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 Gloucester MFC



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A skydiver has pulled off an astonishing stunt by climbing out of a glider's cockpit, crawling along the wing and then somersaulting underneath and 
stepping onto the wing of a second glider flying below

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Photos from the Blackbushe airshow
blackbushe25.jpg (70355 bytes) blackbushe26.jpg (95001 bytes) blackbushe27.jpg (98561 bytes)


Great day at the show today, weather was a bit schizo first warm then chilly, then some rain just for a laugh, then warm again.

Ali's jet powered Opus was mind bending - I can't describe what he did, you had to be there.  A few mid airs (well, two) and Ali planted one of his fast gliders, not sure what happened there.

Some pics. Not many flying shots as the light was pants:


read more at,65280.0.html 


my photos are at 

I tried to video ali's Jet powered glider but only caught glimpses of it Ali Video in AVI or compressed to 7meg


Gloucester MFC
The strip is looking great, flew on my own Sunday afternoon 

I haven't been glider flying for a while because I got a nice birthday present, so I've been spending my flying time at the Gloucester club.
This is it: Extra MX by Precision Aerobatics.  Power train WAS as per recommendations, PA Thrust 50 motor, PA Quantum 65 ESC, Vox 15 x 7 wooden prop and two Turnigy 2200 11.1V LiPos in series.  Wingspan is 58", weight 1.8 kg. unfortunately, the speedo had to go back to Al's, now replaced with a cheaper Dualsky one, which works fine most of the time.
I tried everything I could think of with the Quantum ESC to get a satisfactory range check (twisted servo leads, ferrites all over the place, routing the aerial in different places, etc.).  I flew it twice, total time in the air less than two minutes, because as soon as it was off the ground and more than about 50 yards away it started glitching like hell and I had to bring it back.  I came to the conclusion that the ESC just wasn't compatible with 35 MHz.
Anyway, so far so good with the Dualsky.  Now, the Dingo is old hat and I'm not frightened of it any more, which makes flying it much more pleasant.  I'm not really frightened of the Extra either, because it's remarkably easy to fly - does what you tell it to do and no nasty surprises.  I've only flown it on the low servo rates so far, and the cg is about 4 mm forward of where they say it should be (given to +/- 2 mm) but eventually, look what it's supposed to be able to do!


Slope/flat field

Plenty of lift about, the seagulls were cruising by without flapping. I bungeed  my Starlight from the Gloucester power club

Some lift about on Minchinhampton common, the NE breeze was a little cold

Photo: Slingshot launching

A morning of good lift with a light southerly wind. In the afternoon a NE breeze sprang up, the lift was good at times on Minchinhampton. Andy flew Selsley, although the wind was a little easterly lift was good Andy's F3J got very high. There was just enough slope lift to stay airborne when thermal lift was not there. 

Good lift in the morning, I flew from the field near my house, the small birds lift spotted for me.
Strong lift at Haresfield in the afternoon, I got my Zagi to a dot and flew it into the bottom of a cloud, then lost sight of it, Guy spotted it as I was was spinning down and took over until I could see it

good slope lift at Frocester and Haresfield



I arrived and flew the NW Tump at about 12.45 and it was all very strong thermal lift or horrid sink.

I flew my ancient Centi Phase (with ailerons) and diving from great height suffered massive rudder flutter. The rudder has laystrate control line wires for the closed loop linkage. These had expanded/stretched in the warm weather and slackened the whole thing off.

Quick landing to adjust, I thought but the air behind the tump was one massive thermal and it took at least ten minutes to execute a fast landing/arrival.

A dark cloud passed by and the wind went to SW and after 30 mins or so settled on WSW/W on the bowl and we enjoyed a couple of hours of very smooth slope lift.

Quite a crowd flying Andy George / Richard / Tim / Den and a few more locals but two or three visitors enjoying the sunshine and chilly, yes, still chilly, breeze.

My MiraJ enjoyed it's first outing for 3 or 4 weeks.

We were buzzed (and our gliders had to take evasive action) for 30 minutes or so, by a Police helicopter. Phil the Fridge was not flying, which was a bit unusual. Perhaps they were looking for him?

(Blackbush show, perhaps?)


Steady slope lift at Frocester, a very grey day

Photo: Doug's Blanik


more photos at  

Next club meeting  May 19th, limbo comp on the slope 7.00PM, meeting follows about 9.00PM at the Bear


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some forthcoming events for 2010

6th June trip to Duxford Airplane Museum  The Aston Down club
Jun 19-20 Weston Park  Model Show Weston under Lizard. West Midlands Nr M54, J3 or M6 J12. Extensive Camping. Contact Steve Bishop on 01952 587298 or 07961 864415 or see
June 19-20 South Bristol Vintage Control Line Gala Berkeley power station 
3rd & 4th July Woodspring 
17-18 July Cosford 


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