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Swine Flu

Useful computer upgrades 

Smart ass hammer man 
from Nick

Indoor flying  
A good turnout, 34 fliers, good mix of fixed wing, helis and minis 
Last weeks photos are posted at  

Much interest was shown in Mike's Sumo, Robot birds are doing a kit

The E-flite Micro MSR heli is popular at Bentham, owners should read the channel 5 bit  from :

 There is a very important section in the instruction manual (page 23) that I totally browsed over in my haste to go flying the first day I got my mSR. It has to do with channel 5 settings and talks about the reduction in cyclic servo throw (both aileron and elevator) by about 15% if channel 5 servo direction is not set correctly, or is not turned on and set to 100% of travel range. In short it is like turning on elevator and aileron dual rates if channel 5 is off or set to any value lower than 100% in the on position.

On my DX7 the gear switch acts as a dual rate control with the Msr

I have one of these, but have had only three flights with it. I find it a little skittish as it takes off, but once in the air is as stable as a coaxial, thanks to very large flybar
The 4 port charger is a great feature, 6 batteries should keep you flying

Eflight MSR setup video


indoorsnov09.jpg (103679 bytes)   
Brian's Pittsand Jamie's Trex 250

I only had two slope sessions last week, Friday and Saturday at Frocester. Sunday's  flying at Rodborough finished early when rain stopped play. 

Photos of Ross's Skorch at 



Next club meeting  AGM & Doug's quiz 9th Dec 8.00PM

GMFC Christmas raffle tickets will be on sale at Bentham, CJ Models and the field, see Darren or Clive. Ist Prize an Ultrafly Extra 300s, please donate prizes

Tuesday 8th December 7.30pm for 8.00pm start Bentham Country Club

Gloucester MFC news, the field is very wet



5th & 6th Dec Electric BMFA Indoors Masters, Bradford

For sale 

recently listed items


Spectrum micro 6400 receiver and micro servo ..........30
JR ds385.............................................................15
Tower pro brushless motor 2408-21t-3a....................3

Yardbird rc F-15 with 2 servos and motor...................30
30" rc parrot with servos, motor, esc and battery.........45
see at indoor flying or ring on 07766804629
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325mm RC Rotor Main Blade for ALIGN Trex 450 or Twister storm  SE V2 R fibreglass
5 per pair

Phil 01453826164   07966 175193










cooker repairs Stroud