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Most of us have struggled to fly at Selsley when the wind goes a little East, the point at which it becomes unflyable depends on the lift and the model you  are flying. 

If you fly PSS you would be better off at Cam Long Down, thermal models can still fly round to NNE but it is not pleasant

The new SCSA compass Logo now shows Selsley stopping at north. We could of course argue over direction till the cows come home







Indoor flying  
Number were down due the cold weather

Photos; A Christian Eagle and Doug's Blade


 Every Saturday 6.00 till 8.30 at Bentham, bar open till 9.00PM


very light lift on Selsley but smooth with some thermal lift 


As good as it gets, a light westerly with a touch of north in it, not a cloud in the sky and not feeling too cold.

more photos at dated 07 - Jan




Cam Long Down



The provisional competition program   for 2010, please let me have your comments or suggestions 

 20th Jan 2010 Wednesday Paper airplane comp   indoors at the Bear following the 8.00PM  meeting
21st March Sunday Cross Country  slope 9.30 for a 10.00AM start
25th April Sunday Limbo slope 9.30 for a 10.00AM start
16th June Wednesday Glider golf Minchinhampton   Common 6.30 for 7.00PM
21st July Wednesday Electric thermal  Minchinhampton Common 6.30 for 7.00PM
25th  July Sunday Thermal  comp  Minchinhampton  Common 9.30 for 10.00 AM start
TBA Sunday inter club thermal versus MSA at Fish Meadow 10.30AM
17th August Wednesday  HLG fun comp   Minchinhampton   Common 6.30 for 7.00PM
19th September Sunday scale/PSS   slope 9.30 for a 10.00AM start



Gloucester MFC news, 
There was a good turnout for the indoor meeting, over thirty, the mini slots were the most popular.

I finally got a photo of the Kyosho Minium Mustang, this one belongs to Marley

in the other photo Darren the fat controller signals that there is two minutes left in the slot


There will be more photos at soon




For sale 
Depron electric powered 28 span Gee Bee, c/w 3 servos, Fly 12A ESC,
BRC A2208-17T outrunner motor, small LiPo battery, (no RX) 
Depron electric powered 28 span Yak 54, c/w 3 servos, Fly 20A ESC,
BRC CF2822 outrunner motor, small LiPo battery, (no RX) ) 
Align RCE-6BA 2-6 cell LiPo balancer & cables, 
Unused Fly 20A ESC, 
10 off 8 x 4 E-Prop, 1 off 203 x 8 & 4 off 130 x 125 Propellors, 
Advance Plus programming card,
Digital LiPo Voltage checker, 
LED LiPo Voltage checker, 
BRC A2212-6T outrunner,
Connectors, prop drivers, o rings. 
Zippy Lightmax 2200mah 20C lipo. Suit  400/450 heli, Deans connector
 325mm 400/450 fibreglass heli blades 5 per pair
8.4 volt 650 ma Ni-mh pack  for Twister 5
Spectrum micro 6400 receiver and micro servo ..........30 
JR ds385....................................................................15 
Tower pro brushless motor 2408-21t-3a.....................3
30" rc parrot with servos, motor, esc and battery.........45
Sanwa TX, starter, gyro,   91 4 stroke,   Battery, 35 meg Crystals

some forthcoming events for 2010

Jan 22-24 London Model Engineering 
Alexandra Palace, North London. Contact Davinder Rai on 01926 614101 or or see
Feb 7 Telford MAC Swapmeet. 10 am to 12 noon. Shifnal Village Hall, Nr Telford. Contact Graham Thomas on 01952 583960 or 07528 669837 or
Feb 28 OFMAC Sunday Indoor F/F Meeting F/F Only. 10 am 6 pm. Flitehook Attending. Castle Leisure Centre, Wallingford, Oxon, OX10 8LP. Contact Dave Dobson on 01491 837789








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