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Much Marcle cancelled
Unfortunately HMAC committee have had to take the hard decision to cancel this years show at Much Marcle.
The field is in a very poor state following the annual steam rally that took place over the weekend of 18th and 19th July, the field has muddy ruts in places over 18" deep, and the crowd line/trade line is a 30-40 metre wide strip of muddy rutted bog the full length of the field.
There was no way that the field can be repaired in time for our show, it could possibly have be made flat again but it would not be grassed so just a small shower and the foot traffic alone would result in it again being a mud bath, and we just can't bet against the possibility of rain! We are very sorry to have to cancel especially after canceling last years show on the Thursday before, again due to the field conditions.
Please let anyone know about the cancellation that doesn't have internet access as there will still be show adverts in the models mags between now and the show weekend.
Thanks Antony 

Gloucester MFC news
 Please do not drive on the race track, park only against the western Arnaco

The weeks flying  at Gloucester MFC

Ken's EDF F35


1989 thermal  

Slope & soaring 

Plenty of Lift at Frocester


Wednesday an afternoon of thermalling on Minchinhampton common.
Guy was pleased with his Riechard Champion, a change from Ni-mh to lipos has saved 300 grams and improved the way it thermals

Photo Robin's Free flight, his first out for three weeks due to bad weather

robin-free-flight.jpg (46272 bytes)


Friday at Selsley, good thermal lift but the slope lift was variable as the wind had backed on to Frocester



 I went to Aston Down


Thermal comp against Malvern SA at Fish Meadow,  9th Aug.
SCSA wins report to follow

A very good day, small thermals and some big ones, many slots were flown out. We were  1000 points down after 2 rounds but got them back with the results decided by the final slot flown by Chris Bishop

Photo Bryan#s Algebra going up the line

 It was all electric and rockets on Minch this am. (Apart from Mike Brinks Alula)
        I'm sending this as I know you like portrait shots rather than landscape.


pete-com.jpg (137876 bytes)


The trip to  CRCS at Aston Down  for a power flying experience, date to be arranged

Next club meeting August 19th Wednesday evening 6.30 for 7.00PM start Mini glider competition and electric model flying details
August 23rd Sunday  club thermal competition 9.30 for 10.00AM start

I found this on a Forum, most statistical evidence advice is for laptop batteries 

The chart shows graphically what I was saying (in fact, this was one of the titbits of info that I gleaned my knowledge from.  What its saying is a low temp storage with mid charge level will retain 98% of useable capacity (that last two words is missing from this chart, I think it was in the lead up description), whereas a fully charged battery stored at 60 C will be down to only 60% useable capacity after just 3 months.

That chart though is more aimed at laptop batteries, where they are always fully charged and the average running temp is around the 60 degree mark.

In our game, I keep mine fully charged, but store them in a cool metal container that would average around 15 degrees C.  Based on that chart, this will only drop to around 90% useable capacity after 12 months. Not taking into account that 50 to 100 times during that time they will be run down to 20% capacity and recharged (based on using each battery twice a week).

In my mind this is not that much different to the ideal storage habits, that will drop to 98% useable capacity after 12 month.  So in reality for our usage type, providing you don't store them on the dashboard of your car when not in use, you will not notice any real diference.

Analysis: stored at ideal charge, comparing 0 degree storage temp to 25 degree C storage temp - difference of just 4% total useable capacity after 12 months.

comparing the same 0 degrees half charge voltage to 25 degrees C fully charged, 18% difference in total capacity after 12 months.

Since we only avery 2 years useable life, I don't see that the effort is worth worrying about.

FOR SALE , For use by club members and others in Gloucestershire, send to


newly listed  Items 


List of items fore sail  for details

Saito 150s
RCV 91CD Four Stroke
hanger 9 piper cub
Edge 540 electric RTF
Connectors, Heat Shrink,  Connectors, Carbon Fibre 
Wanted, a Din to Square Futaba trainer lead. 
10" x 5" x 4mm thick gyro tape, this can be used to mount gyros, rec, servos and more . 3 a sheet  
Cyanoacrylate (Super Glue) thin type 20g container  . 75p a tube  
Zippy lightmax 2200 20c 3cell batteries fitted with deans plugs . 20  
flightmax 130mah batteries. For the mcx or vapor 3 each 
Flightmax 800 3 cell batteries suitable for Trex 250 10 each 
HXT 900 micro servo 9g/1.6kg/.12 sec 4 each
, a Din to Square Futaba trainer lead
Also a 6mm heli starter drive 5.00 again new never used.
ATS Kite 64" with OS46 + servos,
Flair Piper cub 72" damaged, 
Hitec focus 6, Sanwa vanguard 6, 
Sanwa RD6000 sport, field box with control panel,
1 starters, glow starters, fuel pump, fuel and lots of accessories. 
Futaba crystals RX88, , RX71, RX71 dual conversion,
Wanted  RX84,
Mini Titan,
Don's PC9 150 complete PC-9 45 *


Events & Shows

This isn't intended to be the definitive list of all the events and shows in the country, just one's that might be of interest to club members

Aug 15 (or 16) 

Thames Valley Scale Aerotow Event

Siege Cross, Nr Thatcham, Berkshire. For Details See
Sunday 23/08/09  Cirencester & District Model Aircraft Club  Day 
Aug 23rd Woodspring Efly
21st - 23rd Aug Bristol model exhibition Thornbury  
Aug 29-30-31  BMFA British National Championships 
Aug 29-30-31

 SAM 1066 Vintage Eurochamps Inc Dixielander Celebration Event on Sunday. Middle Wallop, Nr Andover,

 SO20 8DY. Contact Mike Parker on 0118 948 1392 or or see
29 August OPEN DAY Gaer Park At junction 28 on the M4 take the roundabout exit signposted A48 St. Mellons.
Follow the A48 for St. Mellons & Castleton 
Sept 5-6th

LMA Much Marcle Show

Sept 5 -12th Bream flying festival week 
beach, slope soaring field flying and bring  'n' buy
Sept - 12 & 13   AEROTOW at Middle Wallop
September 13th Autumn Barbeque 
Sept - 26 or 27 AEROTOW at Siege Cross Farm
25-27th Sept 3D heli championship  J8 M5 
3rd October Indoor flying at Bentham 6.00 - 8.00PM 
11th Oct XC West Mendip










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