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 Gloucester MFC




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The Next big event for many of us is Woodspring There will be no full sized flying this year

Woodspring 2009 - Swap Meet
Saturday and Sunday  4th & 5th July 9.30am - 12.30pm.

Bring and sell your radio control aircraft equipment and accessories inside the marquee. Access the Swap Meet with your car from 9.00 - 9.45am. Unload and remove car to the Car Park is necessary as we have site limitations. Cost is 10.00 per table pitch.
Please contact Warren Smyth (details below) for joining the Swap Meet.
You may also, as usual, bring goods for sale at the Woodspring Wings Club Stand that is open all weekend.


R/C PARADISE The answer to the economic crisis? 

Well not quite, but we can give you an enjoyable and affordable break from everything. Situated in beautiful South West France our campsite comes complete with 25 acres of facilities dedicated to r/c Modelling (and c/l circles as well)

Now on  you tube

Click on this link to see our video:- 

For full details see the website 

How many watts do you need for electric flight?
I came across this from 

However, given the interest and desire of many modellers to convert i/c designs to electric, Graham advises that you should start by looking at how you want the model to perform and apply the Watts per Pound rule to your requirements. The Watts per Pound rule is a way of looking at the likely power required to fly a particular model at various levels of performance. It is only really valid when applied to a sports, scale or aerobatic type of model. Very clean glider type designs are more efficient aerodynamically and can manage with much less power. The following is a guide to the watts per pound you require for 'normal' electric flight:

  • 25 - 30 watts per pound - level flight.
  • 40 - 50 watts per pound - take off from sealed surfaces, reasonable climb.
  • 50 - 60 watts per pound - take off from grass, sports aerobatics.
  • 70 - 100 watts per pound - pattern aerobatics, long vertical climbs - the higher value being required for a more 'draggy' aircraft shape.


Reg has released modelflight don't believe the close encounter with Mars story, this is the Mars as big as the moon email hoax that has been around for years


Gloucester MFC news

No flying dates and times for summer 2009 due to preparation for the Auto grass race meetings. There may be members of the Auto grass club carrying out various task at times outside those below, please be vigilant and work together to ensure safety for all. It will be necessary to move all our bits and pieces to the container or elsewhere prior to both race meetings. 

 Saturday 4th July;         No flying before 3.00 pm.  

 No flying from 1200 (midday) Wednesday 8th July thru to 1200 (midday) Monday 13th July (5 days) due to main Auto grass event for 2009. 

 No flying Saturday 8th August thru to 1200 (midday) Monday 10th August (2.5 days) due to Charity Auto grass event for 2009

The weeks flying  at Gloucester MFC 


VIDEO Phil Wright's on board camcorder

 has seen one

News from Etienne

Have a look at the new tug (Scale Cessna 305, civil version of the Birdog)) which is awaiting 2.4ghz conversion this weekend
I have flown it about 80 times and achieved about 249 landing in 80 flights. This is just a little bastard to land and far from being sedate to fly, but it is a great tug with plenty of power (23HP, 150cc) Wingspan 12feet
After that one I stated a 1/2 scale ASK21 which should see the sky at the end of July (very, very big 23feet)

Look forward to seeing you again and once more many thanks for your news letter which is always good fun

Keep the good work
Happy flying

Best Regards

Etienne Dodane

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Photo-0025.jpg (500211 bytes)


Slope & soaring


Selsley was hard work but rewarding with a variety  of thermals, later some weak slope lift arrived. We spotted a Red Kite slope soaring, Guy had seen one a few weeks ago at Frocester . Chris glover spotted one at Hillsley and Etienne in Kempley

The Red kite nearly became extinct with game keepers poising them and farmers shooting their nests. With the Red Kite about to disappear from these lands, the RSPB and other conservation organisations put out a call to action. The Red Kite population was put under a huge surveillance operation.
Numbers are now recovering I don't know whether the Kites are coming from Wales or Oxford 

Huge lift at Rodborough and a few bits of sink. Mike's Easy glider went up so high we were loosing sight of it. It stayed up a long time later, supported by the branch of an oak tree that grabbed it as it flew by

Some very good lift, me and Brian soared with birds in the afternoon at the Gloucester MFC using CB's winch to launch our models

other photos 

brian-glos2.jpg (98869 bytes)

brian-glos.jpg (98282 bytes)

The Bowl at Rodborough, some strong lift but a little turbulent

Photos Mike's Valera and a double sized zagi

mike-valera-rod.jpg (82589 bytes)

big-zaggi-roborough.jpg (97558 bytes)

After the rain passed I joined Peter at Minch for the afternoon, the air was good but no strong lift, I got to cloud base only once and that wasn't very high in the overcast conditions. Peter had brought a load of models two self launching gliders an indoor Lazy Bee and a Yak styled shock flier

A day of very strong lift, Andy flew at Selsley, in mostly thermal lift. the clouds showed how good the lift with some towering cumulus that you could see growing. A large number of circling  birds made lift spotting very easy

A good electric session on Minch, strong lift at times. park fliers 3D and self launching gliders flown

