Phil's News Bits 10.05.2010 Gloucester oven spares

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 Gloucester MFC



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Gloucester MFC 

Slope/flat field

A mixed session at Selsley, strong thermal lift with the slope lift poor when the wind went a little East.
Alan's Exit climbed into the bottom of the clouds then developed a range problem with the Spektrum receiver.
Alan Ester's MU13 went well once the wind swung to NNW - photo below and 


Phil, Guy and Richard at Haresfield. A lovely sunny afternoon with abundant lift from the small SSW bowl and thermals making things go - - up at least some of the time. The rest of the time Phil, or his Zagi was on the war path. 60 minutes of combat flying, with five hits, one of which dispatched me to ‘the bottom’ within 20 yards of my launch. Cheating, I’d say.

Richard remained aloof with his Weasel, sensibly not joining in. He kindly, let me fly it later and I was really surprised how stable and well behaved it was. It flew like a dream and I can now understand why people rave about them  and hold ‘Weasel Fests’ in California.



Haresfield again, a huge amount of lift in the strong breeze and very warm, the hottest day of the year so far  

A very poor day, light rain until 7.00PM, I had a quick evening HLG session, the air was quite buoyant, but I failed to get many flights over a minute


A strong breeze at Frocester with a heavy shower mid afternoon, I remembered the ballast for my Nyx which liked the conditions.

A good start to the day, my Highlight got very high in the field next to my house, lift was strong from 9.00AM with birds spotting the thermals for me.
 I joined Andy  late morning at Selsley, there was some strong lift, mostly thermal with no real wind direction. My old Starlight got high enough to need dethermalling several times, Andy's clipped wing aileron struggled at times and would have gone better with the full polyhedral tips fitted.
In the afternoon Minchinhampton was poor, my Highlight SAL failed to find lift, I did four motor runs with my Highlight unlimited, finding only marginal lift.
The flat conditions were ideal for Robin to trim out his free fight models; please remember not to talk to him while he is counting turns

Photo: Ripmax Spitfire at Selsley in the morning


No reports received

CLD, Selsley or Lecky? 
Selsley was not good in the morning, the wind was coming from the church giving very poor slope lift, although it was possible to gain height in areas of lift it was not a pleasure. Ben's Evolution went well and even found two areas of lift behind the slope.
CLD was great in the afternoon, a huge amount of lift and very smoothe, we stopped half way up to photograph the bluebells see photo  this was not a rest stop. Peter flew his Adrenaline, Sambol and Weasel, all went well in the strong lift, the Sambol was very fast and a little frightening as it dived from great height for close pass

At  Leckhampton there was a 5-8mph wind. An approaching black cloud with a base at ground level. So I quickly prepared and launched my EG. Immediately into lift and soaring like a proper plane. Two minutes of fun and the rain arrived. A quick landing and dash back to the car, I waited for the rain to stop, it did almost for a minute then it hailed. Home time.



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Next club meeting  May 19th, limbo comp on the slope 7.00PM, meeting follows about 9.00PM at the Bear


For Sale

Newly listed items

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Thunder tiger 70
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Zippy 2200mah 25c 3 cell battery  £20
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2 no hl 400 gyros for sale £15.00 each
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Turnigy sentry 60amp speed esc £20.00 new
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ASP 0.61 FS engine.  
Puppeteer Mk2 FL1001.
Plane Sailings Infinity, Flair Heron, Flair Volture, Phase 6, Unbreakable flying wing (cannot remember the name). Also for sale JR X388-S transmitter, and Sanwa Vanguard transmitter
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Sanwa TX, starter, gyro,   91 4 stroke,   Battery, 35 meg Crystals




some forthcoming events for 2010

May 8-9 Long Marston Model Airshow Nr Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 8LL. Contact Chris Watson on 07801 348736 or or see
May 8-9  Model Air Mayfly  Weekend

at Old Warden. All Models Welcome, Especially Vintage and Electric. Ebenezer Mass Launch. R/C under 14 kg. Camping and trade. Old Warden, Nr Biggleswade. Contact Mike Reynolds on 07775 662955 or see

May 15th  Thames valley model Airshow
6th June trip to Duxford Airplane Museum  The Aston Down club
Jun 19-20 Weston Park  Model Show Weston under Lizard. West Midlands Nr M54, J3 or M6 J12. Extensive Camping. Contact Steve Bishop on 01952 587298 or 07961 864415 or see
June 19-20 South Bristol Vintage Control Line Gala Berkeley power station 
3rd & 4th July Woodspring 


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