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the weeks flying  at 


Photo George's competition diesel model, this got into some strong thermals and did not want to come down

My latest model a self launching glider made from spare parts

Wing span 3.1 metres
250 watt motor

read more at 

there is something familiar about the black shape in the photo

Fantastic music machine sent By Mike Smith, fake or real? 

Lithium polymer battery storage
Discharge to 40% capacity about 3.7V and keep in a cool place, If you keep them fully charged they will loose 20% of their capacity per year, partly discharged they loose 4% and only 2% in  a fridge. A fully charged battery will loose about 5% of its capacity if kept at 0 degrees centigrade .

FOR SALE , For use by club members and others in Gloucestershire, send to

If an item has been sold please email me, Phil

Phoenix flight sim,  
JR 2610 complete with Nicad battery, R700 receiver and genuine charger  
Also a 6mm heli starter drive 5.00 again new never used.
60 inch Slope soarer,
ATS Kite
64" with OS46 + servos,
Hanger 9 Cub 66" with new sc46 + servos, flown once,
Flair Piper cub 72" damaged, 
Hitec focus 6, Sanwa vanguard 6, 
Sanwa RD6000 sport, field box with control panel,
2 starters, glow starters, fuel pump, fuel and lots of accessories. 
Protech Tiger Moth 36inch wingspan electric artf model - unflown.
Original Dynaflite Bird of Time Sailplane kit (wooden fuselage)  118 inch wingspan. 50 ,
Futaba crystals RX88, TX80, RX71, RX71 dual conversion,
Wanted  RX84,
Hanger 9 Cub 150 Tel 01452 714701
Irvine Pro Sealing Iron & Top Gun heat gun open to offers
Mini Titan, XL Pro 2K, Raptor 30
Don's PC9 150 complete PC-9 45 * 
Ebay  bargain? Large Scale Dornier   1600


Next club meeting Wednesday 17th June  6.30 for 7.00PM start, electric flying and glider golf on Minchinhampton common and later to the Bear,

The thermal comp against Malvern SA will be July 26th at Fish Meadow

August 23rd Sunday  club thermal competition 
We have an Electric Glider session on the Minchinhampton Common 15th July with a handicapped comp, If you don't have a model you can borrow my Easy Pigeon, it is fitted with Lipo and Brushless, a big weight saving

Slope flying

Good lift at Haresfield but a little cold  , we went to Minchinhampton later. Brian flew his new electric glider and I flew my ASP

Selsley in the morning and after a lunchtime shower it backed onto Frocester, 10MPH with a few thermals and odd bits of sink. Andy's Luna was the star performer see photo brakes out passing the landing spot

Friday,  strong lift in the morning before the wind picked up, Bob's Talon was going well

Smooth lift at Frocester in the morning with the wing veering round to Haresfield mid day


We flew on Minchinhampton common, the lift was very strong as early as at 8.00AM Self launching gliders, park fliers and John flew his new Dingo
The are some photos at dated 24 - may

The interweb
Many of may have received emails about tins of pork infected with swine flu, ignore them it's only Spam

Events & Shows

This isn't intended to be the definitive list of all the events and shows in the country, just one's that might be of interest to club members

Jun 20-21 South Bristol Vintage Control Line Gala

Saturday - Oliver Rat, Barton B, Vintage 1/2A, A and B, Vintage Speed, Weatherman Speed, Phantom Speed. Sunday - Barton B, Vintage 1/2A, A and B, Vintage Speed, Weatherman Speed, Phantom Speed. Limited On Site Camping. Berkeley Power Station Social Club, Glos, GL13 9DE. Contact John Mealing on 0117 947 8758 or or see


6 June OPEN DAY Gaer Park At junction 28 on the M4 take the roundabout exit signposted A48 St. Mellons.
Follow the A48 for St. Mellons & Castleton 
Jun - 6 & 7  at Middle Wallop Aerotow details
June 20th/21st. Berkeley, South Bristol Club. Vintage control line GL13 9DE.
20th & 21st June - Biggs event at Pottes .  For more details check the new Biggs website
Jun 20-21  Weston Park  Model Show
June 21st. Midsummer "bash" 
Jun 27-28 

 BEFA Middle Wallop International Electric Fly In Weekend Middle Wallop, Nr Andover, SO20 8DY. 

Contact Bob Mahoney on 01494 521838 or or see or
27th or 28th -  TVSA open event s at Siege Cross. Click here for location detail
Jul 4&5 Woodspring 
Jul 18-19 LMA Cosford 2 Day Airshow M54, West Midlands. Contact Dave Johnson on 01925 811763 or or see
21st - 23rdm Aug Bristol model exhibition Thornbury  
29 August OPEN DAY Gaer Park At junction 28 on the M4 take the roundabout exit signposted A48 St. Mellons.
Follow the A48 for St. Mellons & Castleton 
Sep 5-6 LMA Much Marcle Show Herefordshire, HR8 2LX. Contact Bernard Morris on 01989 740619 or 07720 677056 or or see
September 13th Autumn Barbeque 
25-27th Sept 3D heli championship  J8 M5 








cooker repairs gloucester, Stroud

plus the usual stuff





cooker repairs gloucester, Stroud