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Indoor flying

Every Saturday at Bentham Hall 6.00PM till 8.00PM, bar open after.
This venue is open to all with BMFA insurance, spectators welcome, criticism in the manor of Statler and Waldorf   especially welcome

Photos from the 23rd session at    

There are 3 more sessions to go, last one 28th March

Photo:- Bob Steel's 4D shockie with a reversible pitch prop


The strip is to be moved to the next field, details later on the web site later

The weeks flying at 
Keith and Mark Hovering in the wind Saturday video

Membership,   Any member not rejoining by the 1st April will pay a joining fee 


Model review

TopGun Super Cub


Construction : Traditional balsa/ply
Wingspan : 100"
Length :       65.5"
Target Weight 13-16 Ib
Engine Fitted : Zenoah 38cc

The Cub in all its forms is a modellers perennial favourite, this quarter scale Top Gun Super Cub is no exception..

ian-2.jpg (143375 bytes)

I love the cub as they offer a relaxed alternative to the frantic funfly and looks like a real aeroplane. There are ARTF models and ARTF models, The quality can vary a great deal. Close examination of this cub showed it had originated from one of the better manufacturers. The manufacturers have obviously taken the whole process seriously,

The quality of the parts matches the quality of the presentation, every thing fits beautifully and is up to it's intended purpose.

The assembly manual is first class and takes you through the process in simple stages, even a real novice could get this kit together without to much drama, Like me.

The whole model is covered in worldtex, a heat shrink covering with a canvas texture which adds a scale finish to the model.

The two piece wings use a substantial ali joiner, judging by the size of the joiner i would suggest that the wing struts are purely aesthetic and the model could  be flown without them in place, but it wouldn't look right.

The model comes with flaps already fitted so i used high torque servo's all-round except a standard servo on the throttle, I fitted a Zenoah 38cc petrol engine which is slightly over sized however i suppose i can fly on half throttle.


From the build point of view it is hard to fault this model, Everything fits as it should, the hardware is fit for it's use and instructions first class.
She is now sitting ready to go, Thanks for Steve whitehead for his advice and fitting the engine for me. If she flies half as well as she looks i won't be disappointed ...

Ian Wheeler...

Gyro for fixed wing
As the the price and size of gyros are getting less people are starting to experiment.
Fitting a Gyro to the rudder on SAL HLG helps the the launch on models that have limited yaw stability

Normally when you move the aileron stick you control the movement of the ailerons, if you fit a gyro between the RX output and the aileron, servo stick input will then control the roll rate. If a gust hits it the wings it  will stay level, Knife edge will be held and torque effect cancelled  

Is it cheating? old people will always complain," before the war we flew our helicopters without Gyros"

If we go the whole hog and have the model GPS controlled we would be missing the point of RC

I fitted a small gyro to my Micro Blade ailerons, it flew fine and very smooth like a much bigger model. I found it hard to remember not to over correct the ailerons in prop hang as the gyro was stopping the rotation, KE was very easy and the one roll rolling circle was easier. On the down side it caused wing flutter and added a little weight to an already over weight model. The aileron response is relative to air speed and a feel for how it is flying is judged by the response to small stick movements, this lost with a gyro in line.

One problem I see at the field is keeping the model straight on take off, a gyro on the tail could would solve this.
The Gyro can be disabled by setting the gain to zero on the transmitter, the gyro gain can be connected to gear, flaps or an auxiliary  channel


Video links Eurocopter BO-105 loops and rolls  Jason Krause wall landing!!! indoor flying


For Sale/wanted     email ads to   

  Model for sale, . MINIUM KYOSHO   CITABRIA   indoor flyer.  Original box & in good condition, complete with Transmitter  1 battery & charger. Very little used.  Current price on the web 78.99.   Accept 45.00   ONO.  Phone 01242 244497  Contact Paul  W

 Electric planes for sale all new not flown, complete with all gear . 16.11.2008
  DINGO 49"  PC-9 ROULETTE 50" 150 EACH
Phone Don Jones 01452 531955 for full details

Futaba 6ex, Club 2000, OS75AX 
Hitec HFS-05MS Receivers). 
wanted 40 sized trainer


Help wanted

I am looking for an enthusiastic model builder to help me with an exciting project to design and build one or more ornithopters. I am ready to fund the project, and have a number of ideas and designs in mind. This will be cutting-edge stuff, and results are needed quite quickly. If you are up for a challenge, please contact Ben on:

07970 038169
or by email on


next meeting 18th march

Web site photos added


Aston Down club is arranging a coach trip to the RAF museum at Hendon. It is on Sunday 22 of March leaving Aston Down Airfield at 08.00,  the total cost is 20 all in. Members of the SCSA are very welcome if they would like to come. Please to contact Doug Garland on 01453 824903

Deposits needed


Slope flying
Sunday 1st

There are still a few of us out on the slopes, the conditions on Sunday at the west slope of Selsley common were spot on. Where was everyone, at Frocester perhaps? These pictures were taken from my 12ft OD thermal soarer, it hardly notices the camera at all and is a big improvement on trying to take aerial pictures from a Mirij.
Photo by by Phil Wright


Thursday p.m. 12 mph at Selsley not smooth but some good thermals

A light breeze at Haresfield, Guy's Slipstream out performed my elderly Zagi
A strong wind at Frocester

Sunday at Frocester
another strong Breeze, Peter's Adrenaline seemed to like the conditions .
Guy's Slipstream was blown behind the slope and landed in a tree, there was also a Delta model in a tree on the front of the slope


see for photos




Events & Shows

This isn't intended to be the definitive list of all the events and shows in the country, just one's that might be of interest to club members


 Saturday 14,21 & 28 March Indoor flying Bentham Sports hall
6.00 till 8.00PM, bar open after,  GL3 4UD Cheltenham map On Bentham lane no access from  the A417

22nd March Aston Down club is arranging a coach trip to the RAF museum at Hendon leaving Aston Down Airfield at 08.00,  the total cost is 20 all in. Members of the SCSA are very welcome if they would like to come. Please to contact Doug Garland on 01453 824903.
April 11/12 Aerotow  TVSA  Thatcham 
April 11 & 12th Vintage free flight 
Apr 18-19  South West Model & Hobbies Exhibition

Royal Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 6QN. Contact Hannah Langfield on 0117 907 1000 or

Apr 19  West Mendip SA Open Glider Cross Country Event Crook Peak, Nr Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset. Contact Graham Tolhurst on 07973 163490 or or see
May 16th Thames Valley Model Air Show    Blackbushe M3 Junction 4 or 4a. The local Post Code is GU17 9LQ.
June 20th/21st. Berkeley, South Bristol Club. Vintage control line GL13 9DE.
Jun 20-21  Weston Park  Model Show
Jul 4&5 Woodspring 
Jul 18-19 LMA Cosford 2 Day Airshow M54, West Midlands. Contact Dave Johnson on 01925 811763 or or see
Sep 5-6 LMA Much Marcle Show Herefordshire, HR8 2LX. Contact Bernard Morris on 01989 740619 or 07720 677056 or or see



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