Photo Brian's profile 3D and 

In the afternoon there was a good breeze at Haresfield 


brian5.jpg (90237 bytes)



July 15th 6.30 for 7.00PM electric thermal comp, any model with an electric motor, Zagi, power model. Just for fun no prizes

The thermal comp against Malvern SA will be July 26th at Fish Meadow

August 23rd Sunday  club thermal competition 9.30 for 10.00AM start

Photo added to web site 

FORE SAIL , For use by club members and others in Gloucestershire, send to


newly listed  Items 

phil-edge.jpg (242998 bytes)          phil-has-the-edge.jpg (127503 bytes) 
Photos 28/06/09

Edge 540

3 Hi-Tec HS82 MGs
1 x 148
Jeti 40 amp speed controller
Mega motor
JR 7 channel RX
Cost over 300

For sale 150


4mm Gold Connectors (10 Pairs per Pack)                                                           7
3mm Gold Connectors (10 Pairs per Pack)                                                           6 
Heat Shrink (will shrink to 3mm) 10 x 250mm Lengths Black                                 3 
Heat Shrink (will shrink to 3mm) 10 x 250mm Lengths Red                                    3 
Heat Shrink (will shrink to 3mm) 5 x 250 Lengths Black &5 x 250 Lengths Red       3
Deans Connectors (5 Pairs per Pack)                                                                  5  

Carbon Fibre European Stock Quality Assured not the cheap Chinese Glass Crap  

6mm OD x 4mm ID x 1 Meter Black Carbon Tube                                                 4/Meter
4mm Diameter x 1Meter Black Carbon Rod                                                          3/Meter 
2mm Diameter x 1Meter Black Carbon Rod                                                          1.50/Meter 
3mm x 0.5mm x 1Meter Black Carbon Flat Stock                                                 2.5/Meter 
6mm x 0.9mm x 1Meter Black Carbon Flat Stock                                                 3.5/Meter  

Contact Mark Burns 07775 563188

List of items fore sail click here for details 

Wanted, a Din to Square Futaba trainer lead. 
For Sale
10" x 5" x 4mm thick gyro tape, this can be used to mount gyros, rec, servos and more . 3 a sheet  
Cyanoacrylate (Super Glue) thin type 20g container  . 75p a tube  
Zippy lightmax 2200 20c 3cell batteries fitted with deans plugs . 20  
flightmax 130mah batteries. For the mcx or vapor 3 each 
Flightmax 800 3 cell batteries suitable for Trex 250 10 each 
HXT 900 micro servo 9g/1.6kg/.12 sec 4 each
, a Din to Square Futaba trainer lead
Phoenix flight sim,  
JR 2610 TX complete with Nicad battery, R700 receiver and genuine charger  
Also a 6mm heli starter drive 5.00 again new never used.
60 inch Slope soarer,
ATS Kite
64" with OS46 + servos,
Hanger 9 Cub 66" with new sc46 + servos, flown once,
Flair Piper cub 72" damaged, 
Hitec focus 6, Sanwa vanguard 6, 
Sanwa RD6000 sport, field box with control panel,
2 starters, glow starters, fuel pump, fuel and lots of accessories. 
Futaba crystals RX88, TX80, RX71, RX71 dual conversion,
Wanted  RX84,
Mini Titan,
Don's PC9 150 complete PC-9 45 *




Events & Shows

This isn't intended to be the definitive list of all the events and shows in the country, just one's that might be of interest to club members

Jun 27-28 

 BEFA Middle Wallop International Electric Fly In Weekend Middle Wallop, Nr Andover, SO20 8DY. 

Contact Bob Mahoney on 01494 521838 or or see or
27th or 28th -  TVSA open events at Siege Cross. Click here for location detail
Jul 4&5 Woodspring 
Jul 18-19 LMA Cosford 2 Day Airshow M54, West Midlands. Contact Dave Johnson on 01925 811763 or or see
Aug 15 (or 16) 

Thames Valley Scale Aerotow Event

Siege Cross, Nr Thatcham, Berkshire. For Details See
Aug 23rd Woodspring Efly
21st - 23rdm Aug Bristol model exhibition Thornbury  
Aug 29-30-31  BMFA British National Championships 
Aug 29-30-31

 SAM 1066 Vintage EurochampsInc Dixielander Celebration Event on Sunday. Middle Wallop, Nr Andover,

 SO20 8DY. Contact Mike Parker on 0118 948 1392 or or see
29 August OPEN DAY Gaer Park At junction 28 on the M4 take the roundabout exit signposted A48 St. Mellons.
Follow the A48 for St. Mellons & Castleton 
Sep 5-6 LMA Much Marcle Show Herefordshire, HR8 2LX. Contact Bernard Morris on 01989 740619 or 07720 677056 or or see
Sept - 12 & 13   AEROTOW at Middle Wallop
September 13th Autumn Barbeque 
Sept - 26 or 27 AEROTOW at Siege Cross Farm
25-27th Sept 3D heli championship  J8 M5 










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