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Helicopters . An unbiased view about the evil things by a fixed wing flier
My first circuit and nose in, week 6

 I had been flying my Twister with the gyro set to rates, it should be used on heading hold for a beginner. It did not work correctly on heading hold, this was because it was not set up correctly. I had been trying to set it up with a low head speed, CB increased this for me it now wobbles less and reacts faster to control stick inputs. After thinking and reading about it, I set the transmitter rudder trim to zero and slid the rudder servo along the boom until the heli did not rotate, it now hovers without trim in hold and rates. perhaps we should set our fixed wing models up to fly straight and level without trim or sub trim 

Last week we had a Tee shirt with the slogan Airplanes are for sissies , This is true, Heli pilots will do a rolling 8s backwards at high speed and lightening fast round the clock tick tocks, the only maneuver they don't do is sustained KE, fixed wing don't do 540 stall turns.

And while on the subject of sissies, I still have my training under carriage fitted, I was chased round at Bentham by two members armed with side cutters trying to cut it off
I had 2 mild crashes on the field last week, I think the training frame saved it. Coping with the wind is a new experience, the Twister seems to ignore the wind mostly, although it was blown behind me once, I tried it sideways to the wind both ways but not tail to the wind as the tail rotor servo looks very cheap. The tail has a slight wag in heading hold, I will try fiddling with the gyro gain and may try a servo with a smaller dead band.
I managed a few circuits at the field, this was not too traumatic as it is the same as flying fixed wing, this may be worrying if you don't have fixed wing experience because the heli comes at you nose in
The tail rotor servo failed on Saturday, the landing this would have been fun to watch for a spectator, there  is plenty of advice on what to in this situation, my solution is to see how many bodily functions I can do at the same time, luckily it did not spin too fast and landed OK only breaking the training undercarriage, so this came off. 
The Servo was a JP 7.5D , I replaced it with an ESky digital EK2-0508 rated at 0.1 secs and 1kg which looks the same
The best way is not to think of it has a crash, more an unplanned upgrade opportunity, then replace the tiny plastic cheap parts with expensive metal ones so the force of an impact is carried through to something major, a bit like replacing fuse with a nail.
In the afternoon I got it uncomfortably  high, the decent was precarious as the throttle/pitch curve was wrong and reducing the throttle stick slowed the rotor up, I had set it up for indoors.
The first part of my heli flying has ended, I can hover, do a circuit and nose in, it could be some time before I try a loop or roll
To get to this stage may take a couple of weeks or a year, I was lucky to be able to practice the hover at Bentham and to get help and support from club members.


Indoor flying

Every Saturday at Bentham Hall 6.00PM till 8.00PM, bar open after.
This venue is open to all with BMFA insurance, spectators welcome, criticism in the manor of Statler and Waldorf   especially welcome

Photos from the 18th session at    


Photo:- Gareth's free flight helicopter




Robotbirds Micro Blade
Last week I flew my Robotbirds EPP  Micro Blade this was powered by a flying wing Himodel motor at 19grams this is a little heavy but cheap at 12, the ailerons use a  7.5 gram Esky servo which gives a very sharp  response. The rudder and elevator have cheap 3.7 gram servos and need changing as they are not smooth. The Spektrum 6100E RX is a bit heavy, I used a 450ma 2 cell lipo that is also too heavy for it, 300ma would be better
Not much to do just glue the two fuselage halves to the wings and fit rudder and elevator, the wing is reinforced with two carbon rod and is very stiff for EPP. I  hot glued the motor in place and reinforced it with carbon rod
The wing loading is higher than the normal blade and it flies faster but  it is not so easy to prop hang,  loops are real tight and very sharp 4 points roll are possible. In spite of being a little heavier than I wanted it does fly great in the big hall at Bentham and is more fun than the larger Blade

Priced at 19.95 it wont break the bank, but the addition of a Spektrum receiver and the rest,  brings the price to over 80

