following last years success we will again be roasting a few legs of pork together with the usual quantity of your favourite sausages, burgers & bacon butties.

Our “state of the ark” multi spit ‘Rotisserie’ is having it’s yearly service as I tap the keyword. Tracy & Paul will be in charge of roasting and will try to keep up a steady supply of food for the day.

The kettle will be on from early morning providing tea and coffee; bacon baps will also be available to order during the morning. Roast pork and other items available from midday onwards

Darren's running a tabletop sale so any unwanted modelling items bring them along they might just sell. Could do with a few tables (pasting tables ideal) if anybody has one we can borrow. (Contact Darren or CB).


 No flying dates Summer 2010 due to Auto grass race meetings.

 Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th June

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th June

There may be members of the Auto grass club carrying out various task outside these dates, please be vigilant and work together to ensure safety for all. It will be necessary to move all our bits and pieces to the container or elsewhere prior to both race meetings. 

More details of exact times we cannot fly to follow.


Chris Bishop,  Chairman GMFC.

Slope/flat field

The forecast looked good, but I ignored it and took my Starlight to Selsley. This was a good move as the slope lift faded about 3.00PM' The thermal lift was strong and so was the sink. Bill got his Maxishady very high

There was lift about but I struggled, I was bungeeing from the Gloucester club and had to stop following the lift as I neared the motorway
The evening at Selsley, the wind stopped to leave some smooth thermal lift, very pleasant but me Andy failed to dot our models. It was very pleasant cruising around looking for lift, one of those magical evenings - no wind and plenty of lift
The slope lift was poor, but the thermals very very strong, models were able to get uncomfortably high very quickly.
Alan flew his MU13

Very strong slope lift at Frocester

Strong lift at Frocester, gusting to about 30MPH

We started at Frocester and moved to Selsley mid morning, lift was good but landings turbulent. Alan flew his ASK8
The afternoon was very busy see   for some of the photos
Ade's Thermik went well , Guy's Slipstream was nearly specked out, Ben maidened his Middle phase, Bill flew his ASW28

I broke the fuselage on my Blade Sunday morning, it has just come back from the invisible menders, no wonder he stays invisible


more photos at  

Weak lift on Minchinhampton, The HLGs failed to get away, but got some extended flight times working the marginal lift

Photo Ken's Kielcraft Ajax, old tec balsa and high tec DSM2 radio gear

For Sale

Newly listed items

JR NER-326.  3 available, price £10.00 each.

 JR R700. 1 available, price £12.50.

Jeti 4Ch MPD micro1 available, price £15.00.

Jeti Rex 4 micro. 2 still available, price £10.00 each.

Jeti Rex 5 plus. 2 still available, price £12.50 each.

Jeti Rex 7 mini. 3 available price £15.00 each.

MS Composit 5 Channel (helicopter receiver).  1 available price £15.00



40 sized trainer for Stephen

For sale


Thunder tiger 70
CMPro Cessna Skylane 182 83ins

Zippy 2200mah 25c 3 cell battery  £20
Phil   07966 175193

2 no hl 400 gyros for sale £15.00 each
 1 no hl 800 gyro for sale £20.00 new 
Turnigy sentry 60amp speed esc £20.00 new
 please ring Andy  07511947773
 Phase 3 Edge; Don’t Panic . Eindecker Foam, Nieuport 28, Thrush Glider, Great Planes,  Fokker DR1 and  SE5A 
ASP 0.61 FS engine.  
Puppeteer Mk2 FL1001.
Plane Sailings Infinity, Flair Heron, Flair Volture, Phase 6, Unbreakable flying wing (cannot remember the name). Also for sale JR X388-S transmitter, and Sanwa Vanguard transmitter
10 off  8” x 4” E-PRO props’  
Zippy Lightmax 2200mah 20C lipo. Suit  400/450 heli, Deans connector
 325mm 400/450 fibreglass heli blades £5 per pair
8.4 volt 650 ma Ni-mh pack  for Twister £5
Sanwa TX, starter, gyro,   91 4 stroke,   Battery, 35 meg Crystals




Some forthcoming events for 2010

June 19-20 Weston Park  Model Show Weston under Lizard. West Midlands Nr M54, J3 or M6 J12. Extensive Camping. Contact Steve Bishop on 01952 587298 or 07961 864415 or see
June 19/20th aerotow middle Wallop 
June 19-20 South Bristol Vintage Control Line Gala Berkeley power station 
June 20th GMFC BBQ 
3rd & 4th July Woodspring 
17-18 July Cosford 
July 25th, Aerotow siege cross 


Just had the
Middle Wallop
dates confirmed for 2010:

Sept 11/12th.

Siege Cross dates are;

Oct 17th



cooker Spares Stroud