Video links wing fall off an Edge 540, also the full sized wing loss debunked 



 Gloucester  membership form SCSA Membership form the BMFA


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 Electric planes for sale all new not flown, complete with all gear . 16.11.2008
  DINGO 49"  PC-9 ROULETTE 50" 150 EACH
Phone Don Jones 01452 531955 for full details

Futaba 6ex, Club 2000, OS75AX 
Hitec HFS-05MS Receivers). 
SEBART SUKHOI, wanted 40 sized trainer




Club meeting 18th February. Bring what you are building. (Bryan)

A cross country comp is planned Sunday Feb. 22nd, beginners and the nervous will be given help


Slope flying

Sunday at Frocester, a good morning apart the lift fading for a brief period mid morning


Photo:- Peter's Discus


Well despite the worse that the weather could throw at us at the beginning of the week the flying conditions were not too bad.....................
Tuesday ................. 
A lightish breeze from the NW saw Christine, Guy, and Andy brave the cold wind and fly from the tump on Selsley. The snow had started to melt but the addition that fell from the sky on Monday night had drifted, it was knee deep at the base of the tump. Christine flew her X-it, later she had a go with Andy's Ash 26. Guy was flying his new Slipstream, flying wing, it's getting better all the time and his 'old faithful' Miraj. Andy as already stated had a couple of flights with his Ash 26, despite the cold wind it was an enjoyable afternoon. 
One of those horrible days, when the wind direction is a bit too southerly for Selsley and a bit too Westerly for Frocester. Christine and Andy had an hour at Frocester so she could practice her did not go very well. Nuff said................. 
Sunday PM ................. 
The wind strengthened as the morning wore on. Another trip to Frocester by Christine, Guy and Andy. When we arrived Tony was already there, the lift was quite good at times, especially when the wind was truly SW, but the direction was a bit variable, hence it became a bit bumpy. Tony was trying out his Wildthing but an outlanding the other side of the road saw him 'take the long walk', he found the model OK, he also found an old glass canopy, black, been there a while, it's now hanging off the bush at the back of the pits, if anybody wants to claim it.  Guy was again flying his Slipstream, it is now flying very well and his Miraj. Andy had 3 flights each with the Alliaj and Prodij. Christine was again practicing her landing technique, judging by what we saw she has finally got it nailed. At least, 1/2 dozen, greasers within a metre or two from the top of the landing area. She had been saying that she was getting fed up of landing at the bottom of the hill...........................fingers crossed.

Larger photos at

Last weeks letter 


Events & Shows

This isn't intended to be the definitive list of all the events and shows in the country, just one's that might be of interest to club members


every Saturday till spring Indoor flying Bentham Sports hall
6.00 till 8.00PM, bar open after  GL3 4UD Cheltenham map On Bentham lane no access from  the A417

22nd February 2009  Bring and Buy Sale  will take place at the HDA Sports and Social Club, Cherry Tree Walk, Batchley, Redditch on Sunday from 10am
Feb 22nd SCSA cross country 
22nd March Aston Down club is arranging a coach trip to the RAF museum at Hendon leaving Aston Down Airfield at 08.00,  the total cost is 20 all in. Members of the SCSA are very welcome if they would like to come. Please to contact Doug Garland on 01453 824903.
April 11/12 Aerotow  TVSA  Thatcham 
April 11 & 12th Vintage free flight 
Apr 18-19  South West Model & Hobbies Exhibition

Royal Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 6QN. Contact Hannah Langfield on 0117 907 1000 or

Apr 19  West Mendip SA Open Glider Cross Country Event Crook Peak, Nr Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset. Contact Graham Tolhurst on 07973 163490 or or see
May 16th Thames Valley Model Air Show    Blackbushe M3 Junction 4 or 4a. The local Post Code is GU17 9LQ.
Jun 20-21  Weston Park  Model Show
Jul 4&5 Woodspring 








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